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The Invisible War On Humanity
12-08-2006, 10:27 PM,
The Invisible War On Humanity
The Invisible War on Humanity

An article from: Rare Insights

Today we find ourselves living in progressively more turbulent and stressful times. Sensitive persons, and even the more discerning man-of-the-masses, are now feeling the increasing pressure and influence of unwholesome forces and powers arising, as prophesied, to maintain and reinforce their dominion in these end-times. The ongoing agenda to suppress genuine spiritual awareness and experience is intensifying; greater and more cunning efforts are being made to reduce the potential for freedom from the systems of physical and occult control that fashion and manipulate human society on Earth.

This is a subject, though frightening to many, that we have long sought to expound in the world as a necessary warning of what vision had apprised us of much earlier, knowing that a point in time would arrive when many more people would become conscious of these influences, and so seek understanding. For although, due to enhanced communications such as the Internet etc., humanity is being made aware of the more tangible methods of propaganda via the media, politics, economics and military activity, far fewer people are to date educated regarding the more subtle and surreptitious dynamics of the hidden or invisible onslaught upon the collective human consciousness.

In our times of potential world-awakening and spiritual realization, a discriminating portion of humanity is striving to disengage as much as possible from "the matrix*", at least in thought and aspiration, which, unlike the physical level of our being, is possible even if challenging to do. However, such a disconnection and readjustment in one's inner life and attitude brings about peculiar ramifications and responses from the pervasive intelligence of the matrix itself, and these are today bearing down on mankind as the inevitable world-tension increases.

* The Matrix: an accurate metaphorical term borrowed from the deeply allegorical movie of the same name.

Some of the hostile reactions of the living, intelligent matrix and its ceaslessly active, incorporeal servants to any genuine effort to disengage are quite recognizable to the informed mind and certainly experienced by the sensitive. The person who has become aware and who is therefore naturally moving in a contrary direction to the dying world-order might experience periods of a darkening of consciousness that is impossible to explain by worldly reasoning alone and which may last for hours, weeks or longer, only to suddenly evaporate, affording the victim much needed and precious time to recover. Agitation and psychic stress, doubt, guilt, self-depreciating thoughts, confusion and an inability to think clearly; physiological effects such as headaches, heart palpitations and insomnia; disorienting thought-impressions, 'voices', and thought-loops, extreme bodily heaviness and enervation identical to the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), listlessness and depression... these are just some of the symptoms caused by the growing, reactive hostilities of the matrix to souls who are struggling to become free or who carry Light.

These psychic attacks are purposefully imposed to undermine self-esteem, confidence, alertness and awareness. Designed to incite a sense of personal shortcoming or failure, thus inciting guilt and shame, they stimulate a need to 'fix' oneself or to otherwise distract oneself by way of engaging in the lower passions and desires*. The victim may consequently seek respite from these onslaughts in various ways, earnestly believing that he or she is a bad, weak or otherwise unworthy person. Yet inexplicably and in a moment these symptoms of psychic attack can disappear entirely, as though a switch has been turned off, the resulting, relatively bright and clear mind and consciousness left in a daze as to what has happened and where it has been.

* Should the victim choose to submit to the enticements of the gross impressions and opt to become preoccupied by some trivial, mundane or self-gratifying activity (for example, smoking, drinking, eating, having sex, entertainment or even meaningless social interaction), the symptoms may abate, or amidst such distraction one might become less conscious and so less overtly troubled by them.

