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Torture Memo Truth
09-19-2006, 11:49 PM,
Torture Memo Truth
Ok, Everybody talks about the infamous torture memo.

Remember how Doug Cassel asked John Yoo can the president torture young children, including the crushing of their testicles.

Didn't he just make the scenario up and pose it to John Yoo?

I can't find where in the hell John Yoo or a memo actually says that on his own as an idea.

Does anybody know where the origanal source is? If Doug Cassel thought of that all by himself to create a scenario he tried to fit based on what he read in the origanal torture memo, well gee, maybe they should hand ol' Dougie a pair of plyers and a badge for thinking it up on his own.
Do you really think your a higher form of life? You...With your dripping jaws, and your bloodshot eyes. You...With your varicosities and your vermin for an appendix. You...with your hemroids and assterioids. Often I wake up at night and ponder these matters. And then I feel very strongly that I should talk them over with Brother Theodore...and then, and then I wake up fully and remember that I am Brother Theodore. And my heart aches. And my tears flow. And I see my Aunt Marie floating in the chicken soup...more dead than alive...more naked than not. And oh, now I see a mailman, a mailman giving birth to a dog of all things!

Never a moments peace, never a moments peace...never a moments peace.

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