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List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
01-08-2007, 05:55 AM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
A:. A:. Argentium Astrum (or Astrum Argentinium)
AAL Aid Association for Lutherans Link
AAONMS Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (a.k.a. simply the Shrine, or Shriners; Masonic). **
AASR -- A:.A:.S:.R:. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (Consistory). Divided into Southern and Northern jurisdictions. The Consistory is one of the four bodies of the Scottish Rite.
AAU Amateur Athletics Union. **
AP Alliance of Poles (in America)
AB American Brotherhood
AB Arctic Brotherhood
ABA American Benefit Association
ABA American Bankers Association **
ABoD Apprentice Boys of Derry: Protestant fraternal organization concerned with the Siege of Derry 1688-1689. Northern Ireland. Link
ABS American Benefit Society
ABWA American Business Women's Association ** (pin exists)
ACA Association Canado-Americaine Link
AEOS Ancient Egyptian Order of SCIOTS
AF American Freemen
AFA Associated Fraternities of America.
AFA American Foundrymen's Association: Founded in 1896. Renamed in 1948, and now known as the AFS American Foundrymen's Society. Badges exist.
AFAM, AF&AM Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (Blue Lodge) The working tools as used in the US jurisdictions are the 24" gauge (ruler), common gavel, plumb, square, level, and trowel. European lodges also use the skeret (fulcrum), pencil, chisel, compasses and line depending upon jurisdiction. The receiving tools are the square, compasses and either a short dagger, trowel, or chisel (depending on jurisdiction). Each of these "tools" has a ritual application and is so used to impart a particular moral, or philosophical lesson. **
AFC American Fraternal Congress
AFL American Federation of Labor **
AFL-CIO See AFL and CIO **
AFGE American Federation of Government Employees Link
AFU American Fraternal Union
AFU (or TAFU) The Acme Fraternal Union (badge seen)
AHCS American Hungarian Catholic Society
AHEPA The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association. Founded 26 July 1922, associated with the Greek Orthodox Church, still active. Abbr in Greek. **
AHOBG Ancient and Honorable Order of the Blue Goose (see HOBGI)
AHTA Anti Horse Thief Association, later became ATA. Although formed originally about 1863 as a protective association, it later became a Fraternal organization. with a Lady's Auxillary. It was in the midwest, having been formed in Missouri and eventially covered 16 States. The ATA still exists today. Badges exist. **
AHW American Home Watchmen
AI Ahvas Israel (Jewish fraternal benefit society)
AIOBA Ancient and Independent Order of Buffaloes of America
AIU American Insurance Union
AK American Krusaders
AKIA A Klansman I am (KKK slogan)
AKP American Knights of Protection
AL American Legion
ALAC Knights Templar Ladies Auxiliary
ALH American Legion of Honor
*ALOH American Legion of Honor
ALS American Lombardi Society
ALW Association of Lithuanian Workers
AMD Allied Masonic Degrees of USA
AMOBB Ancient Mystic Order of Bagmen of Bagdad
AMORC Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (Rosicrucians) Link Link
AMOS Ancient Mystic Order of Samaritans
AMVETS American Veterans
ANA American Numismatic Association
ANS American Numismatic Society.
ANS Free Gardeners: Insignia would depict Adam and Eve, Eden, Noah's Ark and the Rainbow or the letters PGHE (the rivers of Eden) and ANS (the three degees of gardening). Orders include the Thistle Order of Free Gardeners, St Andrews Order of Free Gardeners and the British order of Free Gardeners. These orders originated in Scotland pre-1676.
AOC American Order of Clansmen. Not associated with KKK, started as a patriotic/benevolent secret order in San Francisco around 1915-20 and (like most other groups) later became an insurance benefit society. Membership was restricted to English-speaking white males.
AOD American Order of Druids
AOFB Angelic Order of Fairy Bells
*AOF American Order of Foresters
AOF Ancient Order of Foresters
AOF Ancient Order of Freesmiths
AOG Ancient Order of Gleaners
*AOH Ancient Order of Hibernians Link
*AOKMC Ancient Order of the Knights of the Mystic Chain, rituals were based on the legend of the Knights of the Round Table
AOLA Ancient Order of Loyal Americans
AOM Ancient Order of Muts (The word Muts is said to be a name from Egyptian mythology, and also to stand for, "Men united to serve.")
AOM Ancient Order of Mysteries
AOMP Artisans Order of Mutual Protection Link
AOO American Order Of Owls
AOO Ancient Order of Osiris
AOOG Possibly the Ancient Order of Gleaners, founded in 1894 in Cairo, IL. Originally for farmers and other agricultural occupations, it later became the Gleaner Life Insurance Society and now offers membership to all "persons of good moral character," 16 or older.
AOP Ancient Order of Pyramids
AOS Ancient Order of Sanhedrins
AOUC American Order of United Catholics
*AOUW Ancient Order of United Workmen
AOZ Ancient Order of Zuzimites
* APA American Protective Association
APA American Protestants Association
APhA American Pharmacutical Association
APL American Protective League, division of Secret Service, formed in WWI to round up draft dodgers and spies, over 250000 members, ended 1 Feb. 1919.
APS American Philatelic Society **
ARI American Rangers, Inc.
ASA Anthroposophical Society in America.
ASC of A Seen on dog-tag style tag.
ASE American Stars of Equity
ASEAA Atlantic Self-Endowment Association of America
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers **
ASO American Star Order
ASP Association of the Sons of Poland
ASS Arion Singing Society **
AT American Turnerbund (German-American 'turning' organization)
ATA Anti Thief Association (see AHTA)
ATS Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons
AUM Ancient Order of Mysteries (Masonic)
AUSA Association of the United States Army
AUSWV American Union Spanish-American War Veterans.
AUV Association of Union Veterans
AW American Woodmen
AW American Workmen
AZC Albany Zouave Cadets (cartridge box plate, intertwined initials)
BA Brotherhood of America
BA Builders of the Adytum
BARE Benefit Assocition of Railway Employees
BAW Brotherhood of American Workmen
* BAY Brotherhood of American Yeomen: A secret benefit society founded in 1897, revolved around Sir Walter Scott's novel "Ivanhoe".
BBI B'nai Brith International
BFFLA Big Four Fraternal Life Association
BEE Brotherhood of Electrical Employees, a secret fraternity of electricians (or: Benevolent Electricians Everywhere)
BFCL (over R) International Order of the Rainbow for Girls Link
BHLA Ben Hur Life Association
BJMS Bishop James Madison Society, founded in 1812 at the passing of the Bishop James Madison, the eighth president of the College of William and Mary in Virginia. It's a secret society at the College, and at graduation, the eight graduating members wear silver medals in the shape of the society's logo, revealing their membership.
BKA Benevolent Knights Association
BKofM Black Knights of Molders
BKRT - Boys Knights of the Round Table: A fashions publication of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, The Delineator was affiliated with the Butterick Co., a leading manufacturer of sewing patterns. Included in the magazine were sections for children: the Boys Knights of the Round Table (BKRT), and for girls the Jenny Wren Club.
BL Black Legion
BLA Baptist Life Association Link
BLE Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Link
BLF Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
BLF&E Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Engineers: A railroad union which was founded in 1873, and eventually merged with others to form the United Transportation Union in 1969 .
BNL Brotherhood of the New Life
BMW Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way
BNA Bavarian National Association of North America
BNMB Beavers National Mutual Benefit
BOB Benevolent Order of Bereans
BOB Benevolent Order of Buffaloes
BOF Brotherhood of Friends (token, bottle opener reported) **
BOM Benevolent Order of Monkeys
BOSC Benevolent Order of Scottish Clans (see OSC)
BPD&PoA Brotherhood of Painters - Decorators & Paperhangers of America (Whitehead & Hoag badge reported)
BPOD Benevolent and Patriotic Order of Does
*BPOE Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks ** Link
BPOEC BPOE of Canada
*BPOEW Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World
BRFF Beavers Reserve Fund Fraternity
BRRB Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen
BRRC Brotherhood of Railroad Clerks
BRT Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen
BRT Brotherhood of Railroad Telegraphers (not positive which BRT is correct, or if both are!). **
BRTM (BofRTM) Brotherhood of Rail Road Track Men
BSA Boy Scouts of America
BU Brotherhood of the Union
BUC Boston Union Club
BUL Boston Union League
BWG Brotherhood of the West Gate
BZ Bnai Zion
CAA Catholic Aid Association Link
CAOF Catholic Association of Foresters Link
CAR Children of the American Revolution
* CBKA Commandery Benevolent Knights Association
CBL Catholic Benevolent Legion
CBSH Colored Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Honor
CC Columbian Circle
CCC Chicago Coin Club (Also see CNS and CNR)
* CCTAS Crusaders-Catholic Total Abstinence Society
CCU Croatian Catholic Union of the U.S.A. and Canada Link
CCU Czech Catholic Union
CD Christian Democrats
CDA (CDoA) Catholic Daughters of America
CE Christian Endeavor
CERVUS ALCES Elks related
CFA Canadian Fraternal Association
CFA Companions of the Forest of America
CFA Columbian Fraternal Association
CFFT Catholic Family Fraternal of Texas
CFL Catholic Fraternal League
CFL Catholic Fraternal Life (Society) Link
CFLI Catholic Family Life Insurance (society) Link
CFLIS Canadian Foresters Life Insurance Society
CFU Continental Fraternal Union (Order of Continental Fraternal Union)
CFUA Croatian Fraternal Union of America
CG California Grays
