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Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
10-24-2009, 11:26 PM,
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
The following is a snippet of the case which may be read in its entirety at

The Flu Case

October 24, 2009

Plaintiff alleges the following in support of her claim for declaratory and injunctive relief and damages:


1. This is a claim for declaratory and injunctive relief and damages with jurisdiction in this court based upon 28 U.S.C. § 1331 with issues arising under the Constitution and laws of the United States .....


8. There presently exists a bank-based transnational corporate criminal conspiracy to violate the fundamental constitutional rights and wellbeing of the American people, including those of the plaintiff, through fraudulent political, legal and financial contracts in the form of surreptitiously signed/enacted international treaties and federal laws/executive orders enabling the mandated imposition of bioweaponized H1N1 influenza vaccinations and quarantines/detentions through martial law. The aforementioned measures, being fraudulent, are therefore null and void, with no legitimate power to be enforced by any government, national or international, upon the American people.

9. Controlled by the same bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate that now controls the United States government and virtually all of the national governments of the world, the United Nations World Health Organization (UN/WHO) has fraudulently declared, without any scientific justification, the highest possible Level 6 Pandemic for an indefinite period of time, which is akin to a medical "war on terror".

10. Level 6 Pandemic status gives the UN/WHO, by various international agreements signed by the US government and by various federal executive orders, as well by various laws surreptitiously approved by the US Congress and supported by the US Supreme Court, indefinite control over this nation and its people that subsumes the US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights, the American Declaration of Independence and all federal, state and local laws.

11. Level 6 Pandemic status may generate, via the aforementioned planned mandated martial law, quarantines/detentions and enforced bioweaponized H1N1 influenza vaccinations, massive profits for this bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate through the hugely profitable sale of said vaccinations to the US and other national governments, as well as through massive confiscation of private property through coordinated medical genocide and disablement of the American people.

12. There is an urgent need to return to, reconsider and reapply those fundamental declarations of universal and national law that have so eloquently set forth the basis of our freedom and wellbeing, both as singular sovereign beings, and as a people, which this federal legal action seeks to remedy.

13. Rockefeller / Rothschild family interests have for the past century dominated the allopathic healthcare sector throughout the world, particularly in America , remaking it into a ruthless, profit- and depopulation-oriented industry that suppresses natural healthcare and its beneficial innovations, rather than it being a field of service to humanity.

14. The Rockefeller Foundation is the single biggest funder of the United Nations (UN) and its World Health Organization (WHO), donated the land on which the UN World Headquarters Building was built and initially funded the US Public Health Service (USPHS), thereby indicating substantial influence with each of these institutions.

15. Rockefeller family interests are a major player in the Partnership for New York City (PNYC), where they intersect with the Murdoch media cartel, the East Coast academic medical, financial and banking establishments, as well as with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York through many interlocking boards of directors.

16. The headquarters for this Rockefeller medical operation is at New York’s World Trade Center, site of the New York 9/11 terrorist attacks, whose public ownership was transferred to private developer Larry Silverstein, another of the partners in PNYC, just seven weeks before these attacks occurred, to his substantial profit through exorbitant property insurance claims.

17. Through their parent UniCredit Group, three preeminent Austrian Banks, whose Unicredit holding company is linked to pharmaceutical corporation Baxter International, these banks are also linked to Rothschild family interests by UniCredit being the principal shareholder in Banco de Medici AG of Florence , Italy , a private bank founded and controlled by the Rothschilds since 1855.

18. Through their being the principal shareholder through UniCredit in the Rothschild-controlled Banco de Medici, these three preeminent Austrian Baxter-linked banks are also implicated in the recent Madoff scandal, in which at least $50 billion dollars of client investment funds were secretly siphoned into Israeli banks to be laundered for the bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate's secret illegal drug operations, in addition to those in which it is more legitimately engaged. Following news on January 2, 2009 that Banco de Medici had invested $2 billion with Bernard Madoff, the Vienna headquarters of UniCredit Group appointed a special supervisor to run this private bank.

19. Approximately two-thirds of the tax and pension monies of the American people have, since approximately 1960, been systematically and surreptitiously diverted by their governments at all levels to purchase majority stock ownership of the pharmaceutical cartel via institutional investment firms privately owned by the bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate.

20. The American people therefore unknowingly hold majority ownership of transnational pharmaceutical companies and their corporate co-conspirators. They are thereby being deceived into purchasing the shovels with which they will dig their own mass graves before their imminent execution, and have not been apprized of their ability to halt this process by exercising their rights as indirect principal shareholders of the pharmaceutical and other international corporate cartels.

21. Public health agencies of the US government, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), as well as the United Nations World Health Organization (UN-WHO) and major transnational pharmaceutical corporations met at the Simpsonwood Retreat Center in Norcross, Georgia in June 2000 to listen to the research findings of a CDC epidemiologist as to his findings, derived from the CDC's own comprehensive national database, that vaccines are not only ineffective in protecting the public against the diseases they are supposedly designed to curtail, but that they are actively harmful, causing other serious chronic disease conditions and death long-term, and sometimes soon after their administration.

22. The rest of that weekend was spent by officials of these government public health agencies conspiring with those representatives of transnational pharmaceutical corporations present to actively suppress in the future all scientific research disproving the safety and efficacy of vaccinations as a public health measure.

23. On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN) declared -- without any scientific justification whatsoever -- attracting much criticism from medical experts -- a worldwide highest possible "Level 6 Pandemic," thereby triggering deliberately unpublicized US presidential executive orders and UN treaties that place all US military, law enforcement and health services under the control of WHO and UN.

