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Too Convenient?
08-10-2006, 03:25 AM,
Too Convenient?

"Certain scenes in pre-9/11 movies seem like bad foreshadowing. “Pushing Tin” from 1999 begins with a jet airliner banking toward the World Trade Center on a sky-blue day. Bennet Miller’s 1998 documentary, “The Cruise,” about existential New York City tour guide Timothy “Speed” Levitch, includes this Levitch monologue: “Sometimes I like to spin between the two towers. You know, like spin around and make yourself dizzy? And then you look up, and it looks like the buildings are falling on top of you.”

Funny how the earth-shattering The Lone Gunmen pilot episode is left out... how does anyone forget about that?
I don't see how when these people get on tv and talk like this that they don't just bust out laughing. I sure would, &phhheeh, sorry folks, haha, I can't read this anymore. Truth is, we're scamming the holy shit out of all of you. We're large, and in charge. Illuminati is in the hizzouse! East Sah-eeeed!& -Henry

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