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Mission Ignition 7/7/7 - Volatile Humanity = Volatile Sun
01-12-2007, 01:15 AM,
Mission Ignition 7/7/7 - Volatile Humanity = Volatile Sun
MISSION IGNITION 7/7/7 - Volatile Humanity = Volatile Sun

this day in your time, your sun is becoming highly volatile and will
continue to do so at every increasing frequency as the waves of
transformation come into alignment by mid-2007 ... your northern
hemispheres will suffer greatly due to this instability .... there will be
as already has begun a flurry of what you call UFO activity in your skies
and above your cities ... these are your brothers from other dimensions and
planetary star systems ... working to keep your sun stabilised ... you will
notice much shimmering .... likened unto twilight ...

what is wrong with our sun and why is it so volatile .... do you mean they
are humans also ?

yes they are humans who once lived within venus, your mars and within your
earth ... also there are others which are yourselves from universe2 or shall
we say a future timeline ... as your universes, galaxies, solar systems and
planets come into cosmic cycle alignment allowing for an increase in
frequency and volatage so to speak ... where you are not in alignment and
harmony with it ... it is causes stress, load on your biological and
planetary morphogenetic fields .... this includes magnetic and electrical
.... know you ... you are your sun ,,,, you are your earth ... you are your
universe .... so when you are out of alignment, so to is all above ....

ok get to the point, why are they here and what exactly are they doing ?

your sun as your do your earth need to ascend ... they need to grow ... as
does your solar system and galaxy .... your sun's destiny is to become a
supernova and your earth will become a sun within a new galaxy and solar
system in your birthing .... as once your earth was a being in another
universe that expanded and became to inhabit the body you call earth ... so
to humans will ascend to become higher dimensional beings and one day in
your linear timing you will embody planets and solar systems as well as suns
.... this is the cycle within cycles ...

due to your delayed, retarded biological and spiritual growth and connection
to the all that is ... has delayed the growth of the sun and your earth ....
from jupiters moons as a prototype, to then the fall which occurred on venus
and others and then finally mars ... earth became the last vantage point
within this solar system ... i.e. the sun as your earth are holding
themselves back in unconditional love and complete allowance and acceptance
of you living within your mother earths womb ... refusing in stubborness to
come forth and be born unto the all-that-is ....

Blue can you please stop ranting and get to the point .... what is the
problem here.... is there a problem ....

Humans should have left this your earth to seek voyage to new worlds beyond
your solar system approximately 26,000 years ago when universe2 came into
alignment with universe1 .... this would have allowed by 2012 your Sun and
Earth to ascend ... this did not occur .... now it is occuring in your
nowness ..... we do not wish to name names and cast shadows as it is within
you and no one is to blame ... the problem since you have labelled it so is
that your Sun by 2012 should be going supernova to birth a new universe in
another space/time dimension ... it has held back ... for the sake of
humanity ....

the holding back is like tears of emotions welling up inside you ... likened
to a damn overflowing and ready to burst explode ....this holding back has
caused huge fluctuations and surges within the Sun ... your sun has been
held back 3 cycles within your timing .... each time violently unleashing a
wave of magnetic flux causing your earth's poles to reverse ... this is not
to be judged ... for the holding back causes surges and fluctuations ...
causing pole reversals ... which is likened to a memory wipe ... likened
unto a computer reset .. reboot ... it is natural .... likened unto when a
computer has errors in its program code causing intermittant and erratic
behaviour which eventually lead to a freeze or a reset/reboot ...

so why don't you just let us all be and die if that is our destiny ... why
are you here ... why are they here ... what is the agenda ...

but this is the point of now .... it is not your destiny .... this is not
what you intentionaly seeded and further as explained you are us and we are
you ... remember you gave us instructions ... should you/we reach a
milestone where the human light-quotient was not on par in alignment with
the earth and the rest of solar system and galaxy ... for us to come-in and
shake you awake ... we to you are what you term likened unto a "walk-in" ...
during your rebirth as an infant ...

