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Cnnvid:rumsfeld Signed Torture Memo For Abu Gahrib
11-28-2006, 04:00 AM,
Cnnvid:rumsfeld Signed Torture Memo For Abu Gahrib
From Ri - bel' - yen RADIO:

Quote:CNN is reporting that Brigadier General Karpinski has revealed to a Spanish newspaper that she personally saw a memo from Donald Rumsfeld that gave permission for army personel
and private contractors to torture Iraqis and also ordered that detainees not be registered or accounted for. Complete violations of the Geneva Convention. Gen. Karpinski has also stated that she is willing to testify against Rumsfeld in court for the human rights violation case that has been brought against Rumsfeld by German Human Rights groups.

Man, how times have changed - The Germans are having to stand up for human rights and now have to teach America right from wrong. My how the mighty have fallen!!

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