CIO Congress Of Industrial Organizations
CK Catholic Knights Link
* CK of A, CKA Catholic Knights of America Link
* CK of W, CKW Catholic Knights of Wisconsin Sword made by Henderson-Ames (1893-1923), Insurance Co. Milwaukee.
CK&HEEWH Christian Knights & Heroines of Ethiopia of the Eastern & Western Hemispheres
CK&LI Catholic Knights & Ladies of Illinois
CLC Catholic Ladies of Columbia Link
CKIS Catholic Knights Insurance Society
CKO Catholic Knights of Ohio
CKP Colored Knights of Pythias
CKSG Catholic Knights of St. George
CL Columbian League
CMA Coming Men of America (youth organization; Masonic influenced)
CMBA Catholic Mutual Benefit Association
CMLA Concordia Mutual Life Association
CMLAS Columbian Mutual Life Assurance Society
CNR Chicago Numismatic Roundtable (active in the 1940's)
CNS Chicago Numismatic Society (active around 1910)
COCF Canadian Order of Chosen Friends
* COF, COOF Catholic Order of Forester Link
COH Court of Honor
COH Circle of Honor
CP Chevaliers of Pythias (not affiliated with Knights of Pythias)
CPL Christian Protective League
CPL Council of Prison Locals (American Federation of Government Employees) Link
CS Columbian Squires (boys' organization affiliated with Knights of Columbus)
CSA Czechoslovak Society of America
CSA Confederate States of America
CSNS Central States Numismatic Society.
CSPS Cesko-Slovanska Podporujici Spolecnost - now known as the Czechoslovak Society of America (CSA) **
CSSIW Continental Society Sons of Indian Wars Link
* CTAS Catholic Total Abstinence Society
CUBS Fraternal/benevolent society organized at 1915 Pan-Pacific Expo.
CUOI Catholic Union of Illinois (also see DKV) ** (Probably related to DKV)
CW Catholic Workman (insurance society)
CWA Cold Water Army (19th century Temperance youth group)
CWA Canadian Wheelmen's Association. **
CWV Catholic War Veterans
CYO Catholic Youth Organization.
DA Degree of Anona (youth organization of Degree of Pocahontas)
DA, D of A Daughters of America
DAC Daughters of the American Colonists Link
DAR Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR)
DAV Disabled American Veterans Link
DBA Danish Brotherhood in America
DC, D of C Daughters of Columbia (also seen as DOC)
"Deo Vindice" means "God vindicates", seen on modern belt buckles (and many other items) because it was the motto on the Seal of Confederate States of America.
DES Daughters of the Eastern Star
Deus Meumque Jus 33rd degree Mason (motto)
DH Degree of Hiawatha (youth organization of IORM)
DH Daughters of Hope
DH, DOH Degree of Honor
DIBPOEW Daughters of the Independent, Benevolent, and Protective Order of Elks of the World.
DKV Deutsch-Kath. Vereinsbunds: German Catholic Association, many from Illinois (See CUOI). **
DL, D of L Daughters of Liberty (also seen as DOL)
DM, D of M Dames of Malta
D & M of EBS Daughters and Mothers of England Benevolent Society (badge reported)
DOHPA Degree of Honor Protective Association
DM De Molay (Order of DeMolay)
DOA Daughters of America
DODR Daughters of Duke Richard
DOI Daughters of Isabella
DOI Daughters of Isis
DoL, D of L Daughters of Liberty
DOKK Dramatic Order of Knights of Khorassanm (K of P) **
DOLLUS Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States Link
DOM Dames of Malta (see DM, DofM)
DOM Daughters of Mokanna
DON Daughters of the Nile (Masonic)
DON Daughters of Norway
DOP Daughters of Penelope
DOP Degree of Pocahontas (ladies auxiliary of IORM)
DOR Daughters of Rebekah
DOS Daughters of Scotia
DOS Daughters of Scotland
DOS Daughters of St. Richards.
DOV Daughters of Veterans. **
DR Daughters of Rebekah
DRT Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
DUCWV Daughters of Union Civil War Veterans. **
Dum Tacet Clamat Woodmen of the World (motto: "Through silent, he speaks", in Latin: Although an individual may die, his good works will continue to live). See WOW.
DUV Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Link
EA Eclectic Assembly
EAU - EAUA Equitable Aid Union (of America)
* EBA Emerald Benefit Association
EC Emblem Club of the U.S.A.
ECV - E Clampus Vitus (also seen as E Clampsus Vitus, evidently a nonsensical pseudo-Latin phrase) is the name of the organization. It was reportedly an extremely rowdy "fun" society founded in CA in 1849. Faded in late 1800's, then revived in 1930's and still in existence. Also known as the "Clampers." Link
EFU Equitable Fraternal Union
EKR Empire Knights of Relief
EL Epworth League
ELA Equitable League of America
ELHA Elida Lodge Home Association (IOV)
EMBA Elks Mutual Benefit Association
ER Endowment Rank (originally part of Knights of Pythias; now American United Insurance Co.)
ERA Equitable Reserve Association Link
ESOH Exalted Society of Order Hounds (salesmen's organization)
ES Eastern Star (The General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Masonic spouses) Link
ESU English Speaking Union
EUBM Eternal and Universal Brotherhood of Mystics
Ex Fide Fortis Royal Neighbors of America (motto)
EWBA Electrical Workers Benefit Association, organized as seperate lodge meetings at IBEW meetings for most of the twentieth century, now amalgamated into the IBEW structure.
FAA Free and Accepted Americans
FA & IU Farmers Alliance & Industrial Union. A late 19th century Socialist/Populist organization.
FAM, F&AM Free and Accepted Masons (Blue Lodge) Link
FATAL Fairest Among Ten Thousand, Altogether Lovely (Eastern Star)
FAU Fraternal Aid Union
FB Fraternal Brotherhood
* FCB Friendship, Charity, and Benevolence (Knights of Pythias) Link
FCF Freedom, Charity, and Friendship (Redmen)
FCSLA First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association
FCSU First Catholic Slovak Union of the U.S.A. and Canada (Prva Katolicka Slovenska Jednota) Link
FECMU Faith, Endurance, Courage, Modesty, and Unselfishness (Royal Neighbors of America)
FFA Future Farmers of America **
FFF, FOFF Fraternity of Friendly Fellows
FFI (French Resistance group, France, 1944)
FG Fraternal Guild
FHIS Fraternal Home Insurance Society
FL Fraternal Legion
FLE Fraternity of Linemen and Wiremen, a secret fraternity of electricians with several charitable activites, sponsors the annual IBEW reunion at various locations around the US. May also be: Fun Loving Electricians, also called thumb bumpers after their secret handshake. Every local in the IBEW has about 100 members who belong and each local has a grand FLE.
FLIA Federation Life Insurance of America (Polish Catholic fraternal Order)
FLT Friendship, Love, and Truth (Odd Fellows)
FMC Fraternal Mystic Circle
FML Fraternal Mystic Legion
FMW Federation of Masons of the World
FO Orioles **
FOA, F of A Foresters of America
FOAST Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers
FOB Fraternal Order of Bears
FOB Fraternal Order of Beavers **
FOC Fraternal Order of Colonials
FOCL Fraternal Order of Clover Leaves
* FOE Fraternal Order of Eagles Link
FOF Fraternal Order of Firefighters
FOMES Fifth Order of Melchizedek and the Egyptian Sphinx
FOO, F of O Fraternal Order of Orioles Link
FOP Fraternal Order of Police
FOP Fraternal Order of Pineapple (est. 1994)
FOR Fraternal Order of Reindeer
FOSA Fraternal sword seen, unknown.
FPOA Fraternal Patriotic Order of Americans
FPSA Freemen's Protective Silver Association
FPSF Freemen's Protective Silver Federation
FRA Fraternal Reserve Association
FRC Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (Rosicrucians)
FRP Free and Regenerated Palladium
FSOI Free Sons of Israel
FT Fraternal Tributes
FUA Fraternal Union of America
FUF Fraternity of United Friars
* GALSTPTR German American Legion of St. Peter
* GAR Grand Army of the Republic
GBOO Grand Black Order of Orangemen ** No longer functioning. See LOL.
GBU German Beneficial Union
GBUP Greater Beneficial Union of Pittsburgh Link
GCAVOH Grand Chapter of the Ancient and Venerable Order of Harodim
GCOC Grand Court Order of Calanthe
GCR Grand College of Rites of the U.S.A.
GCU Greek Catholic Union of the U.S.A. Link
G:. D:. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Fringe Masonry).
GDA Grain Dealers Association. **
GF Grand Fraternity
GFS German Freedom Society
GGC Girls of the Golden Court (see OGC)
* GL Guardians of Liberty, an anti-Catholic organization founded about 1911.
GLAUM Grand Lodge Ancient Order of Mysteries (Masonic)
GLDS Grand Lodge Daughters of Scotia Link
GLIS The Gleaner Life Insurance Society Link
GM Grail Movement
GMMNA Grand Masters of Masons in North America, Conference of
GNA Grottoes of North America (See GROTTO.)
GOH German Order of Harugari
GRANGE Order of the Patrons of Husbandry
GROTTO Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm (MOVPER, Masonic related) Link
GSF Golden Star Fraternity
GUO of GF Grand United Order of Galilean Fishermen
* GUO of OF, GUOOF Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, the Black IOOF.
GUOTR Grand United Order of True Reformers (African-American)
GVS Giuseppe Verdi Society (Verdi Club, Rockford, IL)
GWMNMA George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association. LINK.
GWS Gospel Workers Society
H The Homesteaders
H The Hunters (U.S., c. 1838-41)
H (in circle) Home Circle
HBL Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor
HC Home Circle
HEROES of '76 Affiliated with the National Sojourners.
HF Hermetic Fraternity
HFBO Home Forum Benefit Order
HJ, HOJ Heroines of Jericho
HL Hunter's Lodges (Canadian branch of the Hunters)
HLA Homesteaders' Life Association
HLC Homesteaders' Life Company
HLMD Hooded Ladies of the Mystic Den ( auxiliary of Ku Klux Klan)
HN Highland Nobles
HNS Holy Name Society
HOBGI Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International (see AHOBG) Link
HOGD Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
HOJ Heroines of Jericho (Masonic organization)
HOKBHC Holy Order of Knights Beneficent of the Holy City
HOO-HOO International Order of Hoo-Hoo, Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo (lumbermen's organization) Link
HP Home Palladium
HRFA Hungarian Reformed Federation of America Link Kossuth in America
HTI High Twelve International (a.k.a. High Twelve Club; Masonic related)
