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Fire Retardants Building Up In Washington Waters
09-01-2006, 02:30 PM,
Fire Retardants Building Up In Washington Waters
I like how they fail to mention that this is where much of the people's water comes from out here...

Study: Fire retardants building up in Washington waters

10:43 PM PDT on Thursday, August 31, 2006

Associated Press

OLYMPIA - A new study says chemical flame retardants are building up in some of Washington's rivers and lakes.

State Department of Ecology

The chemical additives, known as PBDEs, were found in high concentrations in the Spokane River, and at elevated levels in Lake Washington and in the Palouse, Columbia, Snohomish, Cowlitz and Snake rivers.

PBDEs have been linked in laboratory rodents to problems with brain and reproductive organ development, and with disruption of normal hormone levels.

Research indicates the chemicals are building up in people's bodies, in animals and in the environment.

The state Department of Ecology conducted the study by collecting fish from 20 major rivers and lakes last year.

Except for the Spokane River, the PBDE levels fall within the range observed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency nationwide in lakes.

Ecology's water quality program manager, Dave Peeler, says the sources of the Spokane River PBDEs are unclear, but identifying them is a high priority.

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