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Nikola Tesla Ebook Collection
12-01-2006, 10:02 PM,
Nikola Tesla Ebook Collection
Nikola Tesla

[Image: 280pxnikolateslato3.jpg]

eBook - The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla.pdf
eBook -Tesla- Solid state Tesla coil.pdf
(ebook - Science) - Tesla-Death-Ray-Reconstruction.pdf
(Ebook - Free Energy) - Nikola Tesla - Master Of Imagination.pdf
(ebook) Free Energy Secrets with Tesla patents.pdf
Prodigal Genius Biography of Nikola Tesla.pdf

11 File(s) 21,708,470 bytes



search forum or my shared folder for more files to download of the amazing Mr Tesla

07-13-2007, 05:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-13-2007, 05:49 PM by TeslaandLyne.)
Nikola Tesla Ebook Collection
Nikola Tesla: The Lost Wizard
by Marc J. Seifer

I had read another of his books, he may have written more books on Tesla than any one else.

Yet National Security holds all Tesla's scientific works.

I have another book with many a tail but nothing scientific to care about or
even mention as the first book on Tesla mentions.
Holding flames that don't burn in his hands and jumpin on a plate the oitlioned
his body in light. High voltage one wie light bulbe require only one wire, no
ground needed... that how Tesla knew about wireless power transmission.

Tesla talked to his assistant, Prescott Bush (?), him in 1935 about a movie Tesla made
for Paramount. These must be outtakes of Jacob's (Tesla's) Ladder
and other effects put in future movies. I have my suspicions of Hollywood using Tesla film
in the Frankenstein movies.

In 1930 has Tesla pigeons carted off to George Scherff's (Prescott Bush(?)) home north of NYC.
(north of the Bronx is Westchester.. I sort of gather that George Scherff found employment

Back in 1901 for the incident. In 1900 to 1902 nothing except George Scherff (P.B.(?))
takes the stand in court to testify about Tesla wireless transmissions.

Any pictures on this, I mean cameras were around and Tesla was a hot topic.
The rock star of the age.

Need good research on this George Scherff (P.B.(?)).
04-08-2008, 10:44 PM,
Nikola Tesla Ebook Collection
[Image: tesla_collection.jpg]

Top row has two new books on the left, the 'Tesla Said' is a collection of his letters to
the New York Times on many topics such as health, weather, moon and a few times on
how Hertz's waves are incorrect and light compresses the ether to travel in a medium
that limits the velocity to c.

The Wizard from my last post is middle row on the right.

However you may not find controversial things until getting to the bottom row.

The Dictator ship book gets into the circumstances of Tesla's death.
George Scherff may have been pressured into revealing the location of
Tesla's lab and notes.
A good reason for his removal from the scene.
Then they worked on Tesla and finished him off the next day.

The first biography of Tesla was rewritten four times after FBI review.
It is foot noted by Cheney 'Tesla died alone' with some other laughable
events. Tesla drugged and weak had signs of life the next day.
Some one did him in but not the story on the web which is complete nonsense.

Otto Skorzeny perhaps was the man knowing all of Hitlers technical projects and
died in Spain.

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