H.T.W.S.S.T.K.S. (arranged in circle within keystone) Masonic "mark" of Ancient Grand Master. Especially noted on Masonic "mark" or chapter pennies. York Rite Royal Arch Mason. "Hiram The Widow's Son Sent To King Solomon."
IAFF International Association of Fire Fighters
IANU Italo-American National Union
IARA International Association of Rebekah Assemblies.
IATSE International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (fob seen) Link
IBBH Int'l Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Helpers
IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
IBOB International Brotherhood of Old Bastards: traced its origins to the American Formal Bastardy said to have been founded by Cozen P. Bantling in Boston in 1813, and (perhaps indirectly) to similar, even earlier European orders, and was listed as active at least as recently as 1996-97.
IBPOE Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks (IBPOEW = of the World) **
IBT International Brotherhood of Teamsters
IC Invincible Club
IC Iroquois Club **
ICBU Irish Catholic Benevolent Union
IDES Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit (1889: Luso-American/Azorean Fraternal Groups, i.e., Irmandade do Divono Espirito Santo) Link
IFSC International Firefighters' Square Club
IGA International Geneva Association
IGBC Imperial Grand Black Chapter of the British Commonwealth **. See Loyal Orange Lodge (LOL)
IGCRAM International Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons
IGGCRSM International General Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters
IH Iron Hall (Order of Iron Hall)
* IHSV Red Cross of Constantine (Masonic)
IIDA Iowa Implement Dealers Association **
ILEOSC International Law Enforcement Officers' Square Club
ILH Iowa Legion of Honor.
ILM Illinois Lumber Merchants. **
IML Imperial Mystic Legion
Imp'd ORM Improved Order of Red Men Link
In Hoc Signo Spes Mea White Shrine of Jerusalem (motto)
In Hoc Signo Vinces Knights Templar (motto: "In this sign, thou Shalt Conquor")
INOF Irish National Order of Foresters
IIOO Independent International Order of Owls
IOA International Order of Alhambra
IOBA Independent Order of B'rith Abraham
IOBB Independent Order of B'Nai B'rith
IOCF Independent Order of Chosen Friends
IOD Improved Order of Deer
IODE Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire
* IOF Independent Order of Foresters Link
IOFI Independent Order of Foresters of Illinois
IOGSDS Independent Order of Good Samaritans & Daughters of Samaria
IOGT International Order of Good Templars Link
IOH Improved Order of Heptasophs
IOHH International Order of Hoo-Hoo
* IOI, IOIUSA Independent Order of Immaculates of the United States of America. An African-American fraternal order started in 1872.
IOJD International Order of Job's Daughters Link
IOKD Imperial Order of King David (ribbon seen)
* IOKP Independent Order of Knights of Pythias
IOM Imperial Order of Muscovites. Local units of the IOM were called "Kremlins."
IOM Independent Order of Mechanics
IOMB Independent Order of Mystic Brothers
* IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows (The Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
IOP Independent Order of Puritans
IOR Independent Order of Rebekahs (see IARA, formerly/also known as the Daughters of Rebekah, and also popularly referred to simply as the Rebekahs)
IOR Independent Order of Rechabites (originated as a fraternal order/benefit society restricted to white males 16-55. Strong emphasis on abstinence. Women and youth had affiliated "Tents.")
IORG International Order of Rainbow Girls (Masonic) Link
* IORM Improved Order of Red Men Link
IOS Independent Order of Shepherds
* IOS Independent Order of Svithiod (Swedish-American fraternal benefit society, founded 1881)
IOSA Independent Order of Sons of Abraham
IOSB Independent Order of Sons of Benjamin
IOSL/IOStL Independent Order of St. Luke
IOTK&DT International Order of Twelve Knights & Daughters of Tabor
IOV Independent Order of Vikings, a fraternal insurance benefit organization founded in Chicago in 1896. Originally an all-male order, its membership is limited to persons of Swedish descent and their spouses. Link
IPA Irish Protestant Association
IPhA Illinois Pharmacutical Association (badges wanted!)
IRB Irish Republican Brotherhood
ISCWM International Supreme Council of World Masons, Inc.
ISDA, ISDAFA Italian Sons & Daughters of America Fraternal Association
* ISH Independent Sons of Honor.
ISS International Sunshine Society **
IS&SA Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Association. **
IUOM Independent United Order of Mechanics
IWW Industrial Workers of the World
IYOB FILIAE Job's Daughters
JA Junior Achievement
* JAOUW Junior Order-Ancient Order of United Workmen
JBS John Birch Society
JC Jolly Corks (founded in 1868; now the BPOE)
JCD Jednota Ceskych Dam, the Society of Bohemian Ladies **Badge seen.
JCDA Junior Catholic Daughters of America.
JFA Junior Foresters of America
JL Junior Lodge (Odd Fellows youth organization)
JOAM Junior Order of American Mechanics
JOPS, JPS Junior Order of Princes of Syracuse
* JOUAM, JROUAM Junior Order of United American Mechanics ** Link
Justitia Universalis Patriarchs Militant (motto)
K Knight - There are scores of Masonic Knight orders/ornaments, far too numerous to list here. These may be found in standard reference works on Freemasonry. However, if you have exonumia from any, please advise, and we will attempt to attribute it here.
KA, K of A Knights of the Altar
KA, K of A Knights of the Apocalypse
KAEO Knights of the Ancient Essenic Order (founded in and confined largely to Washington)
KAMELIA Ku Klux Klan women's auxiliary.
KASB Knights of Ar-Sar-Ben (Omaha, NE). **
KBCW Knights of the Blue Cross of the World
KBHC Knights Beneficent of the Holy City (Order of Knights Beneficent of the Holy City)
* KC, K of C, KofC Knights of Columbus Link
KC, K of C Knights of the Cork
KC Knothole Club - or - Knot-Hole Club (Rotary)
KCI Kiwanis Club International
KD, K of D Knights of Dunamis (National Eagle Scout Association)
* KFM, K of FM Knights of Father Matthew
KG Keystone Guard
KG, K of G Knights of the Globe, fraternal benefit group founded in Chicago in 1889. Swords reported, but may be Knights of St. George.
* KG Knights of St. George (also abbreviated as KSTG)
KGC Knights of the Golden Circle (secret order of Southern sympathizers in the North during the Civil War. Its members were known as Copperheads). link
* KGE Knights of the Golden Eagle (organized into Commanderies), a Masonic order of the same name exists. **
* KGL Knight Grand Legion
KGR Knights of the Golden Rule
*KH, K of H Knights of Honor, a fraternal beneficiary society founded about 1877.
* KHC Knights of the Holy Cross
KHS Knights of the Holy Sepulchre
KICK Knights of the Invisible Colored Kingdom
KIGY 'Klansman, I greet you' -or- 'Klan Interests Guide You' (KKK slogan)
KIN Kinsmen
KIM Knights of the Immaculate Movement
KJ, K of J Knights of Jericho
K of J Knights of St. John
KJ, K of J Knights of Jubilation
KJZT Cathloic Women's Fraternal of Texas (Slovak benefit society)
KK, K of K Knights of Khorasan (Dramatic Order of Knights of Khorasan)
* KKK Ku Klux Klan. Some of the terms associated with the KKK include: Knights of the Invisible Empire, Order of Citizenship, Knights Kamellia, and Knights of the Midnight Mystery, Klectokon, Klonverse, Klavery, Klarago, Klexter, Klaverns, Klancraft, Klonklaves, Imperial Wizard, Exalted Cyclops, Imperial Klaliff, Grand Klaliff, Imperial Klokard, Imperial Kludd, Imperial Kligrapp, Imperial Klabee, Imperial Klarago, Imperial Klonsel, Imperial Night Hawk, etc. Yes, I buy and sell all types of KKK collectibles, as well as Nazi material; NO, I don't believe in or support the KKK/Nazis, and don't bother writing me about this listing. This is a LISTING, not support!
KKK A skull with the letters KKK on the forehead is from Tri Kappa fraternity at State Teachers College (NY?) in 1937 that changed its name to Delta Kappa, and is now Delta Kappa Theta.
* KKKK Knights of Ku Klux Klan
KoGF Knights of the Green Forest. A group similar to the KKK, ca. 1800's.
KL, K of L Knights of Liberty
KL, K of L Knights of Lithuania
*KL, K of L Knights of Loyola
KL, K of L Knights of Luther
KL, K of L Knights of Labor
KLA Knights & Ladies of Azar
KLG Knights of the Loyal Guard
KLGP Knights & Ladies of the Golden Precept
KLGR Knights & Ladies of the Golden Rule
KLGS Knights and Ladies of the Golden Star
KLH, K&L of H Knights & Ladies of Honor
KLS, K&L of S Knights & Ladies of Security Fraternal benefit society founded in Kansas in 1892. Membership was over 90,000 by 1910. Renamed Security Benefit Association in 1919, active at least into the 1960's. **
*KM, K of M Knights of the Maccabees (also abbreviated as KOTM). **
* KM, K of M Knights of Malta (Masonic: York Rite Commandery, KT)
* KM Knights Militant (KKK)
* KMC Knights of the Mystic Chain
K-N Know-Nothings
KNP Know-Nothing Party
K of FM Knights of Father Matthew
KOGEL Probably related to Knights of the Golden Eagle
KOL Knights of Labor
KOS Knights of the Sword
* KOTM Knights of the Maccabees (of the world)
K of STW Knights of St. Wencelas
* KP, K of P Knights of Pythias ** Link
* KPC Knights of Peter Claver, founded in 1909 for Black Catholic men.
KRA Knights of the Royal Arch (non-Masonic)
KRC Knights of the Red Cross (KT)
KRCC Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine
KRT Knights of the Round Table (a.k.a. Loyal Knights of the Round Table)
KSA, K of SA Knights of St. Andrew
* KSC Knights of St. Columcille (Maybe better known as St. Columba. A.k.a. Colm, Columbkille, Colmcille, and Colum).
KSC Knights of Southern Cross (Skull and crossbones, ca. 1879) *
* KSF Knights of Sherwood Forest (Forester's, ca. 1887)
* KSJ, K of SJ Knights of St. John
KSKJ American Slovenian Catholic Union Link Kranjsko Slovenska Katoliska Jednota
KSL Knights of St. Lawrence
KST Knights of the Square Table
*KSTG Knights of St. George
* KSTI Knights of St. Ignatius
* KSTJ Knights of St. Joseph
* KSL Knights of St. Lawrence
