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Morse - Foreign Conspiracy Against The Liberties Of The United States - The Numbers Of Brutus (1835)
09-19-2006, 07:26 PM,
Morse - Foreign Conspiracy Against The Liberties Of The United States - The Numbers Of Brutus (1835)
This is Samuel F. Morse's shocking book Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States - The Numbers of Brutus (1835) where he bravely exposes the secret plot of Vatican Papacy to subvert the American Republic with all its hard-fought liberties for the ordinary people. Morse, the inventor of famous telegraph code named after him, shows in this rare and long suppressed book that a dangerous conspiracy was formed against the United States by the Papal powers of Europe even in his time and that nothing at all has changed to present day. In this treatise against the political influence of Catholicism he nails the Jesuits and the Vatican right to the wall as the main culprits behind a hidden agenda to overthrow the newly formed American Republic. A true American patriot, Morse provides overwhelming facts that an attack on the liberties of America were underway by the despotic Austrian government and other European monarchies, using the Papacy through the evil and wicked hands of the Jesuit Order to organize and carry out the dirty work. In an effort to recapture a lost section of American history, Morse draws an important distinction between Protestantism and the Popery as well as holding the Jesuit Order accountable for serious wrongdoings. And if history be our guide, a serious question must also be asked: Why would anything change in modern day America and why is the Popery and the Jesuit Order given a free ride by the secular press, considering their questionable and deceptive past? After listening to Morse's words it is inconceivable how the same parties can be ignored when discussing or searching for the real culprits involved in a similar conspiracy to overthrow the liberties of the American people going on today. The question must also be asked is a there a concerted effort now to hide the true intentions of the Vatican, the Jesuits and their third party governmental and corporate conspirators, together trying to destroy America like they tried to do in the early 1800's? 80 pages. A must read for everyone.


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