Presently, all around the world, we can observe the manifest, physical-plane correspondences of an ongoing invisible war, which is imposed upon humanity from the inner side of life and is facilitated by the general state and customary activity of the mass-consciousness itself. This assault is being experienced by almost every human being in some way, yet those who are in conformity with the matrix and so who vibrate within the parameters of 'psychic acceptability' set by the ruling powers of this world have become inured to many of its effects by way of habit, which brings about a crystallization of consciousness and its corresponding psychic and spiritual insensitivity. To date on the planet, as long as one is participating within and so contributing towards (feeding) 'the system', the matrix, one is generally spared the more severe psychic attacks and inevitable effects of Armageddon, and may even be encouraged or inspired in one's mundane pursuits by being fed from and stimulated in symbiotic rapport with the gross energies and forces that predominate on Earth and which permeate the planet, leaving no person untouched, and with which the majority of humanity is entirely identified and subservient. As long as people 'keep the beast happy' by feeding the matrix in one form or another, via their attitudes, their thinking and their emotional responses, and - analogous of a military scenario - as long as people march to the beat of the common drum and do not fall out of line, then they are exempt from reprimand and the pressure of corrective discipline. In order to fortify the semblance of 'life' on Earth they may also be rewarded by a sense of self-satisfaction or materialistic achievement. This latter kind of reward is temporary, and due to its nature being of the lower human psyche, it requires the seeking out of and engagement in appropriate worldly and psychic activity so as to secure the next fix. Meanwhile for those who are genuinely striving to be free of the matrix and so who venture even marginally beyond the delineated ceiling of consciousness, the wrath of the 'keepers', the 'sentinels', the 'agents' of the matrix will be experienced in some way in order to coerce consciousness back to a more manageable and controllable level.

Even if one does not partake of society's indoctrination, human consciousness is still gradually conditioned by the pervasive matrix, via negative feedback, to avoid certain attitudes, ideas and states of awareness. The agencies that allow such hidden manipulation to be successful are intrinsically active within the the human ego: the personality vessels that each soul occupies while in incarnation. To give just one example, the brain/mind is easily conditioned through pleasure and pain stimuli, and the subtle bodies that exist within the human aura are highly impressionable, and through prolonged and unnatural pressures, applied by mankind's hidden aggressors, can be molded to produce particular and habitual response-patterns.

It has ever been the case, but is particularly so in these days of increasing planetary tension and catharsis, that it requires an uncommonly stout, dedicated and devout soul to go the genuine spiritual Path: a path that necessitates relinquishment of the ways of the world upon the sane journey towards freedom from the imprisoning matrix. For many earnest seekers and lovers of Truth in our troubled and very challenging times, a major part of going The Way is to simply endure the onslaught in trained dispassion and surrender, often suffering one's relegation to a meek, spiritually-limited but ever vigilantly-policed consciousness. For only in unconditional surrender can one minimize the further trouble that is so often brought about due to hasty, if quite understandable, reactions in a world where true Justice together with any sense of fair play by the righteous is entirely absent. "Resist not evil" - Jesus. Faithful endurance is the virtue of this 'hour of crucifixion', as was demonstrated by Jesus on the cross, and it is normal and natural for many to feel that God has forsaken them.

Today this Earth is indeed, perhaps more than ever before, the world of the cross*, and those who seek and live their lives in alignment with the Truth carry the weight of the Cross heavy upon them. As Jesus said to those who deemed that they were ready to follow in Christ's footsteps, "You must count well the cost" before setting out upon the Way. Yet for the spiritually-sane there is never really any other choice; they must either bear their cross in willing personal sacrifice, or give in to and so serve the forces that are opposed to the freedom and liberation of the soul from the bondage of ignorance and death.

* As it has been known for ages by aware members of the galactic community.

Experienced initially only by the sensitive, from the inner, subtle planes of this world, what has been developing there is now manifesting physically and materially upon the planet. More and more the world is seeing evidence of psychological and physical control playing itself out amidst the outer machinations of society. Humanity is being deceived and manipulated on a massive and all-encompassing scale, and the deception, which in the past has been relatively subtle, is today becoming more obvious. One can hardly read the news nowadays without hearing about yet another country rebelling against corruption in its government: the polarities of Armageddon playing themselves out in the material world as a result of the manifesting tensions from the hidden side of life.