24. According to the International Health Regulations of 2005 (IHR 2005), which have been incorporated into legislation also in the International Partnership on Avian Influenza of 2005 (IPAI 2005), as well as numerous US presidential directives, the WHO and the UN become the controlling agencies of the US in the event of a declared Level 6 Pandemic, and are entitled to control of this country under martial law, with obvious implications for all of the above, under the pretext of dealing with a pandemic emergency.

25. Since refusing a WHO-mandated vaccination has been criminalized by these, and various other state laws derived from the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, (MEHPA) members of law enforcement/the military can use bodily/deadly force against “criminal suspects” refusing these mandated vaccinations or resulting order of quarantine.

26. Immediately following the abovementioned announcement by the WHO in June 2009, all signatory nations of the International Health Regulations of 2005, including the US, are obliged to give mass mandatory vaccinations and prepare for other measures such as quarantines, as/when mandated by the WHO.

27. The United States may then be controlled via various international agreements and executive orders by the United Nations (UN)/World Health Organization (WHO), now in turn controlled by the abovementioned bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate through national governments and major nonprofit funding foundations that it presently controls.

28. There exists evidence from a WHO Memo dated from 1972, in which the WHO describes a method for using injections/vaccines to kill those injected in three steps: first, by weakening the immune system; second, by injecting a huge dose of virus into the body, which the weakened immune system cannot fight; and third, by injecting an adjuvant that triggers a massive an inflammatory reaction with an ensuing cytokine storm. There is evidence that the H1N1 influenza vaccinations recently mandated by the WHO follow that same three-step process outlined in the aforementioned WHO memos, and so intentionally cause damage and death.

29. There is evidence that the WHO is systematically concealing evidence of the lethality/morbidity of these vaccines, classified as bioweapons by US and EU regulators, in an act of fraudulent misrepresentation, to induce the populations of these countries to take said vaccines of their own free will, even while putting in place measures to make these vaccinations mandatory.

30. Now-FDA Director Margaret Hamburg publicly conferred with David Nabarro, key official with the UN/WHO and others as to how exactly such a pandemic would occur at a conference at Colorado's Aspen Institute on October 13, 2007, discussing with suspiciously precise prescience a future WHO-declared pandemic emergency eerily resembling the one it has declared at present.

31. The United States government has begun actively planning for mass forced vaccinations, detainment and quarantine of American citizens, including surreptitiously excavating mass gravesites in diverse locations.

32. There is evidence that in February 2009, the WHO was involved in nearly triggering a pandemic in Austria , by supplying Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary with a H1N1 virus that Baxter then used to contaminate 72 kilos of vaccine material.

33. The Baxter laboratory in Orth von der Donau manufactured and distributed 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with a H1N1 virus, to sixteen laboratories in four countries, including Austria , thereby nearly triggering a pandemic.

34. The contaminated vaccine material consisted of a mixture of a seasonal H3N2 human influenza virus and the deadly H5N1 virus. By adding a virus of the type H5N1 to an ordinary flu virus of the type H3N2, Baxter produced a highly dangerous bioweapon.

35. A staff member of a subcontracted laboratory in the Czech Republic discovered this lethal contamination, when all animals they tested died from this vaccine, and the contamination was reported to health authorities.

36. In Poland during this same period, twenty-one out of thirty homeless research subjects -- on whom these vaccines were tested without full disclosure of what was being administered to them – died, manifestly violating basic medical ethics and international law.

37. Since Baxter is obliged to use BSL 3 (Biosafety Level 3) precautions in its laboratories when handling the H1N1 virus (classified as a biological agent, BSL3 or 4 under EU regulations), such safeguards are in place as would make accidental contamination of ordinary influenza material with the dangerous H1N1 virus impossible. In other words, this deadly contamination and distribution was almost certainly due to criminal intent.

38. Thirty-six people had to be preventatively hospitalized in Austria and the Czech Republic because of their exposure to this vaccine-based contamination, underlining the danger of a pandemic.

39. This incident, that very nearly killed millions, was investigated by WHO, EU and Austrian health authorities only perfunctorily. This incident was neither investigated nor reported upon by any of the mainstream media corporations controlled by the transnational bank-based corporate crime syndicate, which, via institutional investment firms such as Goldman Sachs and State Street Global Advisors, also owns Baxter International.

40. It was later revealed in Austrian parliamentary questioning of Baxter executives that this incident had been handled, not as a serious violation of biosecurity regulations as mandated by law, but as a minor offense against the Austrian veterinary code: a veterinarian was sent to the Austrian Baxter laboratory for a brief inspection together, with a representative from the department for human medicine. No action appears to have been taken, other than recommendations to tighten Austrian veterinary laws.

41. On April 28, 2009, a shipment of said deadly virus from a WHO/Baxter-affiliated laboratory in Mexico was released from a suspiciously atypical hazardous biomaterials container, allegedly by accident, on an intercity train bound for Geneva, Switzerland , exposing sixty-one passengers to infection. To date, there has been no credible forensic investigation of this incident by the UN/WHO or Swiss/EU officials, and none of those exposed in this alleged bioaccident were ever properly treated for their exposure to this virus.

42. There is further indication of Baxter's criminal intent: in 2006, Baxter distributed hemophiliac blood components that were contaminated with HIV virus and administered to tens of thousands of people, including thousands of children in Europe . Baxter continued to release this HIV-contaminated vaccine, even after its contamination was known, yet Baxter International is still eligible to be one of the medical contractors being used by the United States government in their current purchase of vaccines that it by executive order could mandate for the American people.

43. Baxter International patented a vaccine for the allegedly new "H1N1" virus in 2008, indicating, with its aforementioned actions that it might potentially be involved in initiating such a pandemic.

