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Food For Thought
10-25-2006, 04:07 AM,
Food For Thought
Quote:[Code of Federal Regulations]

PART 101--FOOD LABELING--Table of Contents

Subpart G--Exemptions From Food Labeling Requirements

Sec. 101.100 Food; exemptions from labeling.

(a) The following foods are exempt from compliance with the
requirements of section 403(i)(2) of the act (requiring a declaration on
the label of the common or usual name of each ingredient when the food
is fabricated from two or more ingredients).
(3) Incidental additives that are present in a food at insignificant
levels and do not have any technical or functional effect in that food.
For the purposes of this paragraph (a)(3), incidental additives are:
(i) Substances that have no technical or functional effect but are
present in a food by reason of having been incorporated into the food as
an ingredient of another food, in which the substance did have a
functional or technical effect.
(ii) Processing aids, which are as follows:
(a) Substances that are added to a food during the processing of
such food but are removed in some manner from the food before it is
packaged in its finished form.
( b ) Substances that are added to a food during processing, are
converted into constituents normally present in the food, and do not
significantly increase the amount of the constitutents naturally found
in the food.
© Substances that are added to a food for their technical or
functional effect in the processing but are present in the finished food
at insignificant levels and do not have any technical or functional
effect in that food.
(g) The label declaration of a harmless marker used to identify a
particular manufacturer's product may result in unfair competition
through revealing a trade secret. Exemption from the label declaration
of such a marker is granted, therefore, provided that the following
conditions are met:
10-28-2006, 04:07 PM,
Food For Thought
That totally sucks.:(
Don't believe anything they say.
And at the same time,
Don't believe that they say anything without a reason.
---Immanuel Kant

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