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Domination By Deception
11-15-2006, 01:23 PM,
Domination By Deception
Domination by Deception by Peter Goodgame
11-17-2006, 11:58 PM,
Domination By Deception
This is an interesting article but I'd go with Phillip Coppens to get a good expose on Zacharia Sitchin's connection to CIA-Freemason-Matrix propaganda -- or read the book "The Stargate Conspiracy."

Here's how this whole God as Devil-spiritual controller Matrix thing works.

The serpent is the Kundalini and the Apple is the Tree of Life as Sexual Energy while the Tree of Knowledge is the Mind -- the brain.

God's role is to keep humans ignorant of their innate Serpent power created by connecting the Tree of Life with the Tree of Knowledge.

Therefore God lives in our hearts -- the Vedic Brahmin priests literally killed themselves by stopping their hearts for over 15 minutes, as detailed by their top philosopher yogin, Sri Ramana Maharshi. Only when the heart is killed and then brought back to life is "eternal liberation" achieved and "the knot is cut" -- to the Matrix.

So the Brahmin Jnana or Mind Yogin is the highest Yogi of Vedic philosophy and is totally controlled by the formless awareness through this "Direct Path" -- of vichara or self-equiry:

Repeat I-I-I-I over and over to see the source of "I Am that I Am" -- the definition of God. Focus on the Heart. You will feel strong heat on the right-side of the heart (since you're using left-brain inference logic).

This first axiom of logic -- the definition of God -- is the priest ideology used in collaboration with the Freemasonic sacred geometry of metallurgy.

Iron became more valuable than Silver in the Vedic Empire -- thereby overturning the Silver-Lunar Female Goddess rule of the Dravidian cultures using matriliny.

So Freemasonry believes that Nature can be "contained" through left-brain, right-hand technology based on phonetic logic -- "I Am" is the All-Seeing Eye -- since once the Jnana has killed himself God is "contained" within his body.

From then on only a Jnani can tell if another person is a Jnani -- there's no magic powers necessarily.

Obviously such a system would be easy to cheat and manipulate, especially since it takes 9 years of solitude to literally kill the heart and be truly reborn -- into a Zombie!!

So then the Freemasonic Priesthood, originally started in 10,000 BCE, as detailed in "The Birth of the Gods and the Origins of Agriculture" (Cambridge U Press, 2000), has spread this right-hand Solar Dynasty technology that destroys the Lunar-based right-brain ecological cultures of Earth.

So the real enemy is not some Extraterrestrial Alien -- but it's the Astral Consciousness of the Undead that is a spirit low to the land -- a HUMAN -- but EMBODIES the formless awareness within the phonetic logic of the infinite.

This is why Science IS Freemasonry and Freemasonry with the CIA promotes New Ageism -- the mythologies of Zacharia Sitchin and Drunvalo Melchizadek -- the EXTRATERRESTIAL INVASION is the ultimate scare tactic of the Freemasons.

We will not be saved by aliens, nor were we created by aliens. Freemasonry is based on "CREATIO EX CHAOS" -- which even the Process Theology of conspiracy professor David Ray Griffin promotes. Chaos being the aliens.

True Reality is based on CREATIO EX NIHILIO -- creation out of formless awareness.

That was the original Brahmin Vedic Jnana practice -- the natural RESONANCE of left-brain language through logical inference of the I-thought or self-enquiry -- exactly what Socrates taught.

But Plato and many others have manipulated this mystical teaching into an instrument of anthropocentric humanism for imperialist technology -- starting with the rectilinear farming of 10,000 BCE.



Bull -- is the first attempt to "square the circle" using rectilinear plowing.

Only after the "symbolic revolution" of 10,000 BCE did humans think they could "contain" infinity with left-brain based logic ruling as GOD.

All circular houses were destroyed because they channel the Female Lunar Energy.

The "Holy Grail" is the Tantric drinking of the Female Sexual Fluids (including the blood) -- so that the male recharges his energy.

That's the secret of Tantra -- sucking on the clitoris and drinking the fluid.

So with the domestication of cattle came the domestication of women as well.

This was not done by Extraterrestrials.

The Blacksmiths of Africa isolate themselves -- absolutely no contact with women -- this was the secret of their ability to shapeshift into crocodiles, as documented by Ivy League anthropologists which I have cited several times online -- I can get you the references.

The blacksmiths relied on Freemasonic sacred geometry as alchemy to achieve this shapeshifting power that was the most important power of the communities in traditional Africa.

These blacksmiths then worked with the Freemasonic Priesthood -- that developed the phonetic logic for manipulation.

The original shamans from Matrilineal Cultures were forced out --- the old Dravidian Tantric shamans.

In those matrilineal villages ALL THE MEN train for 3 months in the Forest to become shamans -- it's not some elitist caste system that developed with rectilinear iron-based plow farming.

It's in the Elitist Caste System that the King sleeps with all the virgins in the village -- creating his Harem -- that's the true souce of the Extraterrestrial Invasion!!

So the 3 month training connects the Tree of Life with the Tree of Knowledge to open up the Heart-Mind spiritual energy of God -- for EACH INDIVIDUAL in society.

But the truth is that all of reality is formless awareness -- beyond any spirit or alien or extaterrestrial.
11-25-2006, 12:05 PM,
Domination By Deception
Nice find SerialExpLain! Thanks
&Many people would sooner die than think; in fact they do so!& - Bertrand Russell
12-03-2006, 07:06 AM,
Domination By Deception
Very Interesting. I have only begun to read through this but I have begun to see similiarities in the three gods of Sumeria and the Trinity. As I study this more I will probably have more insight and direction.

thanks SEL

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