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The Raw Truth
09-12-2006, 09:39 AM,
The Raw Truth

Articles listed in above web page are as follows:

Slow Poisoning of America & Canada
(Startling Facts About MSG)

Hidden Names of MSG

Symptoms Common to Aspartame and MSG Poisoning


The Truth About Splenda (Don't Be Fooled) (pdf file)

List Of Dangerous Ingredients (Pdf file)

Aspartame Makes You Fat!! Newest Research (PDF)

The New Strange Cold By Dr. Len Horowitz (PDF )

Dr Len Horowitz- The Truth About the Bird Flu on CD Play Audio

Death By Medicine (PDF file)

Chemtrails- Scientific Documentation (PDF)
(Ever Wonder? What are Those Lines in the Sky?)

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Study Proves ARMOUR THYROID BETTER THAN SYNTHROID Take this to your doctor

Antibiotics & Breast Cancer Feb 18, 2004

Are parabens safe when used on the skin?

12 Reasons Not To Get The Flu Shot

The Truth About CODEX (Feb.2005)

Drugs to combat superbugs 'will soon be useless' (Jan.2005)

Tragedy & Hype- International Soy Summit Results (PDF)

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