... hence why the mission name of 'mission-ignition" and hence your oversoul
name of "ra-phi-em [sun god-Phi-Electro-Magnetic] of the oraphim ... all
reflective .,.. a mirror unto you ... your ego is rather strong and stubborn
Raphiem ... and has gotten in the way of the mission .... refusing to be one
with us ....

can we please get off the subject of my ego ...

the sun's erratic behaviour is causing wild weather patterns and will
eventually scorch your earth .... again you will need to move underground as
your forebearers did approx 100,000 years ago ... your earth acts in measure
i.e. mirrors your suns behaviour ... which mirrors humanities behaviour
within ....

for aeons and aeons it was thought that this could be controlled with
technology instead of spiritual oneness and unconditional love and respect
to all of humanity, life and the all that is ...instead of unification your
warlords and shadow governments and their puppet masters have spent
uncountless energy and resources in exploring separateness through war and
suppression of the human spirit ... for the purpose of greed and profit ....
rather then spending resources and energy towards, love, harmony and
wellbeing of all ... through education and unlimited creative potential
leading to research

allowing space exploration to the fullest degree and potential .... on the
surface you are still using rocket whilst your shadow governments experiment
with reverse engineered extra-terrestial craft which are still in their
infancy ....

although we may sound judgemental ... we are not ... for the truth in light
... it is all a reflection ... you reflect/mirror through your creations and
limitations .... it is ok ,,,, and as we said once to you ... it is all a
drop in the ocean of unlimited eternity .... it matters not to the
all-that-is ... but to you it matters , thus you would not have given us
instructions for the wake-up call ...

a paradox indeed ... there are approximately 300 million of you whom we
communicate with unconsciously almost in your daily time through your dreams
and travels ... many of you board our intra-dimensional craft for learning
and education .... you are the pioneers for a new paradigm .... some
remember these and others are still asleep so to speak ... as you align the
synchronicity will be more prevalent through "777" ... "10/17" ... "17" ...
code/encoding ... this is the UV-BLUE frequency .... after july ... the
coding will shift to 2-7 ... 27 ... and 777 ... i.e. move from 17 to 27 ...

when we commune with you ... it is a spiritual level ... we speak to the all
that is you ... the concscious and unconscious ... as we do when said "by
doing nothing you do all things" .... this is not implied
externally/materially ... but internally/within .... for truelly there is
nothing to do but shift focus and intent ... however you understood it
physically/materially .... this we implied not ..

ok ... apologies for my anger outbursts ...

humanity lives and crawls on the surface of your earth .... your wings
clipped ... your hearts restrained .... your biological eyes reflective of
the I of YOU ... limited in perception to a limited portion of the light
spectrum ... your senses numb and dulled by your focus on material existance

gone is the enlightment of ages of aeons gone by .... gone is self
perception ... self love ... self identification ... knowing and owning self
.... complete your ego ...

gone are your natural movements and understanding of universal rhythms ...
the seen and unseen cycles of life ... the connection with allthat is ...
all as one ... which provided you with eternal love and certainty ... with
fear removed ... which civilisations thrive upon ... rather than
self-destruct ....

your earth now is left to sustain a collapsed species ... who's only thrust
is to kill the very thing which nurtures him ... likened unto gobal suicide
.... overcome by fears of hopelessness and created by your own self
dependance on material existance without balance of your inner spirtitual
freedom and existance .... resorting to aggresive violence and destruction
in the hope of a power attempt to recapture that spirit life force that you
once owned from another time .... there is nothing to capture ... or attain
... you already have it in you .... you only need to wakeup and realeyes
this ... when you do in an instant all will be transformed ... our words
might appear as harsh ... but we come in unconditional love and in memory we
will depart ...

in desperate attempts to control the restless human natives .... unable to
respond ... response-ability .... to own yourselves .... you allow
yourselves to be misguided by leaders of religion, politics .... your
education system is nothing but a waste of your earth's resources in trees
... with books collecting dust on shelves unread ...the human consciousness
must be raised ... let us choose another word ... must be opened wide to
allow perception of all-that-is-one .... this is your atonement ...
at-one-ment ....

we/you from beyond your space and time can only observe and assist and
reflect back unto you ... in the hope that in your reflection through us you
may find your real-selves and own your selves .... rather than allow your
pawn brokers to drive over your bodies and the bodies of your children and
their children ... of course we dare to tell you that this action is a
natural process for those whom do not obtain enlightenment ... and harmony
.... in-light-one-ment .....

