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Killing Of Kids.
09-18-2006, 08:07 AM,
Killing Of Kids.
Quote:# Killing of kids.
# A paper concerning the biggest problem
# concerning the children in America.
# Hopefully this paper will spark awareness
# and encouragement for you to study this
# subject further.
# written by: seven
# Chart and facts taken from: Peter Breggin, M.D.

Over some years now, I have noticed the increase
of use of drug's on children. Every parent not willing
to take the time to raise their kids and deal with
their deeper problems, would rather pump their kids
full of drugs. Doctors are no better, rather than
deal with an unruly child, they will quickly subscribe
a drug to control their kids. America or rather George W. Bush
blocked the sale of Canadian Drugs in order for his
minions who own all of the pharmaceutical companies
in the US to make their money. They know that Children
are the future of this country, but they also know that
within the percentage of the new generation. Their will
be those who resist A new Government and law. To cope
with that problem, subdue 90% of the children, 10% is a small
amount to deal with. The parents of the united states
are literally slowly killing their children and making
monsters out of them. Lets look at some of the statistics
the International Narcotics Council Board (INCB) deplored that
10 to 12 percent of all boys in the US between the ages of
6 and 14 are diagnosed with ADD and are being treated with
Methylphenidate (Ritalin) in 1997 the board (INCB) declared
"The therapeutic use of Methylphenidate is now under scrutiny
by the American Medical Community; The INCB welcomes this."
The united states use approximately 90 percent of the worlds
Ritalin. Conspiracy or not, something is defiantly something
going on. Who is benefiting off this? My belief is, it all
comes down to money. below is chart showing the adverse
affects of these drugs.

+ +
+ Table 1. Harmful effects caused by Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall +
+ and other similar stimulants. +
+ +
+ Cardiovascular Function: Palpitations, Tachycardia; +
+ Hypertension; cardiac arrhythmia; Chest pain; Cardiac arrest +
+ +
+ +
+ Brain and Mind function: Mania, Psychosis, Hallucinations; +
+ Agitation, anxiety, nervousness; insomnia; irritability, +
+ hostility, aggression, depression, emotional sensitivity, +
+ easy crying, social withdraw; drowsiness, dopiness, +
+ reduced alterness,; confusion, mental impairment (cognition +
+ and learning); zombie like (robotic) behavior with loss of +
+ emotional spontaneity; obsessive-compulsive behavior, +
+ convulsions; dyskinesias, tics, Tourette's nervous habits +
+ +
+ Gastrointestinal Function: anorexia; nausea, vomiting, +
+ bad taste; stomach ache. cramps, dry mouth; constipation, +
+ diarrhea; abnormal liver function tests +
+ +
+ Endocrine and metabolic: pituitary dysfunction, including +
+ growth hormone and prolactin disruption; weight loss; +
+ growth suppression; disturbed sexual function +
+ +
+ Other Functions: blurred vision; headache; dizziness; hyper- +
+ sensitivity reaction with rash, conjunctivitis, or hives +
+ +
+ Withdrawal and Rebound Reactions: insomnia; evening crash; +
+ depression; over activity and irritability; rebound +
+ (worsening of ADHD-like symptoms) +

As you can see above the many adverse effects drugs like Ritalin
have on kids. The DEA labeled this drug as bad as cocaine. This
Is all a money, greed thing. Who is profiting? but worse yet,
How many are suffering? Parents needs to spend more time with
Their children, Talk to them about everything, and not be in
denial about certain bad things concerning their child.

My original paper:

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