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Jan Irvin, Andrew Rutajit - Astrotheology & Shamanism
08-07-2006, 10:36 PM,
Jan Irvin, Andrew Rutajit - Astrotheology & Shamanism
<span style="color:darkblue">Jan Irvin, Andrew Rutajit - <span style="color:darkred">Astrotheology & Shamanism: <span style="color:green">Unveiling the Law of Duality in Christianity

Thousands of years ago, in the pre monarchic era, psychedelic/entheogenic substances where publicly known world wide and were respected for their ability to bring forth the divine, Yahweh, God, The Great Spirit, etc., by the many cultures who used them. Often the entire tribe or community would partake in the entheogenic rites. These rites were often used in initiation into adulthood, for healing, to help guide the community in the decision process, and to bring the direct religious experience to anyone seeking it, that might take these psychedelic sacraments properly.

In the pre literate world, the knowledge of psychedelic plant sacraments, as well as fertility rites and astronomical knowledge surrounding the sun, stars, and zodiac, known as astrotheology, were anthropomorphized into human/god like beings so their stories and practices could be passed down for generations. Weather changes over millenniums caused environmental changes that altered the available foods and plant sacraments available in the local vicinity. If a tribe lost its shamanic El-der (El - God), all of the tribe's knowledge of their plant sacraments as well as astronomical knowledge would be lost.

As years became centuries, and centuries turned into millenniums, many of the ancient shamanic practices were lost, or were kept from the people by the priesthood, becoming myth and power hungry dogmatic religion. Many of these ancient entheogenic, sun, and fertility rites are still practiced today, though the knowledge of their origins, cause, and purpose is all but lost except by a remaining few. Sects were created that kept the secrets of the direct religious experience from the common people. Sometimes this was done by the power hungry (i.e. Catholic Church) to maintain power, and other times this was done by shaman themselves to keep tradition alive.

Crusades were fought, Inquisitions were enacted, and the so-called "pagan," or country people, lost their lives for their shamanic beliefs. This happened not only in Europe and the Middle East, but in the Americas under the Spanish Inquisition as well. For centuries the ruling churches hypocritically used the knowledge of the psychedelic substances and astronomy for themselves, and may still do so to this very day.

The tradition of the suppression of the direct religious experience did not end in the middle ages with the so-called "end" of the inquisitions. The suppression of the direct religious experience comes right into "modern times" with the War on Drugs.

Not all ancient shamanic societies vanished into history. Many survived into the 21st century, and still hide their religious beliefs today, under the modern inquisition, as they have had to do for thousands of years. Shamanic traditions struggle to survive in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Siberia, and Australia, as even today with "Freedom of Religion" these people, as well as all people, still live under --The Pharmacratic Inquisition. -

<span style="color:darkgreen">Interviews With The Authors

Jan Irvin - Hemp, Shamanism and the Occult (The Open Mind Show - October 9, 2003)

Download (mp3, 40 kbps, 17 MB - 1 hour)

Jan Irvin, Andrew Rutajit - Shamanism (The Open Mind Show - October 16, 2003)

Download (mp3, 40 kbps, 17 MB - 1 hour)

Jan Irvin - The Pharmacratic Inquisition, Astrotheology & Shamanism (Red Ice Radio - June 8, 2006)

Download (mp3, 24 kbps, 10 MB - 57 minutes)

She Who Remembers Audio Archives:

<span style="color:darkred">The Pharmacratic Inquisition Video

List of errors:

<span style="color:chocolate">Other Authors

James Arthur

Mushrooms and the Secret History of Christmas (Radio Alchymy - December 2002)

Download (mp3, 16 kbps, 6 MB - 55 minutes)

James Arthur Dies, World's Foremost Ethno-Mycologist (the videos are sold by The Book Tree (VHS only))

- Ethnomycology and Ethnobotony: The Ways of the Shaman - JA-02 - $ 19.95
- Ethnomycology and Ethnobotony: Christianity and Its Origins (3 tapes) - JA-06 - $ 49.95
- Egypt in the New Millennium: Mushrooms and Mankind - AWV-10 - $ 24.95

Jordan Maxwell

Rome Rules the World (The Edge AM - April 23, 2005)

Download (mp3, 24 kbps, 9 MB - 51 minutes) -

Acharya S.

Are the World's Religions Rooted in Sun Worship? (The Conscious Media Network)

Download (QuickTime, 134 MB - 54 minutes)

Religious scholar, Acharya S., recently (2005) made a fellow of the Committee of Scientific Examination or Religion, examines the connections between religious belief and our ancient connection with the Sun. Acharya is also a member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece and speaks Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portugese.

Tony Bushby

Jack Herer

Michael Tsarion

Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation (The Edge AM - November 19, 2005)

Download (mp3, 24 kbps, 17 MB - 1 hour, 38 minutes) - - - - -


William Bramley

Michael Cremo

Human Devolution (Future Talk Radio - March 4, 2006)

Download (mp3, 32 kbps, 8 MB - 37 Minutes)

Author of: "Forbidden Archeology" and "Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory." -
08-23-2006, 06:43 PM,
Jan Irvin, Andrew Rutajit - Astrotheology &amp; Shamanism
Jan Irvin - Hemp, Marijuana & Astrotheology (TruthNet Radio - August 21, 2006)

Download (mp3, 32 kbps, 28 MB - 2 hours)

The show took off with the history of industrial hemp, medical marijuana and its suppression. It continued in the second hour with revelations about astrotheology and psychedelic shamanism's impact on the history of the world's major religions.

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