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Bye Bye Bill Greed! Linux Just Set Me Free! Free!
10-29-2006, 12:27 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-29-2006, 12:34 PM by tkra.)
Bye Bye Bill Greed! Linux Just Set Me Free! Free!
I just set up my second Linux PC using my old board, power supply and a strip of 256mb of ram.


The Bill Gates nightmare is over, migration has begun...finally. At first I thought the best course of action was to stick to research and put up with Micrcrap and re-do the computer later...but NO. I lost my video drivers for no reason and had to reactivate after repairing. XP is a Joke...and Bill Greed is a joke.
(btw, XP suspiciously looks like the monogram for "Jesus" if you merge the two letters...cute)

Anyway, I got so sick of Microcrap that I smartened up and put the effort into getting Linux running.

Linux is basically a collection of programs based on UNIX which is a real computer operating system...not a DOS riddled joke. At the core, it's technical, but the new thing (for those who don't know) are the distro packages.

Essentially, people sick of Microcrap and Mac package the Linux software into "collections" complete with a total installation routine.

The breakthrough distribution has been "Ubuntu" Linux and I can vouch for it now. The key program fits on a single CD which you can order or download for free. I was able to install ubuntu Linux on my new board, and my spare AMD2400. The whole thing installed without problems and set up access to the internet INSTANTLY right through my router and all. I didn't even need extra network drivers or anything for either of my ASUS boards. The Sound Blaster card was configured on one PC, and the onboard sound on the other. Even the video mode was set up properly.

What REALLY amazed me is that ubuntu Linux comes with the Firefox browser already installed, and it worked all by itself...without a hard drive required. The CD loads, and you can use the temporary installation, or install to hard drive. Either way I had internet access from both computers tested.

What was also quite amazing is that ubuntu linux did the repartition of my hard drive for me. I can't say what dual booting is like, because I only had NTFS data on the drive I installed, but it set up a separate Linux partition and didn't harm the data that it left on the windows portion.

So far so good. The only thing Linux won't do right out of the box is run MP3s and all the codecs that have licenses and such. They can't distribute that stuff with their installer. There's something called EasyUbuntu that installs all the basic plugins, mp3 codecs, flash/java and third party stuff in one easy step.

It will take a while to migrate, but you DO NOT NEED TO ACTIVATE linux or call Bill Greed and beg. You don't have to put up with Bill Greed dialing home all the time or checking what's on your computer. So, the migration is started and will take a while...OR WILL IT?

There's an emulator called wine, and something out there called CrossOver Office which supposedly will run a lot of windows apps so you can get by until Bill is put in the >ZOO< with the wild animals.

I don't expect everything to be perfect, and fortunately for me me, I don't play games so I don't need the Xbox-directX stuff that's only on Microcrap products for now... Migration will take work, but it's free.

At the very least, find yourself a CD of ubuntu (or other) so you can access the internet from CD if windows crashes, locks up or your hard drive burns out.

I'm extremely pleased, and all things considered the installation was easier than anything I've ever been through from Microcrap. Period. Supposedly Linux runs faster, is pretty much virus free and it installed on a PC no problems with just the 256mb of ram.

I had hoped Bill Greed would have disappeared on his own by now, but that didn't happen. Linux may have been too complicated in the past for most people to deal with, but that is changing fast. Lastly, free, open source software is everywhere now. has an office suite, and Mozilla Thunderbird is all I need for email. It even has built in spell checking.

Freedom finally,

Installed: ubuntu linux 6.06 i386 (on 2 different PCs)

Note: The only problem of any kind I had during installation was with cheap HP CDs I used for burning, and an older CD Rom that gave me errors (reported elsewhere on the net). To solve the problem, I simply used one of my newer DVD drives to install and retired the dinosaur HP cd burner to the junk heap. That was funny...both the hp media and the old burner copped out and gave me problems. I was able to install fine with a cheap LG DVD, and an 18 cent disk.
10-29-2006, 03:14 PM,
Bye Bye Bill Greed! Linux Just Set Me Free! Free!
Hey! Thankyou on writing such a flamboyant article on my favorite operating system. My notes:

Easyubuntu doesn't work for me, but what I really want is flash, and I have that.

If you want to have 3d support, you'll need an nvidia card. ATI are starting to make openscource drivers that don't suck, but it'll be a long time before they are as good as nvidia for linux. (I think)

Don't listen to people that rubbish Ubuntu for being a "noob" distro. The thing is, Ubuntu works, and it works damn well. It's not only freeware, but software libre, you are encouraged to copy it! And no product keys, no product activation, no "windowzzz genuine advantage" bollocks. Just a free, working operating system, with free software, and even some games! I have UT2004, Darwinia and Defcon all working just fine on my Ubuntu system.
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“I am truly free only when all human beings, men and women, are equally free.
The freedom of other men, far from negating or limiting my freedom, is, on the contrary,
its necessary premise and confirmation.” - Mikhael Bakunin
10-29-2006, 04:43 PM,
Bye Bye Bill Greed! Linux Just Set Me Free! Free!
Quote:Linux is basically a collection of programs based on UNIX which is a real computer operating system...not a DOS riddled joke.

Actually Windows NTx&2K&XP doesn't need DOS to operate since they have NT OS kernel. Microcrap stole it from IBM when it was developing NT OS/2 for it. I suppose our friend Bill gave Windows users privacy completely to Big Brother, because the crime was confirmed in trial.

Actually a Windows that uses stolen NT technology is not a Windows, because Windows is not the native environment of NT OS kernel. Basically it is the kernel of the NT OS/2 and a collection of software that enables running Windows programs with that. Therefore it is not really a operating system but more of a Windows emulator.
10-29-2006, 08:15 PM,
Bye Bye Bill Greed! Linux Just Set Me Free! Free!

[Image: gentoo-abducted-800x600.png]

WWW.[Image: gentoo-glass-800x600.jpg].ORG


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