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Geronimo skull stolen by Bonesman secret society
10-26-2009, 08:02 AM,
Geronimo skull stolen by Bonesman secret society
Los Angeles, Alta California - February 20, 2009 - (ACN) On Tuesday, exactly 100 years after the death of Geronimo, 18 lineal descendants of the Indian Chief and members of the Mescalero Apache Reservation filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against Yale University, the Skull and Bones Society and the US government to recover the skull of Geronimo and other of his bones that are locked inside a building called the "Tomb" on the campus of Yale University.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of the Apaches by Attorney William Ramsey Clark, who served as U.S. attorney general under Lyndon Johnson, alleges that members of Skull and Bones, called Bonesmen, robbed the grave of Geronimo located in Fort Sill, Oklahoma and brought his skull and bones to their headquarters called the "Tomb" at Yale University to use in their initiations and many other bizarre rituals. The lawsuit also alleges that among the Bonesmen that robbed the grave was Prescott Bush, father of one Bush president and grandfather of the other. Both former Bush presidents are also Bonesmen.

What is not generally known is that the Skull and Bones Society of Yale University is also in possession of the skull of Mexican revolutionary Francisco Villa, the great nemesis of General John J. Pershing and leader of the first military invasion of the USA through Columbus, New Mexico on March 9, 1916. At this battle General Villa's troops attacked and wiped out the local detachment of the U.S. 13th Regiment.

The skull of the legendary Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa was stolen by the "Soldier of Fortune" Emil L. Holmdahl at the request of "Bonesmen" Prescott Bush who paid $25,000 for it in 1926. Emil L. Holmdahl robbed Villa's grave located at the "Panteon de Dolores " cemetery in Parral, Chihuahua and was a USA agent of pre-CIA operations. In 1926, while Emil Holmdahl was on a "prospecting and hunting trip" to Mexico, he was arrested for desecrating Villa's tomb. Influential friends in the US government, notably Prescott Bush and other precursors of the CIA, arranged for his release and he returned to the United States.

There is ample evidence that Emil Holmdahl, along with an assistant by the name of Alberto Corral of Los Angeles, went to the Parral, Chihuahua cemetery on the night of Friday - February 5, 1926, opened the tomb of Villa and severed and stole his skull for sale to Prescott Bush, a member of the "Skull and Bones Society" based at Yale University. Most of the evidence is found in 1926 newspaper reports published on the "grave robbery". At least five newspaper clips are archived in the Pancho Villa Collection which is part of the West Texas Collection at Angelo State University.

On February 8, 1926, three days after the grave desecration, El Paso Herald Post published the headline "Villa's Grave Robbed" that details the circumstances of the decapitation of Villa's interred body and the arrest of Emil Holmdahl and Alberto Corral for the crime. The news clip outlines a sophisticated and well planned operation to steal the skull of Pancho Villa. The El Paso Herald Post news clip reports that the caretaker of the cemetery told Mexican investigators that an "Americano" was inquiring about the location of Villa's tomb a few days before the grave robbery. Chihuahua state authorities later arrested Emil Holmdahl through a description by the cemetery caretaker. The grave robbers left a note at the tomb in an attempt to throw off investigators. The note said that Villa's skull was on its way to Columbus, New Mexico, the site where Villa conducted a raid into US territory to recuperate a number of gold bars he had paid for arms and ammunition he never received.

The skull of Pancho Villa was in fact already on the way to El Paso, Texas and into the hands of a Holmdahl cohort by the name of Al Jennings for eventual turnover to a Frank Brophy who was an intimate friend of Prescott Bush at Yale University. A news article titled "US Investigates Holmdahl's Arrest" published in El Paso Herald Post on February 9, 1926 clearly indicates high level US government interference and pressure on the Chihuahua state authorities to release Emil Holmdahl. This was accomplished on February 11, 1926 and was reported in another news report by the El Paso Herald Post titled "Expect Holmdahl to Reach El Paso by Friday". It looks like the Bushes have a long history of manipulating USA intelligence covert activities and the secret "Skull and Bones Society" in New Haven is an intimate part of these operations.

Emil Holmdahl arrived in El Paso on February 12, 1926 according to Ben Williams of an organization in El Paso called "The Wednesday Group". Williams, in his memoirs, details the deal made between Emil Holmdahl, Al Jennings and Frank Brophy. Frank Brophy, working on behalf of Prescott Bush, paid $25,000 dollars for the skull of Pancho Villa. The skull is now displayed in a trophy cabinet , along with that of Geronimo, inside the crypt-like headquarters of the "Skull and Bones Society" called the "Tomb" at Yale University.


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