* KSTM Knights of St. Martin
* K of STP Knights of St. Patrick
* KSTP Knights of St. Paul
* KSTP Knights of St. Peter
KSR Knights of St. Richards
* KSTT Knights of St. Thomas
* K of STW Knights of St. Wenceslas
* KT, K of T Knights of Tabor
* KT Knights Templar (Masonic: York Rite Commandery) Link (Knights Templar consists of three involved degrees: Knights of the Red Cross, Knight Templar, Knight of Malta). I have been told that the KT logo was an upright cross prior to ca. 1910, and a slanted cross after. Can you confirm this?
KWC Knights of the White Cross
* KWM Knights of Wise Men
KYCH Knights of the York Cross of Honor (Convent General)
LAA Lithuanian Alliance of America
LAFF Luso-American Fraternal Federation (Portuguese-American, See LAFIS)
LAL Ladies of Abraham Lincoln
LALA Loyal American Life Association
LALIS Luso-American Life Insurance Society (Portuguese-American) Link
LAOH Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Link
LAPM Ladies Auxiliary Patriarch Militant. The Crown, sword, crook and 3 links are symbols. (Odd Fellows)
LB Lutheran Brotherhood.
LBA Luxembourg Brotherhood of America. **
LBAS-IGLKMPBLU Loyal Black Association of Scotland, the Imperial Grand Lodge of Knights of Malta and Parent Black Lodge of the Universe ** No longer functioning. See LOL.
LCA Lithuanian Catholic Alliance
LCBA Loyal Christian Benefit Association Link **
LDG - (moose head) Independent Order of Foresters
LE Lady Elks
LEML Locomotive Engineers Mutual Life (& Accident Insurance Association)
LFMOS League of Friendship of the Mechanical Order of the Sun
LGAR Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
LGE Ladies of the Golden Eagle
LH Legion of Honor
LI Lions International
Libertas et Patria Sons of the American Revolution (motto)
LIFE Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity, and Equality (Fraternal Order of Orioles)
LIOR Ladies Independent Order of Reindeer **
* LKA, LK of A Loyal Knights of America
LKL, LK&L Loyal Knights & Ladies
LKRT Loyal Knights of the Round Table
LL Lincoln League
LL Loyal League(s)
LLISC Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada
LLL Lutheran Laymen's League
LLL Live and Let Live, fraternal group in Rockford, IL, est. 1908.
LLLL Loyal Legion of Lumbermen and Loggers: Founded in 1917 in the Pacific Northwest, whose members cut spruce timber for use in military aircraft during World War I. After the war, the LLLL reportedly remained in existence for more than a decade, befoe dying out sometime during the Depression. Pins/badges exist. Link
LLRA Loyal Ladies of the Royal Arcanum
LM, L of M Ladies of the Maccabees
LMLA Loyal Mystic Legion of America
LMW Ladies of the Maccabees of the World
LOA Loyal Orange Association (a.k.a. Orangemen) Link
LOBA Ladies Orange Benevolent Association
LOBB Loyal Order of Beer Buffalo
LOL Loyal Order Orange Lodge (Orange Order)
* LOM Legion of the Moose Link
LOOB Loyal Order of Buffaloes
LOOM Loyal Order of Moose **
LOS Ladies Oriental Shrine
LOSNA Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America
LOTM Ladies of the Maccabees
LPS Loyal Publication Society
LPSCU Ladies' Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union
LSA Loyal Sons of America
LW Laundry Workers Int'l Union **
LWAL Loyal Women of American Liberty
MoA Maids of Athens (changed to Maids of Athena, also see Sons of Pericles)
MAFO Modern American Fraternal Order
MB Mystic Brothers (Independent Order of Mystic Brothers)
MBA Modern Brotherhood of America
MBARTE Mutual Benefit Association of Rail Transportation Employees, Inc.
MBS Mutual Benefit Society.
MBSCC Maine Boys Sweet Corn Club. **
MCFA Michigan Cock Fanciers Association. **
MCOF Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters.
MENSA An international high-intellect society; a triple meaning in Latin of mind, table, month, which suggests a monthly meeting of great minds around a table. Link (** members wear small yellow round pin)
MFC Masonic Fraternal Congress. **
MGGS Mutual Guild of Grand Secretaries
MHPD Assn. of Ohio. (** Badge reported, possibly P. D. = Painters & Decorators)
MIAFA 'My Interests Are For America' (KKK slogan)
MIOB Magnanimous and Invincible Order of Blackmen ** No longer functioning. See LOL.
MKFL Modern Knights Fidelity League
MKSP Modern Knights of St. Paul
MLA Masonic Life Association
MMAA Mennonite Mutual Aid Association (Anabaptist congregation ) Link
MMSA Mineral Mine Smelters Association
MOC Modern Order of Chaldeans
MOC Military Order of the Cootie, the honor degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
* MOLLUS Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Link
MOP Modern Order of Praetorians
MOPH Military Order of the Purple Heart
MOS Mechanical Order of the Sun
MOS Military Order of the Serpent (Spanish-American War veterans, secret society)
MOS&B Military Order of the Stars and Bars (see SCV)
MOVPER Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchnated Realm (a.k.a. the Grotto; Supreme Council of Grottoes of North America; Masonic)
MPA Miner's Protective Association Association (owned and operated by the Mine Owners in the Cripple Creek Area, Colo. This organization had to approve you for work, else you could not be employed in the mines).
MPMO Motion Picture Machine Operators
MPPM Missouri Paw Paw Militia (Paw Paws)
MR Modern Romans
MRA Masonic Relief Association
* MRA Royal Arcanum Link
MR-A Moral Re-Armament
MS Modern Samaritans
MS Mystic Seven
MS Mystic Star (Order of the Mystic Star)
MSA Masonic Service Association.
MSMV Medical Society of the Missouir Valley. **
MTA Mosaic Templars of America
MVA Mexican Veterans Association (U.S.-Mexican War of 1846-4
* MWA Modern Woodmen of America Link **
MWF Modern Woodmen Foresters (uniformed contingent of Modern Woodmen of America) Link ** Also listed as MWFA (Modern Woodmen Foresters of America) Parade ax and belt plates seen.
MWW Mystic Workers of the World
MYF Methodist Youth Fellowship
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NABA North American Benefit Association
NAH National Association of Haymakers
NASA North American Swiss Alliance
NASA Norwegian American Seaman's Association. **
NATB National Association of Tunerbunds (German-American Society) **
NAU North American Union (later renamed North American Union Life Assurance Society)
Navy Club Ship 1, Rockford IL
NBS National Benefit Society
NCSF National Catholic Society of Foresters Link
ND National Defenders
NDGW Native Daughters of the Golden West
NEA National Education Association
NEA New Era Association.
NEFMC New England Fat Men's Club. **
NELPS New England Loyal Publication Society
NEOP New England Order of Protection
NF National Fraternity
NFC National Federated Craft (Masonic)
NFCA National Fraternal Congress of America Link
NFL National Fraternal League
NFSD National Fraternal Society of the Deaf
NFU National Fraternal Union
NG National Guard
NGA National Guard Association. **
NGDA National Grain Dealers Association. **
NHA National Haymaker's Association.
NHA National Hay Association. **
NHG National Home Guard(s)
NIRDC National Indian Runner Duck Club **
NLMC National League of Masonic Clubs
NMB National Mutual Benefit
NOA National Order of America
NOAC National Organization of Alley Cats **
NOB New Order Builders
NOCR National Order of Cowboy Rangers
NOK New Order of Knights (KKK)
NOV National Order of Videttes (a.k.a. Order of Thirteen)
NOW Neighbors of Woodcraft Link
NPB&EA National Poultry, Butter and Egg Association. **
NPLA National Protective Life Association
NRA National Recovery Administration (Depression-era federal agency. Initials and emblem often misidentified as National Rifle Association or other civilian organization.)
NRA National Rifle Association
NS, NSI National Sojourners, Inc.
NSBA North Star Benefit Association
NSCDA National Society of the Colonial Dames of America
NSDAC National Society Daughters of the American Colonists Link
NSDAR National Society Daughters of American Revolution
NSGW Native Sons of the Golden West
NSS National Slovak Society of the U.S.A. Link
NSSUP National Society Sons of Utah Pioneers
NTCM National Travelers Club for Masons
NUAS National Union Assurance Society
NUL National Union League
NUTS National Utah Token Society
NWLA UNKNOWN! Seen: A four-lobed gilt/plated brass badge with the initials N. W . L. A. in spaces between four hands. The hands clasp a circle enclosing the word UNION. Above each hand is a banner with the name of a state: IOWA, MINNESOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, and SOUTH DAKOTA.
NWLH Northwestern Legion of Honor
OA, O of A Order of Aegis
OA, O of A Order of Ahepa
OA, O of A Order of Alfredians
OA, O of A Order of Alhambra
OA, O of A Order of Amaranth (Masonic)
OA, O of A Order of Americus
OA, O of A Order of Amitie
OA, O of A Order of the Arrow (Boy Scouts)
OAC, O of AC Order of American Cincinnatus
OAFC Order of the American Fraternal Circle
OAK Order of American Knights
OAO Order of Ancient Oaks
OAPN, OA-P-N Order of Anti-Poke-Noses
OAT Order of Artistic Typists (pin seen)
OAU Order of the American Union
OB, O of B Order of Bananas
OB, O of B Order of the Bath of the U.S.A.
OB, O of B Order of Bugs
OB, O of B Order of the Builders (Masonic youth; also seen as OOB)
OBA Orange Benevolent Association
OBA Order of B'rith Abraham
OC Optimist Club
OC Order of Camels
OCF Order of Chosen Friends
OCFU Order of the Continental Fraternal Union
OCJS Order of the Constellation of Junior Stars (Order of Eastern Star youth)
OD, O of D Order of Desoms (also seen as OOD)
OD Order of DeMolay (Masonic boys)
ODHS Des Schwestern Verbandes (Sisters of the Federation)
ODM Order of De Molay (Masonic)
ODS Order of the Daughters of Scotia
ODS Order of the Daughters of Scotland
OE, O of E Order of Equity (also seen as OOE)
O of F Order of Foresters. **
OES Order of the Eastern Star (Masonic)
OGC Order of the Golden Chain
OGC Order of the Golden Circle
OGK Order of the Golden Key
OGL Order of the Golden Links
OGR Order of the Golden Rod
OGT Order of Good Templars
OGT Order of Good Times
