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Alick Bartholomew - Hidden Nature
08-26-2006, 09:08 PM,
Alick Bartholomew - Hidden Nature
Alick Bartholomew - Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

<span style="color:darkgreen">ed2k (pdf, 10 MB): ed2k://|file|Bartholomew.-.secret.Nature.-.The.Startling.Insights.of.Viktor.Schauberger.(2003).-.[].pdf|10800334|0DFA74D9BEF5A28D4C40B4406D5571A2|h=JCBEHQTAPBW3Y

'I no longer own my own mind. I don't own even my own thoughts. After all I've done, finally there is nothing left. I am a man with no future.'

These were the words of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian naturalist, the pioneer of Eco-technology (working with Nature) who had devoted his life to demonstrating how the desecration of our environment proceeds directly from our complete ignorance of how Nature works at the energy level. His controversial credo was that humanity must begin, with humility, to study Nature and learn from it, rather than try to correct it. We have put the future of humanity at risk by the way we produce and consume energy. His aim was to liberate people from dependence on inefficient and polluting
centralized energy resources and generation of power.

Hidden Nature is a fully comprehensive breakdown of Victor Schauberger's stunning ideas and observations. Alick Bartholomew strips away the complexity of Callum Coates book 'Living energies', and simplifies the task of understanding Schauberger's main themes.

Table of Contents

Foreword by David Bellamy

Introduction: Levitation and resistanceless movement; The non-conformist; Alternative worldview

Part One: An Alternative World-View

1. Schauberger?s Vision: Water wizard; Log flumes; Water, source of life; Subtle energies; Motion is crucial; Temperature controls; Water, source of life; Evolution; Balance; Implosion; The visionary.

2. Different Kinds of Energy: Subtle energies; Viktor?s worldview; Why the mystery? Degrees of energy; Vortex, key to creative evolution; Energies as creative process; Spiritual science; Different dimensions; Changing octaves.

3. Attraction & Repulsion of Opposites: Sun as fertilizing entity; Polarities; Opposites working towards balance; Gravity & levity.

4. Nature's Patterns & Shapes: Sound as Resonance; Resonance is about qualities; Plants have perception and memory; Cymatics; Patterns & shapes; Patterns in motion; Rhythms in solar system; Cosmic rhythms; The confrontation of two Geometric Systems; Sacred geometry; The Golden Mean; The magic of the egg form.

Part Two: How the World Works

5. Energy Production: Inefficiency of modern technology; Entropy & ectropy; Scientific ?laws?; Energy pollution; The choice before us; Energy defines quality; The creative energy vortex.

6. Motion, Key to Balance: We use the wrong form of motion; The ?original? motion; Types of motion.

7. Atmosphere & Electricity: Earth?s atmosphere; Electricity; Terrestrial bio-condenser; Earth as accumulator of energy; Electrism and magnetism; Storms, water vapour and climate.

Part Three: Water ? the Source of Life

8. The Nature of Water: Memory of water; Creation of water; Anomaly point of water; Qualities of water; How the river protects itself; Temperature gradient. & nutrient supply.

9. The Hydrological Cycle: Full & half hydrological cycles; Temperature gradients & nutrient supply.

10. Formation of Springs: The veneration of springs; Seepage springs; True springs; How spring water rises; Energy from deep ocean.

11. How Rivers Flow: Stages of a river; Temperature & movement of water; Positive temperature gradients; Dams; Flow guides; Energy bodies; Formation of vortices; Vortices as the source of creative energy; Formation of bends; Conventional river engineering; Hydro-electric power.

12. Supplying Water: Dwindling water supplies; Water for profit; Modern water treatments ? chlorine ? fluoride; Transmuting water?s memory; Tubular water movement; Water main materials; The wooden water main; Stuttgart tests; Circulation of blood.

Part Four: The Life of Trees

13. The Role of the Forest: Evolution of the forest; Destruction of the forests; A moral tale; Tropical rainforests; Forestry; Monoculture; Biodiversity; Energy in the forest.

14. Trees: Trees in the biosphere; Form of a tree; Trees and humans; Trees and colour; Their physical nature; Tree classification; Trees? response to light; Light & shade demanding trees; Light-induced growth; Man-made depredations; Importance of photosynthesis; Creation of water; Maturation of water.

15. Tree Metabolism: Sap movement; Temperature gradients; Trees as bio-condensers; Root systems. Soil and nutrition.

Part Five: Working with Nature

16. Soil Fertility and Cultivation: Crisis in intensive farming; Ploughing methods; Two kinds of electromagnetism; Golden plough; Bio plough; Aligning furrows; Grazing & grass cutting; Artificial fertilizers.

17. Organic Cultivation: Biological agriculture; Soil mineralization; Organic farming, Biodynamic farming; Subtle energies in Nature; Cold Fire; Fertilizing agencies.

Part Six: The Energy Revolution

18. Harnessing Implosion Power: An American consortium; A new kind of aircraft? The beginnings of implosion research; Schauberger?s Free Energy Search; Flying saucers; Biological vacuum; The repulsator; The implosion motor; The repulsine & flying saucer.

19. Viktor Schauberger & Society: The human legacy; Implementing Schauberger's research.

Acknowledgments, Resources, Bibliography, Index

About the Author

Born in Edinburgh in 1930, the youngest of six, into a five-generation cartographic family, his interest in Nature started early; he spent many of his younger days on the Scottish hills, observing their wildlife. His National Service in 1948-49 was as a Gordon Highlander in The Gambia with the West African Frontier Force. At the University of Cambridge he read Geology and Geography, going on to graduate studies at the University of Chicago.

After seven years in educational publishing in London and New York, he joined the Houghton Mifflin Company in Boston, and was part of the editorial team that in 1962 published Rachel Carson's The Silent Spring, book and author deeply moving him; this book became the catalyst for many in the emerging environmental movement.

In 1971 he founded the Turnstone Press in London, his first book - Jonathan Livingston Seagull gave the imprint a great launch. Turnstone broke new ground; its vision was to reconcile science with a spiritual view of the world. The list contained many practical books on self-help, health and dowsing. In 1982 Thorsons Publishers bought the list. In 1979 Alick had started training as a Transpersonal psychotherapist, going on to practise privately; he was also for eight years part of the therapy team at the ground-breaking Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

In 1984 he started Gateway Books in Bath. This list partly continued the Turnstone vision, but introduced new scientific paradigms, such as a study of the crop circle phenomenon; and it launched Viktor Schauberger's research, with six commissioned books. In 1999 the list was taken over by Gill Macmillan.

Alick Bartholomew is the editor of Crop Circles - Harbingers of World Change (1991), and co-author with his wife, Mari, of Kombucha Tea for your Health and Healing (1994). The Schauberger Keys came out in 2002. In 2003 Floris Books published Hidden Nature - The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger. He is a member of The Scientific and Medical Network.

Callum Coats - The Life & Work of Viktor Schauberger (Conversation for Exploration - December 2, 1995) (windows media, 6 kbps, 4 MB - 59 minutes)

Callum Coats spent 30 years studying Schauberger's work with the natural energy flow of water and how unrecognized principles of Nature can be utilized for life enhancement. His video on the subject is a popular detailed overview.

Callum Coates - Sacred Living Geometry (video):

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