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Trails In The Sky
08-30-2006, 04:59 PM,
Trails In The Sky
The lack of any form of evidence still appears to be the case.


Quote:So you ask if I have any proof that the pictures in the photos are chemtrails, I have to say that I don't.

Well if you have no proof they are chemtrails stop calling them chemtrails! You are spreading rumour. Rumour is destructive to the truth.

Quote:I have proof that they are not contrails though. Contrails are the result of ice crystals being formed when the hydrocarbon fuel is combusted in cold air. It does not expand after formation, it dissipates.

Wrong! If a contrail is formed in air of low humidity, the ice crystals will indeed rapidly evaporate, but if the air is saturated enough, the crystals will persist. If it is windy enough the contrails will spread out and can form a cirrus cloud. The people spreading this chemtrail bullshit keep spouting the same crap over and over again and they do not do any real research. They simply read their chemtrail forums and take part in their chemtrail discussion groups where they continue to fling the bullshit back and forth.


1. Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm The U.S. Climate, Science Daily, April 28, 2004,
2. Those Mysterious Lines in the Sky by Jay Reynolds, Veritas, Issue No. 21, March 1, 1999, pages 1,3,11 and 12
3. Telescopes 'worthless' by 2050, By Paul Rincon BBC News science reporter, March 2, 2006,
4. S'COOL: Observing Contrails,
5. Contrail Science,
6. Contrails and Climate, Discoveries+Breakthroughs, Inside Science,
7. Analysis of Contrail Type, National Contrail Network,

The contrail hoax was started back in the mid-nineties and was fervently promulgated by William Thomas, the liar, who would change his story to cover up his lies about research studies. Anyone who would dig into their tooth and extract an infection (ala Clifford Carnicom) and then use it as proof for chemtrails is a few screws loose in the brain department. I don't understand why people buy into his hodge-podge mixture of fantasy, reality and crazy assertions.

Chromelung, the anyone that disagrees with you and is bold about it is a government agent is an old one mate and to those with any brain whatsoever they will quickly figure out its stupidity.

In regards to that Idaho Observer article, did you actually read it and study it or are you just passing around bullshit rumours again. Just because something is printed somewhere does not mean it is true!

I mean here is a direct quote from it...
"Among the substances found to be in the samples were several that should simply not be there:... 2 Cancers."

I'll let people who have any understanding of reality play with that one.

"Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research." William Cooper
08-30-2006, 05:20 PM,
Trails In The Sky
good point.. the cancer is certainly over the top, cancer doesn't float around, it grows in the body.

particles causing cancer do float in air but the article does say cancers.. hmm.. definitely worth researching though
09-08-2006, 01:56 AM,
Trails In The Sky
I have one more explanation.

As I see it, its a chemical spray, for whatever reason, or exhaust from a jet engine.

If missed one I just summarized so I can say its a cloud formed by
electro magnetic wave heating, see bottom photo.

Well it could be a cloud. A cloud formed in an unusual way.
09-10-2006, 07:03 PM,
Trails In The Sky
Quote:I dont have a program to overlay photos, so this is done very simple...
[Image: skylines.jpg]
I have no idea what this is.. natural trails seperating? or a natural phenomona?

[Image: XX.jpg]
[Image: XX2.jpg]
I think these are normal trails.. but anyway interesting:)

Here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada , we see these kind of chemtrails everyday. From the posts I have seen on other websites I can say that you do to, because these aerosol plumes are being sprayed all around thew globe on a 24/7 basis. They, (the dark side), call it geo engineering.

Any proof that these are chemtrails Icosaface?

What evidence led you to conclude that you are seeing chemtrails everyday up there in Canada?

I live in Edmonton, Canada too and I'll testify to Isosaface's claims of seing simular trails like the ones you just posted every day too.

I also see paralell true chemtrails at about 1500 feet, some times forming well spaced grids of 2X2

Every day I wake up and there is chemtrails in the same fucking spot of the sky across the field from my apartment. Drives me nuts. Wtf are they doing. And in the same location, daily.
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09-15-2006, 03:52 PM,
Trails In The Sky
On Wednesday of this week we were treated to a new phenomena here in Edmonton. Thunderhead cloud formations were coming at us from the west and above the thunderheads was a cloud formation which stretched (360 degrees) to the horizon in every direction. I've never seen a cloud formation like this, the sun shone through it in a translucent way. I've never seen clouds directly above thunderheads so I must assume that these were man made chemtrails.
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