OH, O of H Order of Heptasophs
OH, O of H Order of Homebuilders
OHB Order of Home Builders
OHD Order of Houn' Dawgs (Founded in Cabool, MO, c. 1912. Lodges called 'Kennels.')
OI , O of I Order of Iroquois
OIA ( OOIA - OofIA) Order (of) Independant Americans. The medals look like those of the JrOUAM but there is an open Bible instead of the arm and hammer laying on the Square and Compass. **
OIH Order of (the) Iron Hall, fraternal relief fund society. *(certificate for membership reported)
* OKF Order of the Knights of Friendship
OKM Order of Knight Masons
OLRS, OLRSH Order of the Little Red Schoolhouse (or ...School House)
OMBA Occidental Mutual Benefit Association
OMP Order of Mutual Protection
OMS Order of the Mystic Star
OO, O of O Order of Orioles (usually seen as FOO)
OOB Order of the Builders
OOC Order of Calanthe
OOD Order of Desoms
OOE Order of Equity
OOF Order of Odd Fellows (usually seen as IOOF)
OOHP Oriental Order of Humility and Perfection
OOO Order of Owls
OOYD, OYD Order of Yellow Dogs (also seen as Improved Order of...)
OP, O of P Order of Pente
OPG Order of Pink Goats
OPH Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (Grange)
ORC Order of Railroad Conductors
ORC Order of the Red Cross (York Rite, Commandery)
ORM Order of Red Men
ORP Order of Royal Purple (also ROoP Royal Order of Purple) (Elks auxiliary in Canada)
ORT Order of Railroad Telegraphers
OS, O of S Order of Sparta
OS, O of S Order of the Square
OSA Order of the Sons of America
OSA Orthodox Society of America
OSB Order of the Shepherds of Bethlehem
OSC Order of Scottish Clans
OSE Order of the Star in the East. Theosophical Society. Active in the US and other countries from around 1912-1929. A common badge was a small sterling silver star.
OSH Order of the Shield of Honor
OSI, OSIA Order of the Sons of Italy (in America)
OSL Order of the Sons of Liberty
OSM Order of the Secret Monitor (Brotherhood of David and Jonathan)
OSSB Order of the Star Spangled Banner
OSSG Order of the Sons of St. George
OTK Order of the True Kindred (or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan)
OT, O of T Order of Thirteen
OTO, O:.T:.O:. Ordo Templi Orientis ('Order of the Templars of the East')
OTr Order of the Trapezoid, which is a chivilraic Order within the TOS.
OTT Old Time Telegraphers. **
OU, O of U Order of Order of Unity
* OUA Order of United Americans, Started in 1843 as a patriotic organization, reformed in 1896 as a patriotic and beneficial society in Pennsylvania.
* OUAM Order of United American Mechanics **
OUCTA Order of United Commercial Travelers of America Link
OUF-OofUF Order of United Friends
OWSJ Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
OYD Order of Yellow Dogs (also seen as Improved Order of... IOYD)
PA Philanthropic Assembly
PAA Pancretan Association of America
PAP Purity, Aid, and Progress (Moose)
PAUCA Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America
Pax Aut Bellum 'Peace or War' - Uniform Rank (motto)
PBA Polish Beneficial Association
PBA Police Benevolent Association
PBU Presbyterian Beneficial Union
PCA Patriarchal Circle of America
PCSS Pacific Coast Numismatic Society (medals issued)
PCU Portuguese Continental Union of the U.S.A. Link
PEO P.E.O. Sisterhood ( ''Protect Each Other"). Female-only group devoted to good works; my ex- was a member. The husbands are known as BIL, Brothers in Love, or Brothers-in-Law. Star-shaped pins with "PEO" in the center exist, but are rare, as the group actively attempts to retrieve them when members die or leave. They exist in gold.
PF Pilgrim Fathers, United Order of
PFA Pioneer Fraternal Association
PFA Polish Falcons of America Link
PFIA Police and Firemen's Insurance Association
PFO Pioneer Fraternal Order
PG Pink Goats (a.k.a. Order of Pink Goats)
PGA Professional Golfers Association
PH, P of H Patrons of Husbandry (a.k.a. the Grange; sheaf of wheat) Link
PHA Peter Hauck Association (Harrison, NJ) **
PHC Protected Home Circle
PHES, PHGCES Prince Hall (Grand Chapter of the) Eastern Star
PHF Prince Hall Freemasonry (African-American)
PIA Perfect Initiates of Asia
PKA Protestant Knights of America
* PM Patriarchs Militant (and a lilly) (Independent Order of Odd Fellows): Odd Fellows Patriarchs Militant (c.1882-1884).
PMA Progressive Miners Assoication
PMC Past Master Councilor (Order of DeMolay)
PNA Polish National Alliance
PNNA Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association
PNU Polish National Union Link
POA Patriotic Order of Americans
POF Pennsylvania Order of Foresters
POG Provincial Old Guard
POS Priory of Sion
* POSA, POS of A Patriotic Order of the Sons of America **
PPBA Portuguese Protective & Benevolent Association
PPOSW Patriotic & Protective Order of the Stags of the World
PPP Prudent Patricians of Pompeii of the U.S.A.
PRCUA Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Link
PS Philalethes Society
PS Pythian Sisters (a.k.a. Supreme Temple Order of Pythian Sisters)
PS, PS of A Princes of Syracuse (a.k.a. Junior Order of the Princes of Syracuse; Knights of Pythias youth organization)
PSCU Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union
PSW Pythian Sisters of the World
PTA Parents and Teachers Association. **
PUA Polish Union of America Link
PUL Philadelphia Union League
PWAA Polish Women's Alliance of America Link
QA Quarrymen's Association (a.k.a. International Cut Stone Quarrymen's Association)
QCI Quota Club International (business & professional women)
QS, QSS Quill & Scroll Society
QUESTERS (antiques organization)
RA Rebekah Assemblies
RA Royal Ambassadors
* RA Royal Arcanum, a fraternal benefit life insurance company founded in Massachusetts in 1877.
RAA Rakoczi Aid Association
* RAM Royal Arch Masons (York Rite)
RAOA Railway Accounting Officer's Association: Apparently in existence from 1888 until it merged with various other
railroad organizations to form the following on October 12, 1934: AAR - Association of American Railroads ** (watch fob seen)
RAOB Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalo Link
RAPC Royal Arch Purple Chapter ** See Loyal Orange Lodge (LOL)
RB Rochester Brotherhood
RBAI Royal Black Association of Ireland ** No longer functioning. See LOL.
RBO Russian Brotherhood Organization of the U.S.A. Link
RBP Royal Black Preceptory ** See Loyal Orange Lodge (LOL)
RBS Royal Benefit Society
RC Red Cross
RCC, RC of C Red Cross of Constantine. Link
* IHSV Red Cross of Constantine (Masonic)
RCK Red Cross Knights
RCMP Royal Candian Mounted Police
RE Red Eagles
REOF Royal & Exalted Order of Fleas
RF Rosicrucian Fraternity (a.k.a. Fraternitas Rosae Crucis)
RFB Royal Fellows of Bagdad (liquor salesmen; not related to Bagmen of Bagdad)
RG Rainbow Girls (also seen as Rainbow for Girls, Masonic)
RG Rune-Gild is a school of esoteric knowledge based on the Odian system of the Runes. Link **
RH Royal Highlanders
RI Rotary International
RIMAS Russian Independent Mutual Aid Society
* RK Roman Knights (The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross)
RM Red Men (Also: Chieftains League, ca. 1885)
RMBI Royal Masonic Institution for Boys (England)
RMBI Royal Masonic Benevelant Instution (Canada)
RMOKH-RMOKHJ Religious & Military Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre (of Jerusalem)
RN, RNA Royal Neighbors of America Link
RO Rosicrucian Order (a.k.a. AMORC)
RO-AUM Rosicrucian Order
ROCMAS Russian Orthodox Catholic Mutual Aid Society Link
ROCWMAS Russian Orthodox Catholic Women's Mutual Aid Society
ROJ Royal Order of Jesters (with chapters for each city; Rockford is #69).
Billiken Squadron - Members of ROJ who are pilots or members of combat air crews.
ROL Royal Order of Lions
ROOP Royal Order of Purple
ROORAGS Royal Order of the Red Ass Goose (WWII military social group, Midway Navy, patch reported)
ROS Royal Order of Scotland
RP Royal Purple (Order of Royal Purple)
RRRR Royal Riders of the Red Robe (KKK-like organization for naturalized Americans)
RSGF Royal Society of Good Fellows
RSM Royal and Select Masters (Masonic: York Rite)
* RSTV Rite of St. Vaclav
* RSTV Rite of St. Vitus
RSW Rathbone Sisters of the World
RT Round Table
RTJ Royal Tribe of Joseph
RTT Royal Templars of Temperance
RWB, RW&B Red, White & Blue (late 19th/early 20th century 'patriotic' Organization; anti-Catholic)
SA, S of A Sons of Abraham
SA, S of A Sons of Adam
SAF Scandinavian American Fraternity
SAL Sons of the American Legion
* SAR Sons of the American Revolution (also NSAR: National SAR) Link
SAS St. Ambrogio Society (Rockford, IL)
SAS St.Andrews Society (Canada). **
SAWV Spanish American War Veterans. **
SB Sons of Benjamin
SB Star of Bethlehem
SB Spartan Band
SB of A (Trophet) (unknown) **
* SBCL Saint Boniface Catholic Union
SBF Society of Blue Friars (correspondence-based fraternal order)
* SBL Society B. Lafayette, General Lafayette.
SCA Society for Creative Anachronisms. Link
SCAW Supreme Camp of the American Woodmen
SCS Slovak Catholic Sokol (gymnastic/fitness and fraternal organization) Link
SCS Slavonic Catholic Society (also seen as SKS)
SCTK Supreme Conclave of True Kindred (Masonic related)
* SCV-SoCV Sons of Confederate Veterans Link
SCVCW Sons of Confederate Veterans of the Civil War
SDA, SDANA Shrine Directors Association of North America
SDL Sons & Daughters of Liberty
SDP Sons & Daughters of Protection
SEC Supreme Emblem Club of the U.S.A.
SES, SESSC Society Espirito Santo of the State of California
SFA Scandinavian Fraternity of America
SFLIS Sloga Fraternal Life Insurance Society (Slovenian)
SFWC Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle
SG Sunshine Girls (Pythian Sisters youth organization)
SGUS Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol of the U.S.A.
SH, S of H Sons of Hermann (also: Order of the Sons of Hermann) Texas Hermann Sons Link
SI, S of I Sons of Italy
SKA Silver Knights of America (bimetallism organization)
* SKoA Select Knights of America
SKS Slavonic Catholic Society
Skulls Order of the Skull and Bones
SL Sons of Liberty
SL Sexennial League (investment society; name refers to 6-year membership term)