44. It would therefore appear that officials of the Swiss health ministry and other officials of the UN, WHO, EU, US, Austria, Switzerland and/or Baxter International should also be interrogated concerning this matter by a grand jury; this has thus far not occurred.

45. In spite of the scientific evidence that mercury preservatives and assorted adjuvants are dangerous, the WHO is specifically recommending the production and use of vaccines containing highly toxic mercury preservative and oil-in-water adjuvants in its planned mass vaccination campaign starting in October 2009.

46. In a briefing note of July 13, 2009, the WHO stated: “In view of the anticipated limited vaccine availability at global level and the potential need to protect against "drifted" strains of virus, (it was) recommended that promoting production and use of vaccines such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines, was important.”

(47. Adjuvants are added to vaccines supposedly to make them more “effective” and to reduce the amount of vaccine required per dose. This is induced by causing the immune system to react in a powerful, unnatural and potentially dangerous way to the presence of the virus being vaccinated against. As previously mentioned, an adjuvant added to a high dose of virus can cause a massive inflammatory reaction with a cytokine storm, followed by death.)

48. Mercury -- one of the most highly toxic substances known to humanity, causing all manner of disabling neurological disorders and allergic reactions, including the epidemic of autism that began in 1931 when international pharmaceutical corporations controlled by the bank-based transnational corporate crime cartel began to add it to vaccines -- will be in some states authorized to be added to these H1N1 influenza vaccinations, with higher dosages of this toxic preservative to be administered to the especially vulnerable populations of pregnant women and children under four years of age, allegedly to ensure an intact supply of this vaccine.

49. The oil-in-water adjuvant squalene -- illegal in the US, as it has never been approved by the FDA and has been implicated in the disabling Gulf War syndrome afflicting some 250,000 US military veterans -- will be an ingredient in many of the H1N1 influenza vaccines administered in the US; in clinical trials for the H1N1 vaccine that are currently underway, the NIAID/CDC is testing only vaccines without adjuvants, even though clinical trials are supposedly done to give an accurate long-term picture of the vaccine that will be administered, not the exceptional case.

50. The specially manufactured, designed syringes for administering the H1N1 influenza vaccines are designed to implant an electromagnetic VeriChip microchip implant at that time. This is indicated by the fact that only one US government contractor has been selected to exclusively manufacture these syringes, and that VeriChip stock value rose rapidly in mid-September 2009 after the FDA’s announcement that the H1N1 vaccine had been approved.

51. Considerable clinical research has shown that such electromagnetic microchip implants can cause tumors at their implantation site, both in animals and in humans.

52. These injected electromagnetic microchips, although supposedly only being placed for the purpose of identification of the H1N1 influenza virus within the persons being implanted, as well as of those persons themselves, these microchips actually have general covert monitoring/mind control capabilities developed by top secret military research projects that could be activated at any time by anyone with the will and skill to do so.

53. These H1N1 influenza vaccines will be developed, “tested,” and shipped for mass distribution in a matter of weeks without adequate trials for long-term safety.

54. Transnational vaccine manufacturers are present as observers on key WHO vaccine advisory boards of the WHO that can formally recommend vaccinations, indicating substantial conflict of interest.

55. The WHO refused to release minutes of a key meeting on July 7, 2009, when its "vaccine advisory board" -- packed with transnational pharmaceutical corporation executives as observers -- recommended to the WHO that it order enforced vaccinations around the world using their vaccines, ensuring them vast profits.

56. The institutional investors and banks behind the WHO and these vaccine manufacturers are set to reap huge profits from the mass murder of Americans in terms of property and financial assets acquired, as well as profits from massive US government vaccine purchases.

57. The WHO has made a unilateral declaration of highest Pandemic Level 6 on the basis of a relatively harmless H1N1 influenza, manipulating data, and so misusing a provision designed for a deadly plague unjustified by any scientific evidence, in order to declare an international public health emergency for an indefinite period of time to acquire new emergency powers throughout the globe.

58. Cases of H1N1 influenza have been relatively mild, requiring little or no medical intervention, and deaths from the H1N1 virus remain extremely low, at less than one half of one percent of reported cases as of July 6, 2009, with no sign of the virus mutating to become more deadly, according to leading medical experts in France and Switzerland, Sweden and other countries, as well as according to Dr. Margaret Chan, head of the WHO.

59. Rapid tests have been shown to diagnose the H1N1 virus has been inaccurate nine times out of ten, casting doubt on the purportedly swift spread of this disease, and H1N1 has symptoms virtually indistinguishable from normal flu, and has never so far been isolated in the laboratory, further casting doubt on the legitimacy of the WHO's declaration of highest level pandemic emergency.

60. The WHO altered its official definition of pandemic in 2003, being guilty thereby of manipulating data. According to WHO’s present definition, a declaration of pandemic can be constantly maintained. In fact, every year since 1918 would have been Pandemic Level 6 under the WHO's latest definition.

61. The WHO has also changed this definition again this past spring of 2009, so as to be able to declare a pandemic based on the alleged spread of a disease, rather than based on its lethality as had been the case before, while discontinuing the use of accurate reporting standards for its incidence.

62. There is scientific evidence the Spanish Flu Pandemic was started by mass vaccinations of soldiers in 1918-1919.

63. A 1976 mass “swine flu” vaccination campaign in the USA had to be abandoned because more people died from the vaccines than the “swine flu” itself.

64. A recent WHO polio vaccination campaign in Nigeria has resulted in infection and a mutated polio virus crippling hundreds of Nigerians.

