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The Bible
12-13-2006, 04:57 PM,
The Bible
Quote:Who did you find first your Gods or yourself? And what proof do you have of your gods?

My "gods" pervade everything , including me, scriptural writings and you.
I was never searching for Gods, the gods realise himself through me.:bored:

what proof do i have?, life force, call it energy if you like that term better.

Quote:I was 11 years old when I was caught in a rip at my local beach and drowned.
They found my body 90 minutes later, I had no heart beat for nearly two hours,
I did not see any God. I am the CAPTAIN of my soul.

interresting ,. i don't quite expect to "see my gods" , as in a face to face revelation,
i do however expect to experience something ,.. can't say i've been that close to
physical death , at least not as in the manner of drowning.
I am the captain of my spirit aswell, but what is this spirit to you?
Do you consider "your soul", to have been sourced by something?

Quote:My family doesn't have a problem with me being Agnostic,
Do any of you?

Can't speak for all, but most surely won't .
i don't have a problem with you being agnostic.

If Thine I that I spy with my own little I Doeth Offend thee ; Pluck It out.


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