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The End-times Prophecy Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza
01-02-2007, 02:05 AM,
The End-times Prophecy Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza
The End-Times Prophecy of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Today, at the end of this world cycle, the servants of the divine Plan are again struggling with their voluntary work of Salvation. Throughout history and during the growth of every Gnostic group, there were periods of such a nature; periods when, with success seemingly at hand, the greatest difficulties arose from outside just before the very moment of attainment; times when serious obstacles and delusions threatened to prevent victory. Humanity still possesses the records of some of these events in the form of legends and tales that contain a hidden meaning.

The exigencies with which the past successive Gnostic groups were faced were, in each instance, quite different, being always determined by the ever-varying radiations and tensions of the planetary and zodiacal influences of the particular sidereal year. (A sidereal year is a period of 25,000-26,000 years).

As is always the case, the successive holy fellowships on Earth, during the specific periods of their development, had to suffer intensely cruel persecutions by hostile aggressors, and this has been the repeating situation with various groups of servants of the Plan during the past three thousand years, including the Cathars, Manicheans and classical Rosicrucians. All such persecutions were inseparably connected with the cosmic and atmospheric trends of their times.

In other words, it can be stated that the principle which is at the root of any truly Gnostic experience on any planet ruled by ignorance is invariably the same. While the succession of events and the surrounding circumstances differ in each period, nothing can develop that has not already occurred in the centuries past. The ceaseless revolutions of the sidereal years make this an absolute certainty.

The dualistic universe, as a system, a cosmic field within the divine Mind, is self-evidently part of a vaster field, a greater Cosmos, upon which it is necessarily dependent. Inasmuch as it forms a separate whole, cut off as it were from the rest of the Omniverse - because in essence it is diametrically opposed to the Divine Plan of Evolution - the dualistic field, being a segregated cosmos, periodically undergoes correction by the Logos of the system and is cleansed of all disharmony and negativity perpetrated within its sphere, and, each time anew, this necessarily threatens to make the dualistic field a temporarily unfit dwelling place for all life.

It is the most tragic fate of all the archons*, aeons, their forces and satellites that, due to their natural state, they will revolt against the Logos, opposing Him in His corrective processes. This is because every dualistically-born creature tends both to maintain and protect itself. When corrected in any manner or for any reason while following its natural course, the dualistic entity will make a stand against the Corrector and will tend to resist any process that threatens self and its familiar world.

* Archon is a Gnostic term given to an entity in the subtle worlds who perpetrates evil. The archons are incorporeal beings who are bent upon world domination and control. They have victimised humanity from the hidden side of life for long ages. Their collective evil constitutes the plan of the 'antichrist' since they willfully oppose the Divine Plan of Salvation, which is implemented by the Cosmic Christ. The Archons are rulers of the aeons; the hierarchic group who dominate time and space. The archons and aeons constitute great metaphysical powers which are fed by ignorant mankind and which abuse all of fallen** nature including mankind, driving them to an unholy activity for selfish benefit. At the cost of appalling human anguish, these entities have acquired freedom from the wheel of birth and death; a freedom which they, in their boundless self-maintaining need, can only retain by unrestrictedly increasing and maintaining the suffering of the world. In their collectivity, they are sometimes also designated as the dualistic hierarchy, or 'the prince of this world'. The vast majority of psychics, mediums (channellers) and 'spiritual' people in the world today receive impressions and 'guidance' from the dualistic hierarchy and not, as most prefer to believe, from the Fellowship of Christ.

** In the Holy Language of all times, the world in which man exists is always called a sunken, fallen world. Man is undivine, fallen from Grace and so subject to the laws of birth and death. This verity was assured by the Buddha who stated: All of life in samsara [this world of illusions] is suffering, and also by Jesus, the Piscean Christ, in the words: My Kingdom is not of this world.

