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Solar Cycle 24
08-08-2006, 03:57 AM,
Solar Cycle 24
Interesting articles:
03-01-2007, 04:17 AM,
Solar Cycle 24
A research team called The Horizon Project has been studying this. Brent Miller of The Horizon Project talked on Coast 2 Coast radio about how these things happen every time our solar system crosses the intergalactic plain of the galaxy.

[Image: Horizon012907a.jpg]

This corresponds with the Mayan and other ancient calendars, pointing to the year 2012. The crossing of the plain at this time will have significant gravitational effectts on the sun and planet. Scientists have connected this cycle to polar shifts, continental movement, and major natural disasters throughout history. It is likely the cause of civilizations being covered by the sea. A 10,000 year old city was found off the coast of India. And supposed Atlantis is yet to be found. Check out The Great Year on Google Video for more on that.

The solar activity and magnetic changes could whipe out our satellites. Natural disasters, tsunamis, pandemics and even solar flares could kill most of us off. Or not much could happen. Who knows? Either way, there should be some sweet Aurora Borealis to watch.
03-05-2007, 06:27 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-05-2007, 06:28 AM by inDglass.)
Solar Cycle 24
More on cycles:

2.5 million years: Average length of a mammal species' survival before extinction.

2.37 million years: "cycle between an elliptical and circular orbit."

970,000 years: "change in the tilt of Earth's axis."

100,000 years: "involves eccentricity, or variations in the shape of Earth's orbit from a near perfect circle to an ellipse and back."

Quote:"In the past million years, the Earth experienced a major ice age about every 100,000 years. Scientists have several theories to explain this glacial cycle, but new research suggests the primary driving force is all in how the planet leans." (LiveScience)

41,000 years: "describes obliquity, or changes in the tilt of Earth's axis, which varies between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees."

25,920 years : Precesion cycle (5 of Mayan calendar): significant solar system effects.

21,000 years
: "tracks precession, or slight wobbles in Earth's axis."

5,125 years: Mayan calendar cycle.

11 years: Sunspot cycle.
03-11-2007, 02:55 AM,
Solar Cycle 24
Also take a look at "The Great Year"

Quote:The Great Year is a compelling documentary that explores the possibility that the fall of ancient civilizations around the globe, and the rise of modern civilization, might be related to our Sun’s motion around a companion star. The film examines evidence that ancient civilizations may have known of this celestial cycle and that our Sun may indeed display the characteristics of binary motion.

Just as the Earth’s spin on its axis causes day and night and our planet’s annual orbit around the Sun is responsible for the ongoing cycle of the seasons, what if there is some greater celestial cycle, lasting thousands of years, slowly influencing the rise and fall of civilization across the globe? Where is the evidence? What could be the cause?

To many ancient cultures, the answers lie in the stars. In their view, time and civilization did not progress ever forward in a strict linear path, but moved in a cyclical pattern, with human civilization and consciousness rising and falling as great ages came and went. To the ancient Mayans, we are entering the time of the Fifth Sun; Hindu and Vedic scholars spoke of the Yuga Cycle a great circular progression of ages; and in ancient Greece, Plato taught of a large cycle of time which would slowly return us to a “Golden Age”. He called this cycle: The Great Year.

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