65. Criminal charges have been filed against Baxter International over the 72 kilos of contaminated biomaterial with the city state prosecutor in Vienna , Austria , resulting in a police investigation, and criminal charges filed with the FBI in the US concerning the role of Baxter International, the WHO and others in these spuriously declared pandemics and measures toward mass vaccinations.

66. On July 17, 2009, US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius signed an emergency use order, giving to Baxter International and all other potential US government influenza vaccine contractors legal immunity from prosecution or lawsuit for any possible injury done by their vaccines to the American people during this spuriously declared public health emergency.

67. On September 15, 2009, the FDA approved H1N1 influenza vaccines, despite the massive evidence presented to it concerning their lack of safety/efficacy.

68. The American people, including the plaintiff as a class of one, will suffer substantial and irreparable harm and injury if they are forced to take this unproven vaccine without their consent, in accordance with the federal Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, National Emergency Act, National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51, Homeland Security Presidential Directive/HSPD-20, and the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza.

Therefore, given that --

69. A bank-based transnational bank-based corporate crime syndicate controls the pharmaceutical cartel, the UN/WHO, as well as the US government;

70. Public health-related agencies of the US government, the UN/WHO and the pharmaceutical cartels have together conspired to promulgate injurious, ineffective vaccinations, despite massive evidence from their own databases that they also have together conspired to conceal from the general public;

71. There were two recent narrowly averted international medical catastrophes -- which facts and evidence point to being intentionally engineered by Baxter International and the WHO -- that almost triggered a pandemic, and these H1N1 vaccines – classified as bioweapons by regulators -- are being fraudulently misrepresented as prophylactic measures for a mild flu;

72. Baxter International and other potential/actual US government vaccine contractors have been given immunity from legal recourse by the American people for any substantial injury or death caused by federally mandated enforced vaccinations;

73. NIAID/CDC-sponsored trials of the H1N1 influenza vaccine scheduled to begin on pregnant women and small children in August/September 2009 do not include toxic adjuvants, and will give a misleading impression of the impact of the planned, possibly imminent federally mandated enforced vaccination on the health of those receiving them. They therefore do not fulfill the criteria laid down for adequate clinical trials, any more than levels of toxic mercury preservative in vaccines being increased in those given to pregnant women and young children and the addition of dangerous adjuvants such as squalene represent ethical or effective public healthcare procedures;

74. The UN/WHO has declared, without adequate scientific evidence, a highest possible Level 6 Pandemic giving them, by various fraudulent international agreements surreptitiously signed by the US government and various federal executive orders, indefinite control over the US and its populace that subsumes the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and all federal, state and local laws – it is therefore these very oracles of human freedom that must now be invoked to protect the American people.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
10-25-2009, 12:04 AM,
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
By Jove, man. I do believe you have just earned the honour of having your post turned into the first WEJ/WAC/WAR here at ConCen.

[Image: randquote.png]
10-25-2009, 12:12 AM,
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
Thank you, any honor belongs to Rebecca.
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
10-25-2009, 05:56 AM,
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son
10-25-2009, 06:00 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-25-2009, 06:02 PM by icosaface.)
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
Good Post Mexika. Here is Dr. Chris Shaw at the Anti-Forced Vaccination rally in Vancouver. He describes the research he has done and the results.
Dr Chris Shaw at the Anti-Forced Vaccination Rally
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
10-26-2009, 09:58 AM,
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
I tried mailing Jane Burgermeister about taking this kind of action with the RCMP (Canadian Police) against GlaxxoSmithKlien but I got no response after a few tried. I also tried Dr. Andrew J. Moulden but with no reply. How do I get a hold of Rebecca Campbell she might be worth a shot (pun intended) for getting some legal filing advice. Has anyone heard about anything filed in Canada along these lines?
There are no others, there is only us.
10-26-2009, 11:25 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-26-2009, 11:31 AM by icosaface.)
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
FastTadpole, I found this but it is from 2004. However you might get some info from the bolded email addresses.

Quote:A Vancouver area law firm is launching a class action law suit on behalf of families whose children have been damaged by thimerosal containing vaccines. To the best of our knowledge, this is a FIRST in Canada. The lawyer and law firm can be contacted at:

David Klein
Klein Lyons
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 874-7171

Canada has remained in the dark ages in terms of inavailability of justice to vaccine injury victims. There have been no successful vaccine injury cases litigated through the Canadian justice (injustice) system, except for the province of Quebec, where a family initially won a law suit on behalf of their child who was catastrophically injured by MMR vaccine, and then was overturned by the Supreme Court. The plight of vaccine injury victims in this country has been denied, ignored and swept under the proverbial carpet by a system that considers vaccine injuries a "myth" !

In Canada, there are four major strikes against people seeking justice and compensation for vaccine injuries. The victims have to prove both that the vaccine caused the injury and that the vaccine provider was negligent in administering it - both areas being very difficult to actually prove. Further they are denied a trial by a jury of peers, as medical negligence cases are deemed too complex to be comprehended by ordinary citizens. Thus vaccine injury victims only have access to a trial by judge - a severe conflict of interest as the judiciary is paid by the same government that also pays for vaccines to be injected into the masses. Reporting of vaccine adverse reactions is not mandatory in this country - very few are ever reported. As well, information on vaccine "hot lots", and disclosure of records of vaccine reactions is closely guarded by the federal health ministry. It took one Canadian family a year through Freedom of Information

Requests, and threats of contacting members of parliament and media before they finally obtained the reports on the lot numbers of vaccines given to their child. One lot number alone had 664 severe reactions listed. How many hundreds or thousands or reactions went unreported?

