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George Bush Nwo Speech Error?
11-14-2006, 07:32 PM,
George Bush Nwo Speech Error?
Quote:I find it odd when people seem to claim that the "NWO" is a concept made up by conspiracy theorists and not something that the elites have been talking about openly for the last 100 years or so....

This is odd, though may be partially due to the fact that they seem to be hiding it in plain sight. Check out 'nwo' on Wikipedia, there is a political entry for New World Order and a conspiracy entry listed as the "New World Order feared by conspiracy theorists" I can't see why they're sepperate except to make the one seem benevolent and the other seem crazy all the while ignoring the solid connections which bind the two, which are really one single concept.
11-15-2006, 05:16 AM,
George Bush Nwo Speech Error?
Quote:lol of course he doesn't believe the "illuminati jerks" he is one

doest what thou whilst

the guy reads the most occultic satantic mans writings in the 20th century who was lodge master of several masonic lodges in his life time and one of the youngest 33rds ever.

Well, I thought the first line of that post might be a bit harsh when I first read it, but as this story unfolds, I agree more and more.

Illusions finally came back on line this evening, and I posted my reply. Here's what I got back from Iro.

Quote:Iro - Illusions Forum
Lifttheveil wrote:
Can I ask if you believe if it is a coincidence that George Bush made his famous New World Order Speech on 9-11-1990 ?

i was debating that he announced his policy direction in january if i typed 1990 - im sorry i meant 1991. It was made to a joint session of congress and the senate etc... (that doesnt have to be made in the congress building it is usually made in the house chamber - hence the difference in décor) and they are frequently made by presidents when they have new policy packages of significance to announce.

i originally got it mixed up with this document: (sorry my fault)
New Year's Message to the People of the Soviet Union
January 1, 1990
On behalf of the American people; my wife, Barbara; and my family, I bring you our warmest greetings.

A new year is dawning around the world, the first year of the last decade of the 20th century. And as the world looks back to nine decades of war, of strife, of suspicion, let us also look forward to a new century and a new millennium of peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Of course, there are no maps to lead us where we are going, to this new world of our own making. We can find our way only through cooperation beginning with a candid dialog. It is in pursuit of such a dialog that I met your President, Mikhail Gorbachev, near the island nation of Malta. Let me share with you some of the matters we discussed.

Of course both speeches are in the link i gave you - it is a research tool and its information is immaculate as that is the standard demanded by discourse research tools. Im glad you found the september one in there to clear up this issue.

my issue is not that there was or wasnt a speech with the phrase NWO in it in september - but that it was not his famous speech 'announcing' this policy to the world. It was his famous speech announcing the invasion of IRAQ. Both speeches were made, there is no conspiracy Tony, just confusion and to put the words disinfo into your post is patronising. I have told you before i am not a conspiracy theorist and you clearly are - and thats always going to cause a bit of gentlemanly friction as our approaches differ.

A massive area of my research (which is a ph.d) is into 'world order' and i embrace a lot of the research personified in your work in elements of my work, and it is bloody excellent stuff and i have applauded you thankfully for it in the past. You ask where is my work and when can you see it...well never until i finish it of course as it is not written yet it is formative right now... and somehow i dont think you would want to read a 100000 word ph.d written in academic language

The principal area of my own work is into the post i made previously and you have completely ignored that and retreaded into your comfort zone - just like you accuse mainstream pundits of doing over the 'issues' you would like them to look at. That area involves the use of the term 'new world order' and i invite you to read my above post which elaborates on that

I believe, and am completely satisfied for my own part that the use of the term means something entirely different than you think, and that is not me being snobbish or snooty, political 'in the box' study has a lot to offer and many things conspiracy theorists assume are wrong. I am not attacking your belief structure or debunking you - just pointing out what i perceive as an innacuracy. NWO is not one thing -it is different things.

i have done everything now that i can to address your constant questions to me which have been along the lines of an unwanted inquisition.
...and equally interrogating me over 9/11 like i am some kind of idiot is unbecoming of you and i thought better of you..all just because i questioned one of your fundamental beliefs... I will disagree with you and every other conspiracy theorist to my dying day about the use of the term 'new world order'.

..of course that does not mean i dont think there is an agenda to fuck up the world and turn us into slaves...but you have to understand my opinion is that chasing people using the term NWO is following a red herring - you are making an awful error and to trained eyes acting like a stereotypical conspiracy loon. It is no different than saying every time someone makes a devils horn they are channelling satan. The term is misused in conspiracy research - it has taken on a life of its own that is detached from its various political and philosophical meanings..if you take anything from this post take that please and consider it.

If you dont grasp the new world order inaccuracy issue (as i see it) - the whole point i am trying to make is dead on arrival.... there is a plan for a 'new world order' in the conspiracy theory sense - but IT IS NOT addressed when a politician says 'NEW WORLD ORDER' please tell me you understand that point even if you dont agree with it and we can move on and agree to differ. That is and was my point and i cannot state it more coherently or carefully than in my last two posts

i mean look at this website - complete utter bollocks:

this is the kind of thing that makes me whince when i read it - its pathetic and no one will ever take it seriously. People who know me know i am into serious facts and figures and serious evidence. Too much of this stuff is just rubbish.

Your investigation has been journalistically as impeccable as id expect from you tony.

And my reply......

I am sorry mate, but I am not swallowing this bullshit!

For a starter, please stop editing your posts, It's not fair, to hell with the spelling!

