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Teletransportation & Teletransfiguration
11-15-2006, 12:46 AM,
Teletransportation & Teletransfiguration
This is an e-mail I've just sent to author Laurence Gardner (once he kindly answered me):

Mr. Gardner:
My name is (X) and I’ve just read your book about the ark of the covenant and wanted to share my thoughts with you if I am allowed.

St. Elmo’s Fire (he mentions in his book about the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant) also makes the green halo to burst out from horns of animals and from ears of the subject or tool someone carries. I was thinking both in Moses’ “horns” of light (Hebrew “karen”) and his copper snake staff hissing like snake when discharged properties. If Moses had that <span style="color:#33CC00">fluorescence maybe because of something like that fire instead of … let’s say touching a UFO with strontium 90 or cesium unless we want to transform Moses into a patience with leukemia he was not.

What’s interesting are the difficulties to take a photograph of St. Elmo’s Fire, sometimes we need devices like <span style="color:#3333FF">Tesla Coil (copper-62?) which you surely heard was involved in teletransportation leaps. That made me think about Christ transfiguration event where at the peak of the mountain (Tabor?) a couple of “dead” people –Moses & Eliah- just appeared along with luminous Christ, in the midst of a fog. Messiah warned them not to tell the vision to anyone. Indeed they would’ve been stoned to death not just due to a chat with two dead guys but mainly because they were chatting about the FUTURE events in Jerusalem, the following days. Luke 9:28 to 36, specially verse 31. Considering the 3 of them spent 40 days in the desert (Exodus 34:28; 1 Kings 19:8, 9 and Mathew 4:1, 2) and chose their holy mountains (Horeb/Sinai, Tabor and Carmel) as if they were natural pyramid stargates; remembering their respective miracles were similar, my conclusion is that event was none else that teletransportation, a twisting of space-time into a single event and circumstance. That event was the fulfillment of a promise done by Christ about a week before , that they were going to witness nothing less than the kingdom of God. It was so spectacular that Peter and John had the experience recorded by electrochemical fire in their neurons forever.
Moses’ body was spectacular. Satan struggled with archangel Michael about Moses’ body and Judas 9, 10 quotes from apocrypha regarding this. That’s interesting because in the whole Bible the term “archangel” is never in plural but in singular contradicting the apocrypha scrolls. It’s always applied to Michael or Christ as chief of the angels. It’s not a category. Even when Moses thought he contacted God Himself, Acts reveals 2000 years ago it was a sort of angel, Acts 7: 30, 35, 38. More than this it was no ordinary angel because Exodus 23:20, 21 explains it was the Angel bearing God’s name into his own as if he were an ambassador. It’s illustrative that although Jews have said this text applies to Metatron/ Henoc, it is not what Targum explains and applies this to Michael. And we know well enough the name Metatron comes from Latin “metator” meaning a leader who guides, so it’s not a name but a description or title. Jew mythology says Michael had an invisible face to REFLECT God’s face and even his name means “Who is like God” and yet apostle Paul says it’s Christ the one who is the EXACT IMAGE of the Father and his God. When Mathew explains about future events explains Christ comes with HIS angels and quotes from Daniel 12 which is a reference to Michael as a prince about to stand up. That expression in Persian terms meant the prince was to assume kingship in the midst of his enemies. In Revelation, Christ is the lamb, the lion from Judah, the baby to be king and prince warrior Michael assuming different identities. 1 Thessalonians 4:15- 17 indicates clearly Christ is the one who returns with the voice of an archangel and again Paul says he had a divine form but didn’t assume he was Almighty himself (Philip. 2:6-11).

Moses’ body vanished and Joshua supposed he was buried somewhere but who knows. Nebo mountain where this happened was not too far away from the same place Eliah was “taken” knowing the place with anticipation (2 Kings 2:1-3). It’s generally overlooked a certain king received a letter from Eliah 15 years AFTER that episode. I’m afraid you’ll have to read all 2 Kings to discover that. Where was he all that time?

Other thing, the Sinai mountain was never in Egypt. Galatians 4:25 clearly mentions Arabia and you should mention in your books about <span style="color:#993300">Jebel el Lawaz which is a 5.6 million dollars military installation (besides being blackened as if charred at the very peak, petroglyphs at the large altar, remains of 12 pillars, wells, stone fences, split in the rock where water came out). <span style="color:#CC0000">Infrared satellite photos can in fact prove the Exodus and the location of Pihakirot and the bizarre topography which allowed the splitting of the sea in a way less spectacular than Cecil B. De Mille or animated version films and yet accurate. Even <span style="color:#CC9933">golden wheels of the chariot used by pharaoh still remained in the Gulf. Allow me to show you better right here and now about the beach of Nuweiba:

Now, once I wrote to you about this place and I ignore if in following books you have discuss the pros and contras but I think it would be fair to tell about this and not just Surebit mountain where white golden powder was found and you assume it was like Sinai, right?

You also mention God’s name and I disagree with all due respect with your use of vowels . Even the Pythagorean Tetractys indicates it was IEVE and linked with number 72.
The same number of witness of the “god” at Sinai (Exodus 24:9-11) and the number of disciples sent by Christ (Luke 10:1) not to mention other laws related with number 72 that you maybe well aware. The key to understand this is Isaiah 19:18, 19 not just because it mentions the oath in God’s name in the language of Canaan (Paleo-Hebrew or Phoenician) but because the theomatic code in that text mentions the Hebrew sacred inches which are Great Pyramid’s height.

You know perfectly well the vowels “a” or “o”, “u” were used to replace the 4 letters using the vowels from Adonai and Aleim or Eloim. Even a Jew like Stan Tenan knows this:

Few people would care to click “still” in Jewish Steven Spielberg to check God’s name written in that Paleo-Hebrew language in Raiders of the Lost Ark, see the 6th photo from top to bottom, the Egyptian medallion:

And, oh yes, the first 2 letters used in God’s name both by Harrison Ford and Sean Connery to replace the awful Jehovah in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were precisely “I” followed by “E”. Forget the other corrupted added letters or even Jahbulon in Freemason rituals. We know the second letter “E” was the same 4th letter and the U or W was set later on by Joachim de Fiore (1132-1202), co it was simple V alright:

Not just Petrus Alfonsi knowing Arabic and Hebrew languages knew the truth but even Eliphas Levi said “may IEVE your cyclic law”. So, even the Bible admits the Hebrews changed God’s name to worship Egyptian and other false gods (Baal or Bul is an example). I wonder if you’re going to explain this sometime in the future or not. The linguist Michael Heiser is also spreading errors. I said how come the scholars say letter V didn’t sound like V but use W (that don’t even have a proper name by its own but double V or double U ) and yet even the Arabs who don’t use the W say Ibrahim regarding Abraham. None calls him Awraam or Auram nor David is called Dawi. That’s hypocrite thing, don’t you think?

I would like a comment from you about this things and I do have a question: let’s suppose there’s some interest in the nanotechnology linked to white golden monoatomic powder and people could –eventually- became victims of collective slavery. Is there something natural in replacement of that monoatomic gold? Let’s say drinking <span style="color:#993399">freezed grapes juice with salt bicarbonate or eating <span style="color:#FF6600">carrots?

By the way, I wouldn’t draw the ark like is usually portrayed but according to what we know from Ezekiel:

Thanks for your reply.

P.D Here’s additional data about Moses’ horns and nice drawings. But the thinking Moses wore a mask is ridiculous. :yuck:

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