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Hydrogen Fuel Car & Multi-fuel Dvd + Electrochemistry Class
09-24-2006, 01:26 PM,
Hydrogen Fuel Car & Multi-fuel Dvd + Electrochemistry Class
Hydrogen Fuel Car & Multi-Fuel DVD + Electrochemistry Class

Hydrogen Fuel Car and Multi-Fuel DVD: Theoretical and Technical information on running your car on Hydrogen.

All files are encoded in DivX5. Be patient if you download these via edonkey. I won't be online 24/7 but I will keep these shared for a long time. Probably for years.

Quote:chapter 1= Engine Fundamentals Class Part 1=31.08 min
chapter 2= Engine Fundamentals Class Part 2 & PSI H2 Injector Demo=4.23 min
chapter 3= HP H2 Engine and TESI Concept= 8.50 min
chapter 4= Filling H2 and Natural Gas Storage Tanks= 1.58 min
chapter 5= Discussion and Ride in the H2 and Multi-Fuel Geo Metro= 17.35 min
chapter 6= Details and Parts on H2 Engine Conversion= 22.27 min
chapter 7= Engine Fundamentals Class Part 3: $-Cycle Engine Operation= 13.31 min
chapter 8= How Many Miles Can I Drive on H2 or Natural gas= 8.08 min
chapter 9= Hydrogen Leak Demonstration= 7.19 min
chapter 10= Liquid Hydrogen Tank and more TESI= 5.33 min
chapter 11= Larsen RADAX Engine - Future Hydrogen Engine= 16.05 min
chapter 12= Underhood Alternator Electrolysis MYTH= 38.23 min
chapter 13= Home and Solar Electrolysis Economics= 30.05 min
chapter 14= Stirling Enigne Model Demonstration= 3.51 min
chapter 15= Reversable Fuel Cell Model Demo 1= 4.28
chapter 16= Reversable Guel Cell Model Demo 2= 1.19 min
chapter 17= Future Hydrogen DVD's Coming Soon = 3.41 min

Video and Audio rate's:

Quote:chap1-Video stream: 1797.959 kbit/s (224744 bps) Audio stream: 138.921 kbit/s (17365 bps)
chap2-Video stream: 1803.542 kbit/s (225442 bps) Audio stream: 138.564 kbit/s (17320 bps)
chap3-Video stream: 1800.120 kbit/s (225014 bps) Audio stream: 139.823 kbit/s (17477 bps)
chap4-Video stream: 1800.065 kbit/s (225008 bps) Audio stream: 138.862 kbit/s (17357 bps)
chap5-Video stream: 1799.884 kbit/s (224985 bps) Audio stream: 138.626 kbit/s (17328 bps)
chap6-Video stream: 1799.044 kbit/s (224880 bps) Audio stream: 138.265 kbit/s (17283 bps)
chap7-Video stream: 1800.274 kbit/s (225034 bps) Audio stream: 136.253 kbit/s (17031 bps)
chap8-Video stream: 1803.138 kbit/s (225392 bps) Audio stream: 136.575 kbit/s (17071 bps)
chap9-Video stream: 1795.542 kbit/s (224442 bps) Audio stream: 138.793 kbit/s (17349 bps)
chap10-Video stream: 1802.483 kbit/s (225310 bps) Audio stream: 138.827 kbit/s (17353 bps)
chap11-Video stream: 1796.283 kbit/s (224535 bps) Audio stream: 138.681 kbit/s (17335 bps)
chap12-Video stream: 1801.018 kbit/s (225127 bps) Audio stream: 136.332 kbit/s (17041 bps)
chap13-Video stream: 1798.775 kbit/s (224846 bps) Audio stream: 136.494 kbit/s (17061 bps)
chap14-Video stream: 1801.473 kbit/s (225184 bps) Audio stream: 139.379 kbit/s (17422 bps)
chap15-Video stream: 1787.626 kbit/s (223453 bps) Audio stream: 138.942 kbit/s (17367 bps)
chap16-Video stream: 1808.287 kbit/s (226035 bps) Audio stream: 137.349 kbit/s (17168 bps)
chap17-Video stream: 1795.063 kbit/s (224382 bps) Audio stream: 137.879 kbit/s (17234 bps)


Hydrogen Fuel-cell And Electrochemistry Class

Tripled wrote:

Quote:This is the second video in the series: Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electrochemistry Classes. Totalling over 6hrs of Classroom and Lab Study.

