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In West Bank, Palestinians rescue Israeli occupiers
06-10-2009, 12:28 PM,
In West Bank, Palestinians rescue Israeli occupiers
Quote:Palestinian villagers have rescued an Israeli settler woman in the West Bank after she got trapped in a car along with her infant child.

The incident took place on Tuesday when a car racing at high speed lost control on a main road in the town of Tiqua, southeast of Bethlehem, and rolled over.

"The car flipped three times along the center of the road…The guys at the site immediately rushed in that direction and started rescuing the passengers," Palestinian citizen, Ahmad Allen, told Ma'an news agency.

They took out the four-month infant and his mother, who was in a shock, after breaking the window and immediately called an Israeli ambulance to transfer the wounded to the hospital.

The men said "our human feelings were much bigger at that moment than the feelings of enmity and hatred, which Israeli settlers provoke," stressing the Palestinians did not hesitate to offer help.

Israeli media covered the incident in the West Bank town of Tiqua where the Israelis have illegally annexed Palestinian land to erect Jewish settlements.

The Israeli army has started installing an iron wall along the main road in the center of the Palestinian village to secure Israeli settlers who frequently clash with the Palestinians.
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