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Dead Birds Showering Western Australia Town
01-10-2007, 07:34 PM,
Dead Birds Showering Western Australia Town
Dead birds showering Western Australia town
Over the last month, thousands of dead birds have rained down on Esperance, Australia and nobody knows why. Quite a few species--including wattle birds, yellow-throated miners, new holland honeyeaters, crows, hawks, and pigeons--have all turned up by the dozens dead in residents' yards. Death reports stopped last week and wildlife officials are still investigating. From the Australian:

Wildlife officers are baffled by the "catastrophic" event, which the Department of Environment and Conservation said began well before last week's freak storm.

On Monday, Esperance, 725km southeast of Perth, was declared a natural disaster zone...

The Department of Agriculture and Food, which conducted the autopsies, has almost ruled out an infectious process.

Acting chief veterinary officer Fiona Sunderman said toxins were the most likely cause but the deaths could be due to anything from toxic algae to chemicals and pesticides.

Dr Sunderman said there were no leads yet on which of potentially hundreds of toxins might be responsible. Some birds were seen convulsing as they died.,00.html
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&I've come to the conclusion, after having spent many years in politics, is that our presidential elections turn out to be more of a charade than anything else, and I think that is true today. It is a charade,& - Ron Paul, Sept 2008.
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You cannot tax someone's labor because that is slavery
- Ed Brown, June 18 2007
The world's &freeest& country has the highest number in prison.
- arundhati roy
The crisis of modern democracy is a profound one. Free elections, a free press and an independent judiciary mean little when the free market has reduced them to commodities available on sale to the highest bidder.
- arundhati roy
The era of manufacturing consent has given way to the era of manufacturing news. Soon media newsrooms will drop the pretense, and start hiring theater directors instead of journalists.
- arundhati roy
The structure of capitalism is flawed. The motor that powers it cannot but vastly increase the disparity between the poor and the rich globally and within countries as well. Parecon is a brave argument for replacing that flawed machine and offers a much needed -- more equitable, democratic, participatory -- alternative economic vision.
- arundhati roy
[The choice between John Kerry and George Bush] is not a real choice. It's an apparent choice. Like choosing a brand of detergent. Whether you buy Ivory Snow or Tide, they're both owned by Proctor & Gamble.
- arundhati roy
No government's condemnation of terrorism is credible if it cannot show itself to be open to change by nonviolent dissent
- arundhati roy
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Dr. Hermann Oberth who pioneered rocket design for the German Reich during World War II and later advanced rocket technology for the American manned space launches, cryptically stated: "We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped."

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