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U.S. Physicians Announce Founding Of American Academy Of Cannabinoid Medicine
06-04-2009, 12:49 AM,
U.S. Physicians Announce Founding Of American Academy Of Cannabinoid Medicine
Quote:U.S. Physicians Announce Founding Of American Academy Of Cannabinoid Medicine

Santa Barbara, CA:
A coalition of US physicians and researchers has founded a new organization dedicated to promoting ethical standards in therapeutic cannabis treatment.

"The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine ... is a professional medical organization dedicated to the clinical and scientific understanding of the endoccannabinoid system and the therapeutic application of cannabis and cannabinoids," the group states in a press release.

It continues: "The Academy serves as an authoritative information source for doctors, state medical boards and the media on the medical application and research related to the clinical use of cannabis and cannabinoids. We are dedicated to educating physicians about the clinical therapeutic usefulness of cannabis to relieve symptoms of the myriad of diseases that respond to this class of medications."

Members of the organization "will promote high medical ethical and practice standards in the approval and recommendation of cannabis for medicinal purposes." According to the organization's website, the AACM has "developed certifying practice standards and guidelines for practicing physicians who recommend and approve the medicinal use of cannabis acting within state law."

"Our mission is to foster the highest standards in the practice of cannabinoid medicine," the website states.

For more information about the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, please visit:
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