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Capitalism : A Cruel Ideology.
11-22-2006, 08:33 AM,
Capitalism : A Cruel Ideology.
All good points, psilocybin. I would add one to that list.

Ultimately, capitalism leads ... nowhere. At best, sans corruption and other problems, if some form of captialism worked perfectly, it still only results in the reshuffling of resources. The winners are those who get the most for the least amount of toil.

Shouldn't we be reaching for a more lofty goal than that? We're nearing the point technologically where every single human on the planet could live comfortably and do almost no work at all. Time could be spent in recreation, study and other forms of betterment or enjoyment. This state, while possible, can never be realized under capitalism or any other greed based economy.

Where will the masses be when the machines are doing all the work, but only a few people at the top own all the machines? Out of luck.

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