So, the Logos calls us by means of the all-pervading Light-Power of Christ; and, if we respond to the Call by going the Path, we immediately encounter alienation and animosity in the fallen world as we seem to acquire many enemies. Our lot will then be similar to that of all servants of Truth. As stated, the Logos, in the revolution of the sidereal years, will periodically interfere with the whole tide of dualistic events, in order to cleanse and purify, always prompted by the Eternal Love that upholds the All, and consequently also duality. But immediately, all that is created in duality will oppose the Logos. This it is bound to do because it cannot do otherwise on account of its dependence upon the laws of fallen nature. It is thus that all life-under-the-law should be understood.

This is the fate of the Evil One who has been depicted throughout the centuries by so many thinkers, poets and seers:

I greet Thee, Thou Light,
pervading my domain.
I greet Thee, Thou who walks the ways
which I combat with bitter hatred.
I know, Thine is the victory, O Lord,
and yet I revolt against Thee!
Such is my fate
until I die, until the very last hour,
I shall resist Thee, O Lord.

Now, we are all aware that humanity is living in an era in which not only are the servants of the new Life-Field about to escape the grip of the fallen world and, consequently, shall be confronted with human resistance according to the laws of duality, but in which the Earth has also entered a period of world-correction by the Logos, as a consequence of which all the archons and aeons of fallen nature, their forces and vassals will also join in the combat against the course of events. This is why our present sphere of living is so full of complications and tensions. It is because a well-nigh overwhelming resistance is developing against the atmospheric cosmic revolt, the Logoic Redemption, as well as against a widespread Gnostic movement that is presently unfolding, mostly 'underground'.

The foundations of this dualistic world are shaking. At the same time, an intense opposition against the ways of the Logos is manifesting itself.

Everything in dualistic nature impels itself towards individualisation in order to reach its objectives. Every individual who is born into the fallen, dualistic world, therefore, must adapt himself to laws governing time and space; laws of isolation, sorrow, struggle for life, and laws of death. These laws - which are expressions of the fallen spirit of duality - constitute the great and baneful nemesis of humanity, and on Earth have led to unspeakable woe in which the masses come to conform to all the theories and practices of natural self-maintenance, while only a small percentage of humanity is desperately seeking integration, union with God, order, rest, balance and harmony within the dualistic world. Of course, such horizontal seeking is without success because it is impossible to reach integration in a field of existence that is inappropriate for it. Therefore, any efforts made in this direction will invariably fail, since there results no integration, but at most a crystallisation, a delayed effect of the natural processes of atrophy that are inherent in the fallen emergency order* of birth and death.

* This dense world was established by the Elohim long ago as an emergency order, a quarantined field of existence, so that fallen mankind might be saved from ultimate dissolution. Humanity was thus given an opportunity to redeem itself in the emergency order, but alas, it completely lost the plot ages ago. This is why the human race witnesses a Christine intervention at the end of world cycles, such as the one we are right now living in.

True Integration is a complete existential disappearance from this entire fallen world-order, by confluence with another Life-Spirit and by the genesis of another existence adapted to the divine Spirit. This is the sole purpose and goal of all life in all the kingdoms of fallen nature.

The end-of-cycle 'Coming Again of Christ', the return of the Avatar-Consciousness, endeavours to gather in all those who seek true Integration and who are ready for it, and impels them onward to the great process of Rebirth. Therefore, we who wish to walk this Path have already started by taking leave, in principle, of the great delusion of this world; to go, in practice, the Way leading to transmutation and renewal; of daily decreasing according to the old nature and daily growing according to the new Nature, in perfect accord with the Johannine and Christ-centred laws. However, we have seen that the dualistic-field, the natural state out of which we are born, cannot agree to this process of rebirth taking place. It will strive in opposition and try to hold us back for reasons of self-maintenance. This is why, when we want to leave this world of suffering and death, all duality will fight against us by means of its creatures and its creations, from the very moment it becomes apparent that it can no longer retain us through its electromagnetic forces.

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01-02-2007, 02:07 AM,
The End-times Prophecy Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza
i believe you posted this in the wrong forum.
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&A stupid man's report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.& -- Bertrand Russell

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