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Taylor - Thanks For The Memories (monarch Victim Speaks Out) (1999)
08-17-2006, 07:26 PM,
Taylor - Thanks For The Memories (monarch Victim Speaks Out) (1999)
This is Brice Taylor's shocking book Thanks for the Memories - The Memories of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's Mind-controlled Slave (1999) which exposes the outrageous physical, mental, and emotional assaults that she has endured as a mind-controlled slave for the use of politicians like Henry Kissinger and Bob Hope. The author, Susan Ford writing under pen name Brice Taylor, has been throuroughly brainwashed in the infamous Monarch program which was a codename for CIA's mind-control project to program selected people to act as human curriers among the high-level politicians and alike. The slaves were thaught to do anything their "masters" desire, including posing as sex slaves for their perverted tastes. Children were selected if they endured similar abuse by the parents, since they were already traumatized or conditioned enough to get the programming going swiftly. MK Ultra, 'presidential models', and mind control abuse by top government officials usually doesn't enter the mainstream media but is today fairly well known. What is usually missing is the testimonies from the victims themselves since their controllers like to get rid of them before they speak out, especially if they are involved with such high-level people everybody knows. But do we really know what is happening when the cameras are turned off? Many would think Brice is crazy, but if you read the book, you will encounter the words of a clear, lucid, accurate, and extremely intelligent mind as she was especially programmed to remember large quantities of data to pass between various people - a human computer alike. Brice Taylor has single-handedly done more to expose the reality of life for high level mind control victims than any other writer in USA, yet she doesn't shout or scream to the world about the torments she has endured. Nor does she condemn. She always talks about the need for understanding of all parties concerned and to stop the madness of mind control enslavement. The amazing autobiographical account of Brice's personal experience, reveals the hidden purpose behind the ritual abuse and mind control that is being reported around the world. It centers around her memories of being conditioned through childhood in order to be used by Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger, as a mind-controlled slave into adulthood and used as a presidential sex toy and personal "mind file" computer by many to further the agenda of the New World Order. 330 pages. A must read for everyone.

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