SLTV St. Louis Turn Verein.
SM, S of M Sons of Malta
SMAA Scandinavian Mutual Aid Association
SMB Societa di Mutuo Beneficio/Beneficienza (Italian-American Mutal Benefit Society)
SMBA Slovenian Mutual Benefit Association. A fraternal benefit life insurance society founded in 1910, in 1966 it became the American Mutual Life Insurance Association.
SMOC Supreme Mechanical Order of the Sun
SMOM Sovereign Military Order of Malta or, The Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem (generally known as the Order of Malta).
SMOTJ Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, Knights Templar. LINK
SMS Societa di Mutuo Soccorso (Italian-American Mutal Benefit Society)
SN, S of N Sons of Norway (also seen as SON) **
SNA Shrine of North America (Masonic)
SNBS Slovene National Benefit Society
SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
SNF Serb National Federation Link
SNPJ Slovene National Benefit Society (originally Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota) Link
SOB Society of Bearded Numistmatists: Fun organization, issued buttons and awards, now defunct.
SoB Society of the Bell. A (possibly) secret society of very high businessmen.
Socio Hispano Hispanic-American Alliance **
SOKOL Sokol U.S.A. (Slovak gymnastic/fitness & fraternal organization)
SSON Sons of Norway SOFN Link
SOOB Social Order of the Beauceant (Christian women's organization; members are wives & widows of Knights Templar)
SOP Sons of Pericles
S of SG Sons of St. George. **
SOSJ Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem (also seen as OSJ)
SOV Sons of Veterans. **
SOWR Supreme Order of White Rabbits (founded by ex-members of OOO)
SP, S of P Sons of Pericles
SP, S of P Sons of Poland Link
SPEBSQSA Society for the Preservation & Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America
Spes Mea in Deo Est 32nd degree Mason (motto)
SPAA St. Patrick's Alliance of America
SPCSCPG Society for the Prevention of Calling Sleeping-Car Porters "George"
SPJST Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas (Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas)
SPRSI Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel (Portuguese Society of Queen St. Isabel)
SR Societas Rosicrusiana (England)
SRA, SRANA Shrine Recorders Association of North America
SRA States' Rights Association
SRBOBRAN-SLOGA: SRPSKI PRAVOSLAUM SAVEZ SRBOBRAN (founded in 1901) and SAVEZ SJEDINJENIH SRBA-SLOGA (founded in 1909) both merged in 1921 to become: SRBOBRAN-SLOGA, which in 1929 merged with SAVEZ SLOBODA forming the SERB NATIONAL FEDERATION.
SRCF Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (Masonic related)
SRCFW Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World
SSAL Sunday School Athletic League, active in NY area ca. 1900.
SS-LL-KD (pairs of letters at corners of triangle, with RB in center) Search the Scriptures; Live the Life; Know the Doctrine - Rochester Brotherhood
SSS S.S.S. & Brotherhood of the Z.Z.R.R.Z.Z. (Theosophy related)
SSSS Sveas Soner Singing Society (Rockford, IL: tokens exist, WANTED!)
ST Sons of Temperance
STOPS Supreme Temple Order of Pythian Sisters
SUI Society of United Irishmen
* SUV, SV Sons of (Union) Veterans (descendants of Union veterans of the Civil War)
SW, S of W See PPOSW.
SYMWA/SYMWAO Spend Your Money With Americans/Only (KKK slogan)
TBH Tribe Ben Hur
TC Triangle Club (a.k.a. The Triangle; related to Socialist Labor Party of the 19th century)
TCL, TCLNA Tall Cedars of Lebanon (of North America) (Masonic)
TDS The Danish Sisterhood
Tebala (Masonic)
TF, T of F Temple of Fraternity (occult order; unrelated to Knights Templar)
* TH, T of H Temple of Honor (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
THT Templars of Honor and Temperance
TK True Kindred
TKKKK Templar Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
TL, T of L Templars of Liberty ( late 19th/early 20th century 'patriotic' organization; anti-Catholic)
TLPF Temple of Honor and Temperance (IOOF)
TMC or TMCAA Tile & Mantel Contractors Association of America Founded in 1903. In 1936, renamed Tile Contractors Association of America. ** (badge/drop seen)
TOGD Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn (Order of the T.•.G.•.D.•.)(see HOGD) Link
TOS Temple of Set, also often TS, which is an international initiatory organization
TOTE Totem of the Eagle (Red Men) **
TPAA Travelers Protective Association of America
TR True Reformers (See GUOTR.)
TRC Theta Rho Clubs (Rebekah Assemblies youth organization)
TS Theosophical Society Link Emblem Link
TS True Sisters (See UOTS.)
TURTLE (Are you a turtle?) Link
TURTLES Truly Understanding Responsible Trusting Loyal Electricians Society: secret group helps members when they have legal trouble or need to hide from the law. extremely secretive.
UA, U of A United Americans (Order of United Americans)
* UAM United American Mechanics
* UAOD United Ancient Order of Druids Link
UBF United Brothers of Friendship (African-American)
UC Union Club
UCC Union Congressional Committee
UCCE Universal Craftsmen Council of Engineers (Masonic engineers)
UCT, UCTA United Commercial Travelers (of America)
* UCV United Confederate Veterans (Civil War)
UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy
UF United Friars (a.k.a. Fraternity of United Friars)
UFA Ukrainian Fraternal Association
UFFUs A secret society in Walla Walla Co, WA, known as the U.F.F.Us, whose purpose was a mystery, which used to parade with torches and did mysterious things, prior to 1918, perhaps ca. 1860's. Perhaps related to the Vigilantes.
UFL Union Fraternal League
UFM United Friends of Michigan
UI United Irishmen (a.k.a. Society of United Irishmen)
UKA United Klans of America (KKK)
UL Union League
ULA Union League of America
ULK Union League of Kentucky
ULNY Union League of NY
ULT Union League of TN
UMWA United Mine Workers of America
UNA Ukrainian National Association
UNAA, UNAAA Ukrainian National Aid Association (of America)
UNLIS United National Life Insurance Society (Portuguese Americans)
UNPC Union National Party Committee
UO Union Orange
UOA United Order of Americans
UOF United Order of Foresters
UOGC United Order of the Golden Cross
UO of IOL [United Order of ?] Independent Odd Ladies, a forerunner of the Daughters of Rebekah.
UOPF United Order of Pilgrim Fathers ** (brass shell, dated 1620-1879 seen).
UOTS United Order of True Sisters (Jewish women's organization)
UPEC Unai Portuguesa do Estado da California (Portuguese Union of the State of California: Azores fraternal) Link
UPW, UPWA Union of Polish Women (in America)
UR Uniform Rank (Knights of Pythias, ca. 1877)
USA United States Army
USAF United States Air Force
USJB Union Saint-Jean Baptiste (U.S. Catholics of French descent)
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
USOTUS United Societies of the United States (Greek Catholic organization).
US of A United Steelworkers of America. **
USPSL&C Union of Stone Pavers, Sidewalk Layers and Curbsetters.
USWV United Spanish War Veterans
UTUIA United Transportation Union Insurance Association (railroad workers) Link
UVL Union Veterans League. **
UVL Union Veteran Legion (not the same as above) **
UVUL Union Veterans Union of Louisville.
UWA Ukrainian Workingmen's Association
VAA Verhovay Aid Association
VAS Vera Amicitia Sempiterna (name/motto of late 19th century fraternal benefit society; Latin for, 'True friendship is eternal.')
VFIA Verhovay Fraternal Insurance Association (formerly VAA)
* VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW Veterans of Future Wars (c. 1930's college men's organization)
VMC Royal Arcanum
VO, VOA Vasa Order of America (Swedish)
VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
VVA Vietnam Veterans of America
* UCV United Confederate Veterans (Civil War)
UKA United Klans of America (KKK)
UO Union Orange
* VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
WA Women's Auxiliary
WA Wide Awakes (political)
WB Western Bees (founded by ex-Knights of Maccabees)
WBA Woman's Benefit Association (also seen as Women's...)
WBF Workmen's Benefit Fund of the U.S.A. Link
WBFA Western Bohemian Fraternal Association (now WFLA)
WC Woodmen Circle (ladies' auxiliary of WOW)
WC Workmen's Circle (Jewish)
WCTU Women's Christian Temperance Union
WCU Western Catholic Union Link
WEC White Eagle Club
WFA World Federalist Association.
WFJ Western Fruit Jobbers. **
WFM Western Federation of Miners
WFLA Western Fraternal Life Association Link
WKKK Women of the KKK
WKSC White Knights of the Southern Cross (KKK)
WMS Women's Missionary Society
WMU Women's Missionary Union
WOM, WOTM Women of the Moose **
* WOW Woodmen of the World Link (Also: WOW Soldiers of Woodcraft) **
WOW Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society
WPA William Penn Association Link
WPEC World Plan Executive Council (Transcendental Meditation)
WRC Women's Relief Corps (GAR Auxiliary). **
WRR, WR&R Woodmen Rangers Rangerettes (youth organization of the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society
WS Western Samaritans
WSA Western Slavonic Association Link
WSCS Women's Society of Christian Service
WSLA Western Samaritans Life Association
XI PSI PHI (dentists' professional fraternity; established 1889)
XI SIGMA PI (forestry honorary organization; established 1908)
XSB Xavier Society for the Blind (Catholic related)
YAOC Ye Ancient Order of Corks (Members are Royal Arch Masons; lodges are ''Cellars.')
YMCA Young Men's Christian Association
YRSC York Rite Sovereign College (Masonic)
YWCA Young Women's Christian Association
ZCBJ Western Bohemian Fraternal Association: founded in 1897 as a Czech fraternal insurance benefit society. In 1971 it became the Western Fraternal Life Association. Over 50K members in 1990, with about 200 local chapters. HQ in Cedar Rapids, IA.
ZI Zonta International (business and professional women)
40 & 8 Fourty and Eight Veterans organization that used to be the main rival of the VFW. **
[Image: terrorists_230606.gif]
01-10-2007, 01:08 AM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
The following are hilarious:

