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The Abortion Holocaust
12-06-2006, 08:53 AM,
The Abortion Holocaust

Pro-Lifers need to face reality.What Gives you the right to let someone who has been a victim of Rape and Incest the right to not get an abortion?Make a rapist pay child support?HAHAHA
The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.
12-16-2006, 12:32 AM,
The Abortion Holocaust
Yes, I do agree with the policy China has. If you cram a billion people into one place as small as China, there's bound to be a way to figure it out. What's to be done? There are Six and counting BILLION people on the planet which is way too many. We're choking out the rest of the world. Meanwhile, we have fertility clinics and fertility pills and boner pills and medications above and beyond the call of duty to make as many fucking babies as possible. Women 64 years old are giving birth. Infertile people are popping pills and then popping out quintuplets. I have nothing against children or family, what grates me is the "family" assholes being against abortion, homosexuality, birthcontrol and all the things (ugly as they might be) that, intended or not, keep down the birth rate. My argument is not a religious thing (you anti-choice bastards believe as you like), it's practical: too many humans means not enough pennyroyal tea and way way too much unnatural fertility pills and artificial insemination doctors. I can't side for or against abortion, because I know I'll never have to go through it, but women should be allowed the right to decide that, one way or another. And I'm sorry, but China is right. You can have one child. Any more that that, and you are going to be screwed, taxwise, culturewise and everything else and you better not do it. Because there are just flat too many damn humans on the planet. Take some responsibility for Earth, goddammit!
12-16-2006, 12:33 AM,
The Abortion Holocaust

Pro-Lifers need to face reality.What Gives you the right to let someone who has been a victim of Rape and Incest the right to not get an abortion?Make a rapist pay child support?HAHAHA
As Nancy said, "We want people to JUST SAY NO to rape and incest."
12-18-2006, 10:45 AM,
The Abortion Holocaust
Quote:I'm guessing you're not too keen on the whole abortion idea. Fair enough. But with 6 Billion and counting humans on the planet, shouldn't abortion be encouraged? Abortion, homosexuality, summary executions, and compulsory steriliziation. That's the wave of the future, baby. Sorry, I went off there a moment. I don't honestly believe in summary executions or compulsory sterilization. And I only wish I were gay. The thing is, nobody likes abortions. It's a messy unpleasant thing. I'm guessing you're not a woman. Or that you've ever had an abortion. You really should go and get one, see how fun it is - abortion, I mean, not a woman, although . . . . The whole "Be fruitful and multiply" thing was a good idea when the desert and conditions of life were killing every three babies out of four - 2500 years ago. But we live in an age when a 64 year old with a bee in her bonnet can have a kid. Get over it. If abortion is outlawed across the world (and try to tell China to do it - I fucking dare you), then you are going to get clothes hanger situations and pennyroyal tea and a hell of a lot of women will die. Maybe you don't care about that. Maybe you think nobody should have sex, in the good old Christian tradition, because if you can't get laid, why should anyone else, in the good old christian tradition. I'd hate to be your girlfriend. Next you'll say that every time a man wanks it, he kills a billion babies. And maybe he does.

Quote:I have no problem with forced sterilization... as long as it is reverseable on demand. That way if you want kids, you just stop at the clinic and get them to 'flip the switch' back on. This would eliminate nearly all unwanted pregnancies and in turn end 99.9% of abortions before it was even an issue.

I think one of the biggest problems facing the human race right now is that the stupid and ignorant are breeding out of control while many of those who are intelligent and socially responsible are not breeding at all out of conscience. Where's that going to leave us in a few generations?

Five years from now a gallon of fresh water will cost more than a gallon of gas... the more mouths clamouring for water the more power those who have (already) secured it will have.

You guys are fucked up
[Image: paulbanneroc1.gif]
12-18-2006, 10:59 AM,
The Abortion Holocaust
Quote:The "Be fruitful and multiply" idea made sense millenia ago when the people saying it were living in the desert. It was a harsh unforgiving climate, and something like 9 out of 10 babies didn't survive. We now live in an age where technology can save most babies. Humans are choking the earth, and I don't mean pollution. Six and half billion is too much. All my comments before should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. I have a sarcastic personality, deal with it. I'm not a woman, so I can't believe that abortion is up to me. It seems to me it would be a horrible choice to have to make, but it should be a choice available. Better a doctor than a coat hanger or cup of Pennyroyal tea.

If you want 'population control' because you think you're king of the earth and in a position to decide that there's 'too many people,' then why don't you chill back & let the 'NWO' do it's thing? I don't see what anyone's doing on a conspiracy forum if that's the case. False flag terrorism? Unprovoked wars? Contamination? Good, mission accomplished.

Personally it all disgusts me. As far as abortion though, I wish people wouldn't get them but I'm not sure if prohibition of it would work. It doesn't seem like a very clear-cut, black or white issue to me, it more seems like a modern ridiculous thing to do that's only normal because people are fucked up these days. I guess largely cause of conditioning. But the conditioning is for the massive amounts of casual sex as well as for the eugenics to immorally eliminate it's product. I'm beginning to suspect if not realize that the powers that be, new world order, whatever push both sides of the situation. Like the classic order out of chaos idea.
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