Already the physical ethers of the planet are saturated with electromagnetic noise. Much of this is created by communication systems, yet some of the bandwidth that humanity naturally shares within its collective consciousness is also being utilized for the deliberate broadcast of frequencies that cause agitation, confusion and debilitation to the sensitive inner being. In addition to the physical pollution as a byproduct of human commerce and industry, the very air that we breathe is being polluted, again purposefully, with consciousness-altering/suppressing chemicals and compounds. As a result, humanity is being driven more and more towards self-anaesthetizing activity and distraction, pressurized daily to assimilate and so conform with the matrix program.

These outer manifestations are an inevitable precipitation of the inner psychic pollution that has arisen within human society as a result of perpetuated thinking and desiring over millennia. The mental and emotional worlds that correspond to the physical planet are today filled with the noise and noxious clouds of unwholesome living. Planet Earth is ailing terribly.

An attitude of informed detachment and dispassion is most prudent in these last days of the cycle. A good occult understanding and subsequent non-identification with the phenomena arising as a result of a world in crisis are invaluable in maintaining a correct focus and attitude, which will help avert becoming overwhelmed by the intensifying assault.

There is little hope now for a turn-around in the trend of the collective human consciousness before the end of this age. While there is greater incidence of rebellion in response to the more tangible manifestations of the end times developments ("war and rumor of war"), for fundamental change to occur, their fundamental cause and source must be addressed by mankind, which for long ages and thus far it has been unwilling to do. Therefore it should be expected that the world-situation will become more inflamed leading up to the prophesied and inevitable apocalypse.

It is the responsibility and opportunity of each soul to seek out the truth of things, and to seek thoroughly and conscientiously, so that we may see clearly what is taking place in the world. Even though it may be unpleasant we must not be afraid to confront reality squarely, for in seeking the Truth we must acknowledge both the good and the bad. Then in seeing clearly, we may adopt an objective attitude, understanding the costs and tribulations that we will necessarily experience on the Path, while proceeding in willingness and supplication to what is true. Despite all outer appearances, we should remain faithful to our inner calling, whatever form that may take. The wise do not indulge in hopefulness, nor do they dwell in regret, but instead address things just as they are, so that with awareness, honesty and steadfastness they may go The Way in spiritual surrender.
12-09-2006, 02:34 AM,
The Invisible War On Humanity
All I surrender is my fear, for the sake of greater awareness.
12-09-2006, 02:45 AM,
The Invisible War On Humanity
Quote:All I surrender is my fear, for the sake of greater awareness.


Quote:Wounded I hung on a wind-swept gallows
For nine long nights,
Pierced by a spear, pledged to Odin,
Offered, myself to myself
The wisest know not from whence spring
The roots of that ancient rood.

They gave me no bread,
They gave me no mead,
I looked down;
With a loud cry
I took up runes;
From that tree I fell.
Wyrd bi∂ ful aræd : Vituð ér enn eða hvat?
[Image: madwolfoy0.jpg][Image: sharksmall1kd6.jpg][Image: bearkodiakchugachfe7.jpg]
12-09-2006, 05:00 AM,
The Invisible War On Humanity
Thank you so much for that article. It helped me, thank you!
12-09-2006, 06:01 AM,
The Invisible War On Humanity
Otherwise, thank you for the insight.
12-09-2006, 07:16 PM,
The Invisible War On Humanity
I really feel there needs to be more focus on this sort of thing as people tend to get wrapped up in politcal wrangling and other things that keep them too busy to attend to the most basic simple solution to their lives: themselves. "You are the master who makes the grass green"----some crusty old monk :drunk:
&Spirituality is not a child play. My words will tear apart anyone who listens to them....&
&The search for reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings for it destroys the world in which you live.&

- Nisargadatta Maharaj
12-10-2006, 07:12 AM,
The Invisible War On Humanity
Quote:I really feel there needs to be more focus on this sort of thing as people tend to get wrapped up in politcal wrangling and other things that keep them too busy to attend to the most basic simple solution to their lives: themselves. "You are the master who makes the grass green"----some crusty old monk

Completely agree, this article was very good! Will read more from that website.

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