To get an accurate reference I need to go to the cache of this thread, something I'm not well up on but some over at concen are very good at, and this thread has been followed there also. For my reference I have saved this thread to make the above not necessary

Quote: Iro
Bush made his landmark speech announcing the new world order policy direction in january if i typed 1990 - im sorry i meant 1991. It was made to a joint session of congress and the senate etc... (that doesnt have to be made in the congress building so i dont know what you are saying there) and they are frequently made by presidents when they have new policy packages of significance to announce.

OK, I'll start with this one as it's quite simple, and Iro, you said nothing about there being two NWO speeches, you wouldn't accept that Bush made his speech on Sept 11th 1990, which he did, as is clearly shown by the evidence YOU provided.

Second, how the fuck can the speech in January 1991 be the landmark speech if he said it before in September 1990, for christ sake man who am I dealing with here?

I'm washing my hands here, because the thread is not the same it was went Illusions went down.

I had a look at your posts over on The Forum, you really are very arrogant indeed.

Quote: Iro
Lifttheveil wrote:
Can I ask if you believe if it is a coincidence that George Bush made his famous New World Order Speech on 9-11-1990 ?

he didnt
check it out - alex jones fudged that as he and paul watson always do to make their conlusions more controversial

here stems my issue with the quality of sources in the alternative

There again, you state he didn't, shouldn't you have said he did, but also on Jan as well?

Quote: Iro

remember - i do professional political research full time, and discourse analysis is my speciality (that is the study of the meaning of political speeches and documents). thats where i come from....

So you say, and I ask you again, show me your credentials or work, you've seen mine and know all about me!

Quote: Iro
tony - if you must do as i did and check the official congressional records.

that site i quoted you is a university

they dont make up things like that

i know its hard to admit you have been duped, but dont take it personally. im not going to travail over this fact any longer...if you want to see it for the truth it is you will yourself if you dont - then you wont.

the speech was made in January. 100% undeniable fact. it is on the presidential record. just check it for yourself

I did check the records, and the speech was on there, how the fuck have I been duped? My info was correct.

Quote -Iro but you have to understand my opinion is that chasing people using the term NWO is following a red herring

I leave you to your more realistic activities shall I, like staring at sigils while your ejaculating in satanic enjoyment.

Quote - Iro i've just made one to help me with something i've got going and the funny thing is crowley reccomends you stare at it whilst in a sexual climax and at that moment 'send' it to the universe - then burn the paper you drew it on ...

I know you will agree with the phrase don't suffer fools gladly.

Well here's one I apply, I don't suffer wrongly being made a fool of gladly!

I am well aware of the changes made to this thread, and while you are a moderator, I and others will be documenting this accordingly.

Quote:Suspiria - well guys, I went to the presidential library at the US gov....aint I snobby, oooooooh and his sept 11 transcript is in full and the NWO bit is in there too, I can post it up if you guys want......

strange though, he began his speech at 9.09 11/9/90 ....ritually pathetic.

Maybe Daddy Bush forgot he spoke about the NWO in January then had to repeat himself in September or he ran out of stuff to say and thats why it was repeated....must be all that MK Ultra stuff damaging his pea brain...

It's Vice Versa, he repeated in January what he said in September. Sorry Sus, although I was paying close attention to this thread before I didn't notice your post first time around.

Where's a bang your head against a brick wall icon when you need it?
11-26-2012, 09:01 PM,
RE: George Bush Nwo Speech Error?
I know it was not in January! I saw it on TV in Connecticut when it aired.
I only visit my sisters and brothers in CT around or near the summertime.
I've never been to CT in the winter time since 1979. MY sister's ex liked President Bush up until he made this comment on TV. The reason why I remember this on TV is because my sister's ex punched a hole in the wall. His family originated from Germany. He also stopped liking Bush immediately after he said those words on TV. I never realized why he made a drastic change in how he felt about H.W. Bush until after I started looking into 9/11/01. Bush making this speech in January? I highly doubt it. Oh, I was living in Canada at the time of my visit. I'm still unsure of the date. I keep getting miss information out there. It may have been in may have not...Still, Hitler's words = "New World Order!"
(11-13-2006, 06:13 PM)lifttheveil Wrote: Hello all at ConCen

I've got an issue that came up over on a forum last night which I hope some on here may be able to shed some light on.

We all know the famous New World Order speech by George Bush on September 11th 1990, but it has been pointed out to me that this date is wrong and the speech was in fact made on January 29th, 1991.

This morning I investigated a little further by going to the library, unfortunately they only have local news records back to the 18th century as I live in a small town. I'll check at The City Library when I'm next there to see if I can find anything.

I always understood that the speech was on the above date but it has been brought to my attention that it was in fact made on January 29th, 1991 (Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the State of the Union)

This came out strongly in a thread on a forum here that I was involved in here -

Here is a snippet...

Quote's -

Quote:Iro - "Have a look. This website has every single speech ever made by every single president of America - even down to just regular Q&A sessions.
See what you make of it (i've linked straight to the speech in question):
tony - if you must do as i did and check the official congressional records"

Now I don't know what to make of all this. And any help you could could give me would be most appreciated.

The Speech....

We have before us the opportunity to forge, for ourselves and for future generations, A New World Order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations, when we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance of this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations, can use it's peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of it's founders.

You can see and here it directly from the horses mouth at google video by clicking here

I know doesn't make much of a difference to the grand scheme of things but it's an important issueto me, and I like to have my facts straight when I present them to people.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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