As with the first Video Set "Hydrogen Car and Multi-Fuel DVD" (here: ), this is a great series for technical and, indeed practical knowledge when dealing with these system's. I would still recommend anyone interested in alternative fuel system's, to learn and study Stanley A. Meyer's application of Water as a Fuel source. It is not such a difficult system to learn and use for everyday use, with most application's which require a gaseous fuel source, if one was to take the time to read and understand the technical application's dealing with his "Water Fuel Cell" technology.

I hope everyone enjoy's these recent book's and video's dealing with "Water as a Fuel Source" and i especially hope quite a few of you will learn this technology and begin to apply it, not only in your own live's, but everyone else that you know also.

It is truely a wonderful system Mr. Meyer's has come up with, so please sit down and begin to learn and apply this wonderful technology. Sell it, share it, do what ever you will with it, as long as you apply it for the benefit of us all, so we might all try to take back what has been so un-graciously taken away from us, namely our Health, our Freedom and OUR Planet.



Electrochemistry Class Chapters:

Quote:Video Codec: Divx 4/5
Audio Codec: MPEG 1/2 - 2 Channel 48000Hz

1\ CLASS-Introduction.avi = Video stream: 1730.596 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 41sec
2\ CLASS-Glossary.avi = Video stream: 1800.369 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 55min
3\ CLASS-QandA.avi = Video stream: 1799.880 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 45min
4\ CLASS-Fuel_Cell_Components.avi = Video stream: 1799.740 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 81min
5\ CLASS-Fuels.avi = Video stream: 1799.985 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 65min
6\ CLASS-More_QandA-=.avi = Video stream: 1800.215 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 59min
7\ CLASS-Demonstration_Unit.avi = Video stream: 1802.811 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 25min
8\ CLASS-Alum_Fuel_Cell-
Demonstraions-and-5HP_Engine.avi = Video stream: 1799.493 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 09min
9\ CLASS-Hydrogen_Storage.avi = Video stream: 1796.890 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 22min
10\ CLASS-Economics.avi = Video stream: 1802.095 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 11min
11\ CLASS-Mini_Demo-and-Sources.avi= Video stream: 1801.270 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 24min
12\ CLASS-Opening_a_Fuel_Cell.avi = Video stream: 1758.053 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 11min

Electrochemistry Lab Tour:

Video Codec: Divx4/5
Audio Codec: MPEG 1/2 - 2 Channel 48000Hz

Electrolysis_Lab_Tour.avi = Video stream: 1795.521 kbit/s - Audio stream: 224.000 kbit/s 24min


Edonkey only:
09-24-2006, 06:02 PM,
Hydrogen Fuel Car & Multi-fuel Dvd + Electrochemistry Class
I have the 12-part Electrochemistry Class too... I downloaded it from the tracker here, but now have it available via eMule / ed2k links.

In fact, everything I have downloaded [torrent or not] will be available via ed2k links.
09-29-2006, 07:53 PM,
Hydrogen Fuel Car & Multi-fuel Dvd + Electrochemistry Class
Much smaller Hydrogen Fuel Car and Multi-Fuel one CD version (fully watchable):

Much smaller Hydrogen Fuel-Cell and Electrochemistry Class two CD version (fully watchable):
08-31-2007, 12:15 AM,
Hydrogen Fuel Car & Multi-fuel Dvd + Electrochemistry Class
I know this is going to sound stupid but How do I burn these avi's to a dvd?
Mnay thanks
08-31-2007, 03:35 AM,
Hydrogen Fuel Car & Multi-fuel Dvd + Electrochemistry Class
Trigger do you want to burn it as a dvd for the tv[stand alone dvdplayer] or just to save on a disk for the computer? I use nero vision express to make dvds for the tv, if you just want them for the computer use the software that came with the burner and burn a data disk
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