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Clayton - Life After Doomsday - A Survivalist Guide To Nuclear War And Other Major Disasters (1980)
12-11-2006, 05:32 PM,
Clayton - Life After Doomsday - A Survivalist Guide To Nuclear War And Other Major Disasters (1980)
This is Bruce Clayton's unique manual Life After Doomsday - A Survivalist Guide to Nuclear War and Other Major Disasters (1980) which shows you in detail how to survive a nuclear nightmare by providing an exhaustive investigation of survival strategies and of the problems that will face those who survive. The author outlines step-by-step procedures for preparing and defending shelters, storing food, treating illnesses and injuries and understanding the psychology of survival. With its dozens of useful charts, lists, drawings and photos, this book also serves as an excellent reference on surviving any major disaster. Dr. Clayton walks you through everything nuclear, from effects of air bursts, ground bursts, EMP, to every other nuclear topic imaginable. While famous for its nuclear information, this book is writen as a primer to surviving ANY disaster as not only it contains fantastic and interesting reading, but with its dozens of charts, lists, drawings and photos, this book serves as an excellent reference on surviving ANY major disaster. Even the US government used Dr. Clayton's research to revise their policies in some areas. Although written in the midst of the cold war, Life After Doomsday, still makes worthwhile reading in the age of terrorist threats, North Korean ballistic missiles, Iranian nukes, and germ warfare. While some of the specific information, such as the location of counterforce targets (US missile and bomber bases) is out-dated, much of the insight remains valid. For the generation born after 1980, the book provides absolutely priceless perspective on the meaning of "The Cold War" and the risks faced by civilian and military alike during that era. The prospect of global nuclear war, a constant in the Reagan years, puts today's small scale terrorist threats into an entirely different perspective. In fact Clayton remains one of the most concise, intelligent, and useful sources for any individual, family or group contemplating the dangers of contemporary life. It would be difficult to write a better all purpose survival manual. The author understands that preparing for one emergency somewhat prepares you for them all. He focuses on the practical and doesn't get immersed in the arcana of combat firearms or sidetracked into politics. Although the cold war used the nuclear holocaust as a way to scare the population into submission of the power elite, the dangers such weaponry remain essentially the same and you better be prepared for them. On the other hand you will more likely die from just about any other factor - even if it's just worrying that a nuclear attack may come soon. 180 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.


Please share this book with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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