In Canada, a death following a vaccination adverse reaction is NEVER recorded as vaccine related. It is always tossed into that convenient wastebasket - SIDS (sudden infant death), even if the child exhibits extreme reactions and dies within hours of being vaccinated.

VRAN - Vaccination Risk Awareness Network is actively searching for Canadian families whose children have suffered vaccine related injuries and deaths to apprise them of this historic action being taken on behalf of vaccine victims. The thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines issue may prove to be the missing link that will enable Canadian vaccine injured families to break through the legal impass in this country and finally allow these cases access to justice.

Our goal is to link vaccine injured famlies with each other across Canada so that they too can initiate legal actions in their areas, to let them know they are not alone, and to help bring them up to date on the tremendous volume of information that has been generated in recent years on the vaccine/mercury/neuroimmune injury issue.

If you suspect your child has suffered health injuries after vaccinations, Please contact us at: Our website at provides links to the best vaccine awareness groups in the world. We urge you to help us build a powerful and effective Canadian vaccine injury coalition.

Thank you,
Edda West - Co-ordinator,
VRAN - Vaccination Risk Awareness Network Inc.
P.O. Box 169, Winlaw, BC.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
Mohandas Gandhi

Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind.
Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
10-27-2009, 12:20 AM,
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
Quote:David Klein
Klein Lyons
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 874-7171
Thanks you have no idea how long I have been trying to dig up something to file something on record for our Canadian peeps along the lines of Campbell and Burgermeister, this is a good lead at the very least.
There are no others, there is only us.
10-27-2009, 05:08 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-27-2009, 05:38 AM by icosaface.)
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle

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Jon Rappoport interview of ex vaccine researcher


Q: You were once certain that vaccines were the hallmark of good medicine.

A: Yes I was. I helped develop a few vaccines. I won't say which ones.

Q: Why not?

A: I want to preserve my privacy.

Q: So you think you could have problems if you came out into the open?

A: I believe I could lose my pension.

Q: On what grounds?

A: The grounds don't matter. These people have ways of causing you problems, when you were once part of the Club. I know one or two people who were put under surveillance, who were harassed.

Q: Harassed by whom?

A: The FBI.

Q: Really?

A: Sure. The FBI used other pretexts. And the IRS can come calling too.

Q: So much for free speech.

A: I was "part of the inner circle." If now I began to name names and make specific accusations against researchers, I could be in a world of trouble.

Q: What is at the bottom of these efforts at harassment?

A: Vaccines are the last defense of modern medicine. Vaccines are the ultimate justification for the overall "brilliance" of modern medicine.

Q: Do you believe that people should be allowed to choose whether they should get vaccines?

A: On a political level, yes. On a scientific level, people need information, so that they can choose well. It's one thing to say choice is good. But if the atmosphere is full of lies, how can you choose? Also, if the FDA were run by honorable people, these vaccines would not be granted licenses. They would be investigated to within an inch of their lives.

Q: There are medical historians who state that the overall decline of illnesses was not due to vaccines.

A: I know. For a long time, I ignored their work.

Q: Why?

A: Because I was afraid of what I would find out. I was in the business of developing vaccines. My livelihood depended on continuing that work.

Q: And then?

A: I did my own investigation.

Q: What conclusions did you come to?

A: The decline of disease is due to improved living conditions.

Q: What conditions?

A: Cleaner water. Advanced sewage systems. Nutrition. Fresher food. A decrease in poverty. Germs may be everywhere, but when you are healthy, you don't contract the diseases as easily.

Q: What did you feel when you completed your own investigation?

A: Despair. I realized I was working a sector based on a collection of lies.

Q: Are some vaccines more dangerous than others?

A: Yes. The DPT shot, for example. The MMR. But some lots of a vaccine are more dangerous than other lots of the same vaccine. As far as I'm concerned, all vaccines are dangerous.

Q: Why?

A: Several reasons. They involve the human immune system in a process that tends to compromise immunity. They can actually cause the disease they are supposed to prevent. They can cause other diseases than the ones they are supposed to prevent.

Q: Why are we quoted statistics which seem to prove that vaccines have been tremendously successful at wiping out diseases?

A: Why? To give the illusion that these vaccines are useful. If a vaccine suppresses visible symptoms of a disease like measles, everyone assumes that the vaccine is a success. But, under the surface, the vaccine can harm the immune system itself. And if it causes other diseases -- say, meningitis -- that fact is masked, because no one believes that the vaccine can do that. The connection is overlooked.

Q: It is said that the smallpox vaccine wiped out smallpox in England.

A: Yes. But when you study the available statistics, you get another picture.

Q: Which is?

A: There were cities in England where people who were not vaccinated did not get smallpox. There were places where people who were vaccinated experienced smallpox epidemics. And smallpox was already on the decline before the vaccine was introduced.

Q: So you're saying that we have been treated to a false history.

A: Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying. This is a history that has been cooked up to convince people that vaccines are invariably safe and effective.

Q: Now, you worked in labs. Where purity was an issue.

A: The public believes that these labs, these manufacturing facilities are the cleanest places in the world. That is not true. Contamination occurs all the time. You get all sorts of debris introduced into vaccines.

Q: For example, the SV40 monkey virus slips into the polio vaccine.

A: Well yes, that happened. But that's not what I mean. The SV40 got into the polio vaccine because the vaccine was made by using monkey kidneys. But I'm talking about something else. The actual lab conditions. The mistakes. The careless errors. SV40, which was later found in cancer tumors -- that was what I would call a structural problem. It was an accepted part of the manufacturing process. If you use monkey kidneys, you open the door to germs which you don't know are in those kidneys.

