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Creation Videos
11-07-2006, 06:13 PM,
Creation Videos
"Rockclimber" started a thread earlier to share links to creation related videos from a christian perspective.

This is somewhat similar but done by a group of muslims. (most of you must be familiar with them already)

All are FREE, high quality DivX videos. If you have a download manager, you can reach download speeds up to 350 KB/s

FREE videos.

If you have never looked at them, I suggest starting with :

Evolution Collapse.
The Creation of the Universe.
The Order of the Heavens.

If you would like to have them on DVD for easy viewing and sharing, a first set has already been uploaded a while ago :

DVD PAL - Documentaries to Ponder Upon 1 english.
DVD NTSC - Documentaries to Ponder Upon 1 english.

(don't count on my fellow muslims to seed them. They just download them and disappear.)


My super favorite stable download manager for windows (the one I have tested is v 1.71):

Flashget v1.73
11-21-2006, 07:55 AM,
Creation Videos
Thank you. Great Videos.

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