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Senate's Voting Results
10-05-2006, 06:28 AM,
Senate's Voting Results

Alex Jones claimed in his show that S. 3930 passed voting by 100-1 in US senate. On senates web site results are 65-34. Where did that 100-1 came from?

Byt the way, on that site is also a list of senators and how they voted. It is useful if you want to send them some "fan mail".
10-05-2006, 08:00 AM,
Senate's Voting Results

Alex Jones claimed in his show that S. 3930 passed voting by 100-1 in US senate. On senates web site results are 65-34. Where did that 100-1 came from?

Byt the way, on that site is also a list of senators and how they voted. It is useful if you want to send them some "fan mail".
Could it be another Alex Jones exaggeration? The only bill that I see that recently passed 100 - 0 was the defense spending bill and spending bills always pass 100 - 0. And Jones was clearly referring to the detainee bill when he spoke of the 100 - 0 vote on Rense.
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10-05-2006, 08:08 AM,
Senate's Voting Results
I was thinking the same thing when he kept saying that on his show - I could have sworn the vote was different.

Maybe he's confused.

Hey, ol' Hilary voted NEY. LoL. She's also pro net neutrality. Damn if I didn't know better I might think she's not pure evil.
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10-06-2006, 04:50 AM,
Senate's Voting Results
This is getting serious. Jones and Rense can lose their credibility if they will continue spreading this mistake.

Quote:Praise For Jeff Rense/Alex
Jones Interview Continues
Joseph Ehrlich

Dear Friends,

I listened to a 2 hour interview of Alex Jones by Jeff Rense. I am asking permission from Jeff Rense to offer it to you.

It represents a great deal, but for now it shows a MONUMENTAL BINGO in that the entire Senate voted to support the dictatorship of George Bush. This represents what I have been saying all along: THAT THEY ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, ARE IN ON IT.

Let me offer something to all those who have the courage to bring you the truth of what it going on. It will be increasingly important that when you continue your work that you connect it to service for G-d. This is the one hidden dynamic that the Moabites I believe cannot pierce.

Since the NWO/Moabites have seized open control of this nation as I long argued, but now do so publicly and without apparent fear, what is in store for us?

Nothing good I am afraid. Their success ties in with the reality that we have turned our backs to G-d, not made Him genuinely central to our lives, and have vested as part of our infrastructure religiosity in control of Moabites.

When you hear the interview you will hear Jeff use the term evisceration and Alex the term hijacking. They are brave enough as it stands, however, they are beginning to move into expounding on whom it is exactly that conquered this nation (aside from beginning to disclose that the nation has been conquered).

I really urge you to support Jeff Rense and do yourself the biggest favor. I listen to those interviews that interest me and those interviews are precious. You cannot better spend your time and you will learn a great deal. I paid Jeff more than the cost for what he offers to attest to my support for him and I am greatly rewarded by his making available archives of interviews that I try to listen to often.

When you listen to the Rense/Jones two hour interview you will cry, whether within or without, it doesn't matter. You should cry. It really reflects what I meant when I declared that I was in emotional pain (see emails 9-30 to 10-1).

We have been in a dictatorship by an occupying power for years. However, I knew, as you well know, that the day would come where they would admit to it and also impose police powers, especially when the truths of 9-11 became mainstream. They have done just that.

Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
October 5, 2006

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10-07-2006, 03:28 AM,
Senate's Voting Results
Alex said it passed 100-1 but he made a ref to that other stat on his last ATV show as well, so there's two aspects to the bill that had been voted on and I'm too lazy to confirm what I'm saying.
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