Q: Okay, but let's ignore that distinction between different types of contaminants for a moment. What contaminants did you find in your many years of work with vaccines?

A: All right. I'll give you some of what I came across, and I'll also give you what colleagues of mine found. Here's a partial list. In the Rimavex measles vaccine, we found various chicken viruses. In polio vaccine, we found acanthamoeba, which is a so-called "brain-eating" amoeba.

Simian cytomegalovirus in polio vaccine. Simian foamy virus in the rotavirus vaccine. Bird-cancer viruses in the MMR vaccine. Various micro-organisms in the anthrax vaccine. I've found potentially dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines. Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses in the rubella vaccine. Avian leucosis virus in the flu vaccine. Pestivirus in the MMR vaccine.

Q: Let me get this straight. These are all contaminants which don't belong in the vaccines.

A: That's right. And if you try to calculate what damage these contaminants can cause, well, we don't really know, because no testing has been done, or very little testing. It's a game of roulette. You take your chances. Also, most people don't know that some polio vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, rubella and hep A and measles vaccines have been made with aborted human fetal tissue. I have found what I believed were bacterial fragments and poliovirus in these vaccines from time to time -- which may have come from that fetal tissue. When you look for contaminants in vaccines, you can come up with material that IS puzzling. You know it shouldn't be there, but you don't know exactly what you've got. I have found what I believed was a very small "fragment" of human hair and also human mucus. I have found what can only be called "foreign protein," which could mean almost anything. It could mean protein from viruses.

Q: Alarm bells are ringing all over the place.

A: How do you think I felt? Remember, this material is going into the bloodstream without passing through some of the ordinary immune defenses.

Q: How were your findings received?

A: Basically, it was, don't worry, this can't be helped. In making vaccines, you use various animals' tissue, and that's where this kind of contamination enters in. Of course, I'm not even mentioning the standard chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminum which are purposely put into vaccines.

Q: This information is pretty staggering.

A: Yes. And I'm just mentioning some of the biological contaminants. Who knows how many others there are? Others we don't find because we don't think to look for them. If tissue from, say, a bird is used to make a vaccine, how many possible germs can be in that tissue? We have no idea.We have no idea what they might be, or what effects they could have on humans.

Q: And beyond the purity issue?

A: You are dealing with the basic faulty premise about vaccines. That they intricately stimulate the immune system to create the conditions for immunity from disease. That is the bad premise. It doesn't work that way. A vaccine is supposed to "create" antibodies which, indirectly, offer protection against disease. However, the immune system is much larger and more involved than antibodies and their related "killer cells."

Q: The immune system is?

A: The entire body, really. Plus the mind. It's all immune system, you might say. That is why you can have, in the middle of an epidemic, those individuals who remain healthy.

Q: So the level of general health is important.

A: More than important. Vital.

Q: How are vaccine statistics falsely presented?

A: There are many ways. For example, suppose that 25 people who have received the hepatitis B vaccine come down with hepatitis. Well, hep B is a liver disease. But you can call liver disease many things. You can change the diagnosis. Then, you've concealed the root cause of the problem.

Q: And that happens?

A: All the time. It HAS to happen, if the doctors automatically assume that people who get vaccines DO NOT come down with the diseases they are now supposed to be protected from. And that is exactly what doctors assume. You see, it's circular reasoning. It's a closed system. It admits no fault. No possible fault. If a person who gets a vaccine against hepatitis gets hepatitis, or gets some other disease, the automatic assumption is, this had nothing to do with the vaccine.

Q: In your years working in the vaccine establishment, how many doctors did you encounter who admitted that vaccines were a problem?

A: None. There were a few who privately questioned what they were doing. But they would never go public, even within their companies.

Q: What was the turning point for you?

A: I had a friend whose baby died after a DPT shot.

Q: Did you investigate?

A: Yes, informally. I found that this baby was completely healthy before the vaccination. There was no reason for his death, except the vaccine. That started my doubts. Of course, I wanted to believe that the baby had gotten a bad shot from a bad lot. But as I looked into this further, I found that was not the case in this instance. I was being drawn into a spiral of doubt that increased over time. I continued to investigate. I found that, contrary to what I thought, vaccines are not tested in a scientific way.

Q: What do you mean?

A: For example, no long-term studies are done on any vaccines. Long-term follow-up is not done in any careful way. Why? Because, again, the assumption is made that vaccines do not cause problems. So why should anyone check? On top of that, a vaccine reaction is defined so that all bad reactions are said to occur very soon after the shot is given. But that does not make sense.

Q: Why doesn't it make sense?

A: Because the vaccine obviously acts in the body for a long period of time after it is given. A reaction can be gradual. Deterioration can be gradual. Neurological problems can develop over time. They do in various conditions, even according to a conventional analysis. So why couldn't that be the case with vaccines? If chemical poisoning can occur gradually, why couldn't that be the case with a vaccine which contains mercury?

Q: And that is what you found?

A: Yes. You are dealing with correlations, most of the time.Correlations are not perfect. But if you get 500 parents whose children have suffered neurological damage during a one-year period after having a vaccine, this should be sufficient to spark off an intense investigation.

Q: Has it been enough?

A: No. Never. This tells you something right away.

Q: Which is?

A: The people doing the investigation are not really interested in looking at the facts. They assume that the vaccines are safe. So, when they do investigate, they invariably come up with exonerations of the vaccines. They say, "This vaccine is safe." But what do they base those judgments on? They base them on definitions and ideas which automatically rule out a condemnation of the vaccine.

Q: There are numerous cases where a vaccine campaign has failed. Where people have come down with the disease against which they were vaccinated.

