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Ssl Options
08-27-2006, 07:42 AM,
Ssl Options
Any chance of implementing 256 AES SSL on the forums?

You can get free certs from which is independant from the Verisign - Thawte chain.

Would be nice to know that you're able to view the boards without flagging some government monitoring systems with all the keywords contained in the articles.

08-27-2006, 11:42 PM,
Ssl Options
What effect will that have on crawlers and spidering?
08-28-2006, 09:53 AM,
Ssl Options
Hi Ctrl,

It wouldn't have any effect as Search Engines can still use http to access the web site / forums.

When you install the SSL cert you specify port 443 for encrypted transmissions.

So the site will be available on two ports, 80 and 443.

Users specify as the URL to get an encrypted session or they can still use as normal, if say they are on dialup connections and find the encryption slowing things.

Start com has their own Certificate Authority which is the top of the certificate chain as far as SSL goes. As they are independant they won't have done a deal like Verisign or any of the other big corporate providers who I imagine have given backdoors to big brother so they can to cut through their SSL session like a hot knife through butter. So much for secure banking etc.

For now startcom are not listed as a CA in most browers so a web user who wanted to access the site with https has to accept and install the cert for the first time when they access https.

Once thats done they don't have to do it again and all their browsing will be private as long as they use https instead of http. New versions of the following browsers will have startcom's CA cert installed so this won't be necessary in the future.

Browser Version Supported Comment
Firefox 2.0 and higher Supported Windows | Linux | Macintosh *
Thunderbird 2.0 and higher Supported Windows | Linux | Macintosh *
SeaMonkey 1.8 and higher Supported Seamonkey (Mozilla 1.8 EN-US)
Mozilla 1.7 and higher Supported Latest 1.7
Safari OS X 10.4.x and higher Supported New releases and via software updates
Camino OS X Supported Macintosh (Camino v1.0+)
Konqueror 3.5.4 and higher upported Konqueror is part of the KDE desktop

Start com is issueing 256 bit AES which is US government approved for documents up to Top secret level.

In the past SSL has only been used for private forms and data at banks etc but in these times I'm leaning toward using it for everything possible. If nothing else it's going to make those NSA servers have to grind a lot harder.

At the moment we are all sending our information like postcards and the post office can read everything. Encryption is like putting the postcards in an envelope so the posty and his mates can't read your mail. And it may be lifesaving for people who might access the site from countries that are not to hot on human rights that don't have free speech (cough, cough) rights like the US.

In the past these SSL certs where $200-$300 from Verisign so startcom is doing a real service here.

I'm not affiliated with them at all. Just a Internet Engineer.

Thanks for your time and please don't give up on the forums. There's plenty of nuts out there and you'd only give them the satisfaction of winning if you closed the site down. Meanwhile heaps of good people would miss out on same really relevant info. I understand how it is at times, you want to try running an ISP.


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