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The Answer To Life & Religion!
09-29-2006, 06:14 PM,
The Answer To Life & Religion!
This subject encroaches on everything including UFOlogy.B)

Humanoid race floating through space looking for a nice place to live come across the planet earth.

Captain James T God "People we have found a suitable place to live our search is over!"

Landing party prepare for landing and as they land their craft on the surface a gigantic reptilian creature kills and eats three of them.

"FUCK THAT!" screams James T God.
"Capn we could terraform the planet we have the technology!" Chief science office Smirk replies.
"Nope that would take too long!"
"We could always use the avian flu virus we picked up from planet Bird!"

Two years later from a safe place in orbit the effects of the avian flu virus have wiped out all of the dinos.

"Right we can now set up home and start experimenting on those silly looking furry animals down there!"
"Exactly Sir they could do all of our work!" smirk replies with a smirk.

Millions of years later.

Jonus Doe peniless and just booted out of his home for gambling away his weekly denari on a dead cert by his wife, wanders aimlessly up into the mountains, to think of a way to get back into favour with Mrs doe.

While he reflects on where his life went wrong a fantastic idea pops into his head.

"I know I could say god just spoke to me and wants me to spread his message!" jonus shouts out loudly, coz no one knows what god looks like or sounds like he's onto a winner.

With no paperazi media or US goverment to interfere with his claims Jonus appears with a tablet of stone which he was kicking seven bells out of earlier that day, reveals his findings to a small group of people who tried to mug him.

"Hey that soundz lucrative dude!" the head mugger replies.

Jonus doe returns home to missus with excuse for loosing wages and revels in his new found status of having a stone tablet of indecipherable writing (just boot prints and scuff marks) and coz no one can read pretends it has all sorts of messages on it.

Jonus and his mugging friends head up the first secret society!

1200 - 2000 years later

The ice caps are melting and the Avian flu virus once again flows into the eco system.

5 million years later

Planet earth has no resourses left and after careful selection Capt james T God is chosen to lead a 5 year mission to find a suitable planet for the last remains of humanity live.


Yes its mad, but look at it in reality if historians said this is what happened we'd all believe them would we not?

And if I or You went up into the mountains after a bad day and came back saying we've just spoke to god, we'd end up in the nearest mental instituation would we not?
If God was a man then how could he give birth?

All Hail Discordia![Image: illuminatiproject.jpg]

Follow the Conspiracy!
09-29-2006, 07:21 PM,
The Answer To Life & Religion!
Quote:Yes its mad, but look at it in reality if historians said this is what happened we'd all believe them would we not?
good point, same goes for the evolution theory.
Matthew 7:14
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


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