A: Yes, there are many such instances. And there the evidence is simply ignored. It's discounted. The experts say, if they say anything at all, that this is just an isolated situation, but overall the vaccine has been shown to be safe. But if you add up all the vaccine campaigns where damage and disease have occurred, you realize that these are NOT isolated situations.

Q: Did you ever discuss what we are talking about here with colleagues, when you were still working in the vaccine establishment?

A: Yes I did.

Q: What happened?

A: Several times I was told to keep quiet. It was made clear that I should go back to work and forget my misgivings. On a few occasions, I encountered fear. Colleagues tried to avoid me. They felt they could be labeled with "guilt by association." All in all, though, I behaved myself.I made sure I didn't create problems for myself.

Q: If vaccines actually do harm, why are they given?

A: First of all, there is no "if." They do harm. It becomes a more difficult question to decide whether they do harm in those people who seem to show no harm. Then you are dealing with the kind of research which should be done, but isn't. Researchers should be probing to discover a kind of map, or flow chart, which shows exactly what vaccines do in the body from the moment they enter. This research has not been done. As to why they are given, we could sit here for two days and discuss all the reasons. As you've said many times, at different layers of the system people have their motives. Money, fear of losing a job, the desire to win brownie points, prestige, awards, promotion, misguided idealism, unthinking habit, and so on. But, at the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but it's true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests. There is an underground, shall we say, in Africa, made up of various officials who are earnestly trying to change the lot of the poor. This network of people knows what is going on. They know that vaccines have been used, and are being used, to destroy their countries, to make them ripe for takeover by globalist powers. I have had the opportunity to speak with several of these people from this network.

Q: Is Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa, aware of the situation?

A: I would say he is partially aware. Perhaps he is not utterly convinced, but he is on the way to realizing the whole truth. He already knows that HIV is a hoax. He knows that the AIDS drugs are poisons which destroy the immune system. He also knows that if he speaks out, in any way, about the vaccine issue, he will be branded a lunatic. He has enough trouble after his stand on the AIDS issue.

Q: This network you speak of.

A: It has accumulated a huge amount of information about vaccines. The question is, how is a successful strategy going to be mounted? For these people, that is a difficult issue.

Q: And in the industrialized nations?

A: The medical cartel has a stranglehold, but it is diminishing. Mainly because people have the freedom to question medicines. However, if the choice issue [the right to take or reject any medicine] does not gather steam, these coming mandates about vaccines against biowarefare germs are going to win out. This is an important time.

Q: The furor over the hepatits B vaccine seems one good avenue.

A: I think so, yes. To say that babies must have the vaccine-and then in the next breath, admitting that a person gets hep B from sexual contacts and shared needles -- is a ridiculous juxtaposition. Medical authorities try to cover themselves by saying that 20,000 or so children in the US get hep B every year from "unknown causes," and that's why every baby must have the vaccine. I dispute that 20,00 figure and the so-called studies that back it up.

Q: Andrew Wakefield, the British MD who uncovered the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, has just been fired from his job in a London hospital.

A: Yes. Wakefield performed a great service. His correlations between the vaccine and autism are stunning. Perhaps you know that Tony Blair's wife is involved with alternative health. There is the possibility that their child has not been given the MMR. Blair recently side-stepped the question in press interviews, and made it seem that he was simply objecting to invasive questioning of his "personal and family life." In any event, I believe his wife has been muzzled. I think, if given the chance, she would at least say she is sympathetic to all the families who have come forward and stated that their children were severely damaged by the MMR.

Q: British reporters should try to get through to her.

A: They have been trying. But I think she has made a deal with her husband to keep quiet, no matter what. She could do a great deal of good if she breaks her promise. I have been told she is under pressure, and not just from her husband. At the level she occupies, MI6 and British health authorities get into the act. It is thought of as a matter of national security.

Q: Well, it is national security, once you understand the medical cartel.

A: It is global security. The cartel operates in every nation. It zealously guards the sanctity of vaccines. Questioning these vaccines is on the same level as a Vatican bishop questioning the sanctity of the sacrament of the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

Q: I know that a Hollywood celebrity stating publicly that he will not take a vaccine is committing career suicide.

A: Hollywood is linked very powerfully to the medical cartel. There are several reasons, but one of them is simply that an actor who is famous can draw a huge amount of publicity if he says ANYTHING. In 1992, I was present at your demonstration against the FDA in downtown Los Angeles. One or two actors spoke against the FDA. Since that time, you would be hard pressed to find an actor who has spoken out in any way against the medical cartel.

Q: Within the National Institutes of Health, what is the mood, what is the basic frame of mind?

A: People are competing for research monies. The last thing they think about is challenging the status quo. They are already in an intramural war for that money. They don't need more trouble. This is a very insulated system. It depends on the idea that, by and large, modern medicine is very successful on every frontier. To admit systemic problems in any area is to cast doubt on the whole enterprise. You might therefore think that NIH is the last place one should think about holding demonstrations. But just the reverse is true. If five thousand people showed up there demanding an accounting of the actual benefits of that research system, demanding to know what real health benefits have been conferred on the public from the billions of wasted dollars funneled to that facility, something might start. A spark might go off. You might get, with further demonstrations, all sorts of fall-out. Researchers -- a few -- might start leaking information.

Q: A good idea.

A: People in suits standing as close to the buildings as the police will allow. People in business suits, in jogging suits, mothers and babies. Well-off people. Poor people. All sorts of people.

Q: What about the combined destructive power of a number of vaccines given to babies these days?