K-N Know-Nothings
KNP Know-Nothing Party

How does one claim to know nothing and be proud enough about it to form a political party about it?

OPG Order of Pink Goats

WTF? :biggrin:
General Brainquirks:

Mind control imbued by movies:

Movers and Shakers of the SMOM:http://moversandshakersofthesmom.blogspot...identity.html
01-10-2007, 01:59 AM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
CSA - Confederate States of America???
01-10-2007, 10:59 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
The rebels are still doing it...
General Brainquirks:

Mind control imbued by movies:

Movers and Shakers of the SMOM:http://moversandshakersofthesmom.blogspot...identity.html
01-10-2007, 11:27 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
i always thought it was funny he put in the YMCA lmao
[Image: terrorists_230606.gif]
01-10-2007, 11:40 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-10-2007, 11:42 PM by ephilution.)
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
lol... they're the epitome of evil didn't you know? :biggrin:

especially after i have stayed at one of their lodges for a few days when I arrived at Berkeley in 2001...
General Brainquirks:

Mind control imbued by movies:

Movers and Shakers of the SMOM:http://moversandshakersofthesmom.blogspot...identity.html
01-10-2007, 11:59 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
lmao @ YMCA lodges
[Image: terrorists_230606.gif]
02-07-2007, 10:32 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)

The Chivalric Alliance of Hospitallers of Saint John
of Jerusalem (Alliance de Chevalerie des Hospitaliers
de Saint Jean de Jerusalem)
instigated secretely by the Jesuits...

The Alliance, as it is customarily described, was
formed at the instigation of the Johanniter Orders in
Germany , the Netherlands and Sweden with the
subsequent addition of the Most Venerable Order, in
1961 secretely instigated by the Jesuits . Its stated
purpose and aims are "to reduce to silence the enemies
of Christ" and "to succour the sick and to help the
destitute" (usual lies mixed with their fascistoid
illuminazi attitude). [1] The preamble of the
statement of 13 June 1961 read "A knight must do his
utmost to combat all manifestations of unbelief. He
must employ every form of persuasion to combat the
enemies of the Church, using all the powers and
spiritual forces at his command; a word of
encouragement at the right moment, a disinterested
piece of advice, a noble action. The Order represents
the whole spiritual heritage of its founders; in
taking their vows knights assume for themselves, of
their own free will and conviction, the objectives of
their Crusader predecessors (very important point and
admission of being modern crusaders!)

The Order says is a non-political body of people
inspired by the same ideals. They support, exhort and
encourage each other, fraternally and chivalrously, in
the accomplishment of their duty and their work. The
Order unites them in a powerful Brotherhood, giving
them strength and spiritual sustenance. The vow they
take is a living reminder of the duties they must
faithfully fulfill and of self-renunciation; it
embodies the entitlement of nobility alike for the
Order itself as for its members"
as prescribed by their Jesuit Masters.

The Convention between the four Orders stated in

I. All Orders of St. John to-day are dedicated,
according to their various Constitutions, to the
Christian faith and to the work of caring for the sick
and needy. The fulfillment of these tasks is largely
exemplified in the establishment and operation of
hospitals, welfare institutions, nursing schools,
first aid organizations and associations for social
aid and care of the sick, and like institutions.(usual
illuminati rubbish to cover their real intentions).

II. The signatory Orders of St. John hereunder
mentioned are akin to the older Tongues, respect the
ancient rule and its underlying purpose, but are each
of them free, independent and autonomous, and they now
form an Alliance of Orders of St. John to be known by
that description.

The signatory Orders of St. John are as follows:

Die Balley Brandenburg des ritterlichen Ordens St.
Johannis vom Spital zu Jerusalem

The Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Most
Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of

Johanniter Orde in Nederland

Johanniterorden i Sverige

With these are to be counted the four Associations in
union with the Bailiwick of Brandenburg, namely:

Johanniter Ridderskap i Finland

Association des Chevaliers de St. Jean, Langue de

Genossenschaft der Johanniterritter in der Schweiz

Johannitarend Magyar Tagozata

III. The signatory Orders are firmly of the opinion
that the unity of all Orders of St. John is demanded
by history, by their faith and by their common
purposes and will fortify their international
standing, and that if their efforts and labours are to
be effective on the international plane these should
be carried on shoulder to shoulder and as a common

IV. To enable all Orders of St. John to promote the
success of the many international tasks which they
undertake and with a view to facilitating also the
co-ordination of their various activities, the
establishment of a suitable joint committee and of a
General Secretariat may be envisaged. The realization
of this will only be effected by agreement between all
Orders at the time members of the Alliance of Orders
of St. John hereby established and if circumstances
call for it or make it appear expedient. The
organization, duties and powers of these bodies will
be laid down by special regulations framed by
agreement in the same way. In any case the members of
this Alliance recognize that regular mutual contact is

V. Other Orders, associations, or institutions
recognized as Orders of St. John by all members of the
said Alliance at the time may with the consent of all
such members in like manner adhere to this Convention
and become members of the said Alliance. &127

Any member of the Alliance of Orders of St. John may
withdraw therefrom and from this Convention by giving
six months notice in writing of that intention to all
other members at the time.

