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Gaza blockade busters tell their story
05-28-2009, 10:20 PM,
Gaza blockade busters tell their story
Quote:Members of several delegations that have entered Gaza to deliver medical supplies and toys to the strip tell why they made their voyage.

A nine-member Canadian humanitarian delegation entered the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, after being held at the Egyptian side of the border for four days.

The group was allowed to enter the besieged territory after agents identifying themselves as members of "the secret service" questioned the activists at their hotel.

The group is part of a larger Gaza initiative organized by CodePink, a US-based organization that promotes peace efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza.

"We came here for a couple of reasons. Our main reason is to beak the siege we want to see an end to this prison that has been created by the Israelis, the Americans, the Egyptians, the Canadians and the rest of the world," Sandra Ruch, the group's leader told Press TV on Thursday.

Physician and filmmaker Cathy Gulkin, also a member, brought into question the current atmosphere in which criticism of Israel is automatically denounced as anti-Semitism.

"I feel very strongly that criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitism, and it's important for us Western Jews to speak out and say it is politically decent to criticize Israel," she said.

Forty university students from the US, Canada, and Norway also entered the strip, visiting the American international school, attacked during the Israeli war on Gaza.

"I came to see what was going on, on the ground. We have seen a lot about it on the news; we wanted to see how it actually affected everything," American student Anna Day told Press TV.

The students also toured devastated areas and makeshift camps housing homeless Palestinians in northern Gaza.

Four months after the offensive, Israel still refuses to allow construction material inside the coastal territory, claiming that they may be used by the Hamas government for building weapons and bunkers.

A delegation of European parliament members and pro-Palestinian activists also entered the strip on Monday and toured key sites in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

Twenty-two members of the Hope for Gaza Convoy entered the area through the Rafah crossing after Egypt turned dozens of other human rights delegations back at the border.

Arriving from Italy, the group provided Gaza's medical institutions with ambulances and truckloads of wheelchairs and other supplies that have been made scarce in Gaza by Israel's import restrictions.

Israel's three-week onslaught on Gaza in December and January left nearly 1,400 Palestinians dead. A two-year long blockade has also made reconstruction impossible, as almost all building materials are prohibited by Israel.
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