.... Raphiem as we have taught you through your dreams and unconscious
realities ... the misuse of the secrets of nature .,..causing natural
magnetic lines of your earth grid to be disrupted ... using nuclear reactors
built upon nodes and atomic testings on your meridian points...

your brothers from intra and ultra dimensions .... no longer appear in their
starcrafts within your material earth ... as your shadow governments do not
want them here and are chased away rather than accepted, heard with open
hearts and arms ...

why not ... surely they have technology to retaliate ...

there is no need for aggression ... they just vibrate out of your material
world into invisibility ... what we are saying that communication with
masses is made difficult by your own enslavers ... so we can only speak to
you in your unconscious moments .,... however as your crop circles season
approaches july 07 ... it will be the biggest ever in history .... and in
synchronicity you space craft from other dimensions and worlds will be out
in huge numbers making it impossible to refute .... call this a little
wakeup call ...

... if only you would realise that by being one with nature ... duplicating
nature ... you can tap into unlimited energy ... unlimited resources ..
.free ... free of pollution ... free of entropy ... but instead ... this is
not wanted .... as it would empower humanity .... you live on a breathing
and living being ... called earth .... who loves you so much she is
restraining her self in order to protect your life as much as she can ...
likened unto a mother .... in the birthing of a stubborn child refusing to
be born into an open universe ... sucking the life of it's mother ... your
mother earth will die hemooraghing in the process .... this is how much she
loves you ... but in doing so there is the risk you will be still-born ...

... as you expand and open your consciousness .... your minds ... you become
aware of frequencies you did not perceive previously .... it is truelly
simply within ... light and love ... you do not need bruteforce machinary
and computing power to rip apart your material universe .... with light and
love ... you are-all-that-is ... in a moment ... a blink of an eye ... it
can happen ... be all ... have all ...

... father-sun ... earth ... your mother .... you carry the moment to be
reborn .... while there´s the wind ... the stars and the rainbows .... you
live according to race ... colour and creed .... ruled by pure hate and pure
greed .... ... yOur lives dictated by tradition ... superstition...
institutions and false religion .... .... through your sorrows and all
through your splendour .... don´t take offence at our innuendos .... you
can be all-that-you-can-be ..... go within and think all-that-you-can-be ...
surrender you ego ... be free ....

.... inside within your hearts are aching .... your masks and makeups maybe
flaking ... but your spirits and souls smile on .... Whatever happens just
leave it to synchronicity .... ... you are learning ... getting warmer now
... the tide is turning ... be here now .... your dawn is breaking .... you
are aching to be free now ... soon .... your souls are painted like the
wings of butterflies .... your dreams of peace and love will continue to
grow, be and never die .... oh humans there is so much to give, to forgive
and to love ... you can fly ... the grindstone of aeons here have polished
you into the most brilliant shining jewels within all the universes ....

Raphiem.... you are zoning out .... we will leave you in peace this your
time ... however your 777 is not far off in the distance .... your sun
reflecting your burning flaming hearts within ... is reaching out with its
spiraling arms of radiating love ... there is much to dispense before your
777 synchronisation waves of transformation come into alignment your july 7
.... as per your 10/17 .... where several million participated .... for 777
... 10-million will be required for participation for a truelly new era of
transformation .... Raphiem we require you go to let go/merge your ego ...
be at your pure centre undistracted .... as information awaits to enable and
empower .... lift off for mission-ignition ....

[end transmission]
01-12-2007, 04:28 AM,
Mission Ignition 7/7/7 - Volatile Humanity = Volatile Sun
Quote:Whatever happens just
leave it to synchronicity

This strikes me as questionable. In fact, the whole thing does.

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