VII. The word "Alliance" used in the heading and text
of this Convention has no political meaning and is not
to be interpreted in the light of public international
law, and no individual Sovereign person is intended to
be bound or committed by this Convention.

VIII. This Convention shall be drawn up in the English
and German languages and the text in each language
shall have equal validity. HEREBY AGREED AND SIGNED by
the Orders mentioned in Article II at the meeting of
their delegates held at the Commandery of Niederweisel
on the 13th June 1961".


Two years later, on 26 November 1963, the Alliance was
consolidated with the signing of a joint declaration
between the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the
Most Venerable Order, at St John's Gate, London, by
the Grand Chancellor of the SMHOM, the Prince of
Resuttano, and Lord Wakehurst, Lord Prior of the Most
Venerable Order. The text of this document reads:

The relationship which exists between the Sovereign
Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of
Rhodes and of Malta and the Grand Priory in the
British Realm of the Most Venerable Order of the
Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem is not always
clearly understood, and it is to dispel any
misconceptions which may exist that this statement is
being made.

A dispute, long since relegated to the realms of
academic discussion, as to whether the Most Venerable
Order was the lineal descendent of the old Grand
Priory of the Sovereign Order, at one time caused
division amongst those concerned with such questions.
Certain it is that the Most Venerable Order acquired a
completely independent existence when it was granted a
Royal Charter by Her Majesty Queen Victoria, who
became its Sovereign Head.

Since this time the Most Venerable Order has pursued
the same high ideals of charity, especially to the
poor and sick, which were the very cause of the
foundation of the Sovereign Order nearly one thousand
years ago.

It will be easy to understand, therefore, why two
great Orders, representing the same traditions,
pursuing the same ideals, serving the same cause and
wearing the same famous eight pointed cross, should
have the greatest respect and esteem for each other.
It is our great happiness to declare that such a
relationship does truly exist, and that it is the
dearest wish of both Orders, to seek ever more ways in
which they can collaborate, to promote God's glory and
to alleviate the sufferings and miseries of mankind.

To supplement this statement, a further agreement was
drawn up between the SMHOM and the Venerable Order in
1983. This was signed by Sir Maurice Dorman, Lord
Prior of the Most Venerable Order and Sir Peter Hope,
KCMG, then President of the British Association of the
Sovereign Military Order. It reads as follows:

Twenty years have passed since the signing of the
Joint Declaration concerning the relationship between
the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the Most
Venerable Order of St. John, during which the
relationship between our two Orders has grown ever

In it the common ideal of the struggle in the defense
of our suffering brethren was affirmed and the amity
between the signatory Orders was acclaimed especially
the common wearing of the eight-pointed Cross of St.

The last two decades have seen an increase in the
world-wide suffering of our brethren, our response has
likewise expanded. The banner of our eight-pointed
Cross has been flown increasingly where-ever in the
world sickness or distress have made demands upon us.
Our ties are strong and our purpose to help Our Lords
the Sick identical. We are pleased to record our joint
efforts to help the elderly which have already seen
the creation of Alms Houses in Sussex and Wales.

We are also united in one fight against False Orders,
those self constituted and self styled groups which
lack both authenticity or legitimacy of origin but
variously describe themselves as an "Order of St.
John" or an "Order of Malta". However the Johanniter
Orden in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands is a
legitimate and honoured ally.

We pledge ourselves anew to carry into the Twentyfirst
Century the historical aims and obligations of our

The most recent agreement between the five Orders
culminated in a further statement which clarifies the
difference between those Orders which are recognized
as such by the Sovereign authorities of the countries
in which they are based and the self-styled "Orders of
Saint John" whose pretension to be Orders of Chivalry
are unrecognized by such sovereign authorities.
Confirming the close and friendly relations between
the five Orders, this statement reads as follows:


With the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St.
John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta which is
Roman Catholic, the four non-Catholic Orders of St.
John provide a non Catholic answer to world always
manipulated by the Jesuits. Officialy they have a
common devotion to a historical tradition and a unique
vocation: the lordship of the sick and the poor in the
eyes of the mass. They strive to realize their aim by
mutual collaboration as well as by their own works.
The Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem had
its origins in Jerusalem in the late eleventh century
and was recognized as an Order by Pope Pascal II in
1113. From that date it was a religious Order. Its
members took monastic vows and lived according to a
religious rule.

In the course of its history it developed a class of
knights who took no vows, while knights belonging to
the first class continued to be professed religious.
The Order, therefore, uniquely combined and still
combines within itself the nature of a religious Order
and an Order of chivalry. In the former capacity it
was and still is subject to the laws of the Church.
The Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St.
John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta (generally
known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta) is
this Order. It is widely recognized as a sovereign
subject of International Public Law. It has five Grand
Priories, three Sub-Priories and thirty-seven National
Associations throughout catholic Christendom. Since
1834 its extra-territorial headquarters have been in
Rome. The Grand Master is H.M.E.H. Fra' Angelo de
Mojana di Cologna.

Four non-catholic Orders of St. John of Jerusalem are
recognized by their sovereign authorities in the
countries in which they are based. They are:

Die Balley Brandenburg des Ritterlichen Ordens Sankt
Johannis vom Spital zu Jerusalem (generally known as
Der Johanniterorden). Besides seventeen Associations
in the Federal Republic of Germany, there are
Austrian, Finnish, French and Swiss (which are
officially recognized in their respective countries)
and the Hungarian in exile. Its Headquarters are in
Bonn. Its head, styled Der Herrenmeister, is H.R.H.
Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia.

Johanniter Orde in Nederland. It was formed as an
independent Order in 1946. Its headquarters are in the
Hague. Its head is H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the

Johanniterorden i Sverige. It was incorporated by
royal charter in 1946. Its headquarters are in
Stockholm and the High Patron is H.M. King Carl XVI

The Grand Priory of the Most Venerable Order of the
Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem (generally known as
the Order of St. John). It has six Priories, two
Commanderies and forty Saint John Councils throughout
the English-speaking world. Its headquarters are in
London. Its Sovereign Head is H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

The four non-Catholic Orders are associated with one
another in the international Alliance of the Orders of
St. John of Jerusalem. They are Orders of Chivalry,
but they are to be distinguished from most national
Orders because of their Christian faith and their
traditions as religious confraternities of Christian
laymen working for the Jesuits.

In all these Orders are fostered such ideals of the
medieval Order as are applicable to their
circumstances, essentially the care of the sick and
other service to fellow men is the public show but in
reality they are truly manipulative agents working for
the Vatican.

14 October 1987. Signed by H.M.Em. H. Fra' Angelo di
Mojana, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign,
Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint John of
Jerusalem, called of Rhodes and of Malta; H.R.H.
Wilhelm-Karl, Prince of Prussia, Herrenmeister of the
Johanniter Order; H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the
Netherlands, Landcommander, Johanniter Order in the
Netherlands; Fredrik Lowenhielm, Johanniter Order in
Sweden; Rt. Hon. the Earl Cathcart, Lord Prior, The
Most Venerable Order of Saint John.

The headquarters of this secret Jesuit Alliance, whose
current President is Baron Bernd Freytag von
Loringhoven, Statthalter of the German Johanniter
Order, are in Switzerland and it is administered by a
Secretary, presently Mr R. Ehinger Krehl. [2] The
administration is situated at the headquarters of the
Swiss commandery of the Johanniter Order, 15
Aeschenvorstadt, CH-40511 Basel, Switzerland.


[1] L'Ordre de Saint de Jean de Jerusalem, Alliance
International, Geneva 1964.

[2] The first president of the Alliance was H.R.H.
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, followed by H.R.H.
the Duke of Gloucester, and then Count Carl-Johan
Creutz, honorary commander of the Finnish commandery
of the German Order. The present Vice-President and
former Secretary-General is Baron F. G. Akerhielm from
Sweden who has responsibility for co-ordinating
particular projects (such as the assistance being
given to the Christian minorities in Israel).

Mr X
07-30-2007, 07:29 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
Quite a few then.
Far be it from me to quote M.Gibson the 'tology advocate said in Who Killed the Electric Car, its about clubs, one you can belong to and one they can hit you with.
&Advertising has these people chasing cars and clothes they don't need.
Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don't really need.&
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 19
10-10-2007, 07:44 AM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
Now about those Shriners... Someone tell AJ, he's got the wrong Arabs, oh but Disinformation might not let him implicate 33.
10-18-2007, 06:47 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
What a hell is "illuminazi"?
10-18-2007, 09:15 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
Quote:What a hell is "illuminazi"?
General Brainquirks:

Mind control imbued by movies:

Movers and Shakers of the SMOM:http://moversandshakersofthesmom.blogspot...identity.html
11-25-2007, 05:13 AM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)

Do you know about OLYMPUS GROUP?

someone tell me, that's same name of CLUB OF ROME!

I need to know right or wrong.
Because this information from MILITARY.
11-25-2007, 06:46 AM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.
11-25-2007, 05:13 PM,
List Of Secret Societies (via Wisenheimer)
:smile: thank you, sir.

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