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Databases And Other Ed2k / Bt Sites
01-08-2007, 05:59 AM,
Databases And Other Ed2k / Bt Sites
IPfilter's and Blocklist's

what is a ipfilter?

or use the program protowall <--home <--tutorial has ipfilter.dat for mules and guarding.p2p for mldonkey and shadowcast & pawcio project are also making one for mules

Lord_Anubis Wrote:Hello ladies and gents

I finally came back from the dead for the latest of my filters, enjoy it!

Everyone who is using eMule, eDonkey2000 or a similar client will have asked him/herself at least once : "am I safe by using this?".

The answer is "No, but you will minimize the risk of getting caught by using an IPfilter".

But what is an IPfilter?

Let me first explain the basics of an IP:

IP: Internet Protocol, protocol in the TCP/IP internet layer for communication between nets and their hosts. An IP-address uniquely identifies each network and each of its hosts on the internet. Addresses consist of four bytes that can be represented by four integers (0 to 255) seperated by dots, e.g. "". Dependent on the address' class and a subnet mask, a specific number of bits identify the net or subnet and the rest a PC's address within this net/subnet.

So basically, an IP defines who and where you are in the network.

Many anti-p2p and anti-piracy groups and companies also frequent the servers and check who is offering what so that they can then take legal action against you. So, it is best to protect yourself, with an IPfilter.

What does the IPfilter do?

The IPfilter filters out any bad IP or IPs used by anti-piracy groups or companies, so that you can be relatively safe. It also filters bad or leecher mods of emule that just steal files from you and never upload to others. It also stops emule clients that just spam or are there for the purpose of sniffing out what files you have

So here comes the question: "how do I get an IPfilter and which one out there is the safest?"

IPfilters can be found on many sites, some blocking thousands of IPs, some blocking tens of thousands of IPs. Unfortunately, a high number of IP-blocks does not necessarily mean that this filter is better, it is just badly configued, more about that later.

There has been a method to get a "good" IPfilter via peerguradian and Bluetack's so-called "blocklist converter", that converts peerguardian's blocklist to an IPfilter.dat (the format needed for ed2k clients). But I strongly advise you NOT to use this method. The reason is the following:

QUOTE ("0bjectMa$$")
The problem with this method is that anybody can append IP's to this peerguardian site, which would be not a too big problem if they would actually check them, there are loads of IPs that are blocked unjustified.
An example: everyone knows that [KOR]pruna (very very good sharers on the net, their upload is generally 1mbit+) is a very helpful community for the ed2k network, and for some reason peerguardian's blocklist blocks about 40% of them. Not only that , but also other users and whole groups are also blocked for no reason and unjustified

So, what to do?

Well, as if I and ShadowCast had no answer for that, ey?;)

We devised an IPfilter based on the above (bad) method and went through this filter manually, checking literally every line in there and proofed the IPs. We then amended some ranges and added some more that were not blocked by PG's list, ranges that really should have been added in the first place.

   Once more, some time has passed since the last update...

           As predicted BayTSP was quite quick in changing their IPs for
           using their First-Source mods, so it took us a bit to find them
           again (or rather get found by them again). But now it is time
           that you are saved again :)

           As usual the best effort has been made to weed out all the users
           or harmful mods (like KETAMINE or 00de) from the ed2k-network,
           rest assured, using a leech-mod brings you NO gain whatsoever,
           it just shows that you THINK you know something about a network
           by just using it for a bit and thinking you can cheat it.
           Well, not with us, kid, go and play with your puppets!

           Another problem are "Ghost-Sources" at the moment, sources
           that appear for some movies and games and apps that seem to
           have the full file but send you only corrupted parts. It is a
           but difficult to get hold of them, but we are progressing.

           A big thanks goes out to a friend at Bluetack who helped us
           getting hold of a few more leechers, thanks guys, keep up the
           great work you do!

           All in all, I hope you enjoy the work we do for you guys, if
           you do, please say thanks.


                   Bluetack does great work in making blocklists for apps
                   like protowall or Peerguardian, so use theirs for that!


              - revised IPlist from EmulEspana/BISS (11.05.05)
              - several IPranges fixed/streamlined
              - added/modified 24 BayTSP IPs
              - added 32 static Ketamine/Boomerang IPs
              - added 14 00de IPs
              - added 6 ghost-sources

If any questions arouse, just pm me:D


Diclaimer: The IPfilter has been tested thoroughly for quite some time, if you should have problems however then just remove it.
The IPfilter will be updated on a regular basis, so watch this space.
We are in need of help on getting new IPs to filter, so if you have some IPs that you feel need adding, then please pm me thse filters in this format:

for those not sure how to use...

Now, how does one use this filter?

1) Download this filter and unpack it into your emule/config dir:

[Image: emule1.jpg]

2) Go to emule, to go preferences -> security and press RELOAD:

[Image: emule2.jpg]

3) After that you will notice that the IPfilter was loaded:

[Image: emule3.jpg]

huge thanks to Lord_Anubis for the guide and list.
please see ConnectorRefugee for updates

there are also some bad servers that have been spotted.
the fix is disable the update as shown below and tick the "filter servers too" on the Preferences>security>ipfilter and use a safe server list from http://www.gruk.orgst.php or http://ed2k.2x4u.dest.html

[Image: screenhunter0018cn.jpg]
[Image: terrorists_230606.gif]
02-20-2007, 07:50 PM,
Databases And Other Ed2k / Bt Sites
Great job bringing these from the old CC site, thx WS

you copied the wrong one with this and I can't fix it cause I don't have mod powers at this forum :eyebrow:

maybe a bit old now and the ed2k links you will have to add manually as this board doesn't make them clickable but try again anyway,

Tim Osman Wrote:other ed2k indexing sites, this should keep you going for a while.
If you find something of interest to this forum please post your verifed link in the release section;)



some personal favs:

some ed2k links databases:

ed2k: In.Memory.Of.ShareReactor.chm (11 Mb .chm file, links sorted by date)
ed2k: (206 Mb, includes pics)

and 1400 shareconnector pages in googles cached but don't know how long they will stay there?

ed2k: ShareTV.vol-001.050117.chm
ed2k: ShareTV.New.050117-050124.chm
ed2k: ShareTV.New.050124-050130.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050130-050205.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050206-050213.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050213-050220.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050227-050306.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050306-050313.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050313-050320.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050320-050327.chm
ed2k: MoTV.New.050327-050403.chm
updates from the irc channel --> irc://

ed2k: MoTV.Complete.vol-002.2005-09-11.chm

ed2k: [url=http://ed2k://|file|(unofficial)|112038433|3DA27CFD1BE81BC31EBC28B519AA6121|h=UQFI4W55BQNXPXVNX4XZRTBIJTCSGDY4|/](unofficial)[/url]
new tv site ->


ed2k: Musicdonkey.Database.List.(May04).13100.Ed2K.Music.Links.rar

ed2k: Masterpiece.Shared.Files.3.3.(NWO.related).zip
ed2k: Masterpiece.Shared.Files.4.9.(NWO.related).zip
updates -->

ed2k: OFU.v1.0.Conspiracy.Central.nfo

ed2k: Alex.Jones-Hash.Links.To.All.Major.Documentaries.About.pdf

[Image: burnout.gif]

have fun
04-02-2007, 08:50 PM,
Databases And Other Ed2k / Bt Sites
Thanks for the links

Entertainment Forum ED2K: need to register need to register With a section for Political eD2k Links

INFO VIDEO Video page of undercurrents
[Image: dontbustme6cvcmg7.jpg]

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