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Sexual Predator At Private Schools Pardoned
10-23-2006, 03:30 PM,
Sexual Predator At Private Schools Pardoned
Sexual predator at private schools pardoned

"Eight years ago, Mr. Noble pleaded guilty to a 1989 sexual assault against a student from Oakville's Appleby College. He also admitted that he had attacked an Upper Canada College student in 1971. That student, who is now confined to a mental institution, successfully sued Mr. Noble and UCC, alleging that the elite school knew the teacher was a sexual predator but failed to act.

Mr. Noble, now 68, received a conditional one-year sentence for the Appleby College incident, sparing him from jail. At the same time, the charges involving UCC were withdrawn (although their pertinent facts were admitted to) as part of the negotiated guilty plea."

Continued here: Oct. 19 Globe and Mail

The story goes on to describe (in pretty good detail) the machinations that carried this perv not only to freedom but a complete pardon. It almost seems like an absurd game where Noble admits to all he's done in order to achieve almost zero punishment. I should also note that Noble is an admitted bisexual, and now takes residence directly across the street from Branksome Hall, an uppercrust private girls school in Toronto.

Personally I've come across more than enough stories to affirm allegations that the 'elite' like to play with the minds of the young, indoctrinating them (or trying to) into their sick, sexually-driven mindset.

Is it just me or are stories akin to this popping up more frequently of late? Mark Foley, Putin's alleged 'rape is admirable' comment regarding Israel's prime minister, pedophilia priests (Deliver Us From Evil looks to be an eye-opener), etc. No doubt I'm forgetting some.

Kudos to Rigorous Institution for articling in part about this story.
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10-23-2006, 03:49 PM,
Sexual Predator At Private Schools Pardoned
They pop up more frequently because of talk television shows.

Kids know that someone out there will believe them and that the purpotrator cant really hurt them. However, the practice of exploiting the innocent has been going on longer than the existence of civilization.

Wildcats will eat the young of anything that cant outrun them.

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