A: It is a travesty and a crime. There are no real studies of any depth which have been done on that. Again, the assumption is made that vaccines are safe, and therefore any number of vaccines given together are safe as well. But the truth is, vaccines are not safe. Therefore the potential damage increases when you give many of them in a short time period.

Q: Then we have the fall flu season.

A: Yes. As if only in the autumn do these germs float in to the US from Asia. The public swallows that premise. If it happens in April, it is a bad cold. If it happens in October, it is the flu.

Q: Do you regret having worked all those years in the vaccine field?

A: Yes. But after this interview, I'll regret it a little less. And I work in other ways. I give out information to certain people, when I think they will use it well.

Q: What is one thing you want the public to understand?

A: That the burden of proof in establishing the safety and efficacy of vaccines is on the people who manufacture and license them for public use. Just that. The burden of proof is not on you or me. And for proof you need well-designed long-term studies. You need extensive follow-up. You need to interview mothers and pay attention to what mothers say about their babies and what happens to them after vaccination. You need all these things. The things that are not there.

Q: The things that are not there.

A: Yes.

Q: To avoid any confusion, I'd like you to review, once more, the disease problems that vaccines can cause. Which diseases, how that happens.

A: We are basically talking about two potential harmful outcomes. One, the person gets the disease from the vaccine. He gets the disease which the vaccine is supposed to protect him from. Because, some version of the disease is in the vaccine to begin with. Or two, he doesn't get THAT disease, but at some later time, maybe right away, maybe not, he develops another condition which is caused by the vaccine. That condition could be autism, what's called autism, or it could be some other disease like meningitis. He could become mentally disabled.

Q: Is there any way to compare the relative frequency of these different outcomes?

A: No. Because the follow-up is poor. We can only guess. If you ask, out of a population of a hundred thousand children who get a measles vaccine, how many get the measles, and how many develop other problems from the vaccine, there is a no reliable answer. That is what I'm saying. Vaccines are superstitions. And with superstitions, you don't get facts you can use. You only get stories, most of which are designed to enforce the superstition. But, from many vaccine campaigns, we can piece together a narrative that does reveal some very disturbing things. People have been harmed. The harm is real, and it can be deep and it can mean death. The harm is NOT limited to a few cases, as we have been led to believe.In the US, there are groups of mothers who are testifying about autism and childhood vaccines. They are coming forward and standing up at meetings.They are essentially trying to fill in the gap that has been created by the researchers and doctors who turn their backs on the whole thing.

Q: Let me ask you this. If you took a child in, say, Boston and you raised that child with good nutritious food and he exercised every day and he was loved by his parents, and he didn't get the measles vaccine, what would be his health status compared with the average child in Boston who eats poorly and watches five hours of TV a day and gets the measles vaccine?

A: Of course there are many factors involved, but I would bet on the better health status for the first child. If he gets measles, if he gets it when he is nine, the chances are it will be much lighter than the measles the second child might get. I would bet on the first child every time.

Q: How long did you work with vaccines?

A: A long time. Longer than ten years.

Q: Looking back now, can you recall any good reason to say that vaccines are successful?

A: No, I can't. If I had a child now, the last thing I would allow is vaccination. I would move out of the state if I had to. I would change the family name. I would disappear. With my family. I'm not saying it would come to that. There are ways to sidestep the system with grace, if you know how to act. There are exemptions you can declare, in every state, based on religious and/or philosophic views. But if push came to shove, I would go on the move.

Q: And yet there are children everywhere who do get vaccines and appear to be healthy.

A: The operative word is "appear." What about all the children who can't focus on their studies? What about the children who have tantrums from time to time? What about the children who are not quite in possession of all their mental faculties? I know there are many causes for these things, but vaccines are one cause. I would not take the chance. I see no reason to take the chance. And frankly, I see no reason to allow the government to have the last word. Government medicine is, from my experience, often a contradiction in terms. You get one or the other, but not both.

Q: So we come to the level playing field.

A: Yes. Allow those who want the vaccines to take them. Allow the dissidents to decline to take them. But, as I said earlier, there is no level playing field if the field is strewn with lies. And when babies are involved, you have parents making all the decisions. Those parents need a heavy dose of truth. What about the child I spoke of who died from the DPT shot? What information did his parents act on? I can tell you it was heavily weighted. It was not real information.

Q: Medical PR people, in concert with the press, scare the hell out of parents with dire scenarios about what will happen if their kids don't get shots.

A: They make it seem a crime to refuse the vaccine. They equate it with bad parenting. You fight that with better information. It is always a challenge to buck the authorities. And only you can decide whether to do it. It is every person's responsibility to make up his mind. The medical cartel likes that bet. It is betting that the fear will win.

Dr. Mark Randall is the pseudonym of a vaccine researcher who worked for many years in the labs of major pharmaceutical houses and the US government's National Institutes of Health.

Mark retired during the last decade. He says he was "disgusted with what he discovered about vaccines."

As you know, since the beginning of nomorefakenews, I have been launching an attack against non-scientific and dangerous assertions about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Mark has been one of my sources.

He is a little reluctant to speak out, even under the cover of anonymity, but with the current push to make vaccines mandatory -- with penalties like quarantine lurking in the wings -- he has decided to break his silence.

He lives comfortably in retirement, but like many of my long-time sources, he has developed a conscience about his former work. Mark is well aware of the scope of the medical cartel and its goals of depopulation, mind control, and general debilitation of populations.
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
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Did you think you were put here for something less?
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
10-27-2009, 06:27 AM,
Rebecca Campbell files federal lawsuit over WHO flu scam in Seattle
Good interview. He seems to be credible, but doesn't cite sources or his position for his own protection. I believe he is being truthful.

There are no others, there is only us.

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