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Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
01-13-2007, 05:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-13-2007, 05:54 AM by Weyland.)
Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
[Image: NDVD_000.jpg]
[Image: NDVD_001.jpg]
[Image: NDVD_002.jpg]
[Image: NDVD_003-1.jpg]
[Image: NDVD_004-1.jpg]

These pics are from and old french pic called Fantomas. Kinda reminded me of Freeman perspective fountain on the triple goddess video.
In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

As a reputed atheist, the reverential nature of his film was surprising, but Pasolini himself said &If you know that I am an unbeliever, then you know me better than I do myself. I may be an unbeliever, but I am an unbeliever who has a nostalgia for a belief.&

[Image: Copyofsoldier2.jpg]
01-13-2007, 06:38 PM,
Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
Mermaid Found Dead on Lonely Florida Beach
02-15-2007, 10:50 PM,
Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
( The Dogon And The Sirius Mystery )

Extraterrestrials have come to this planet and set up amongst humims as well as human kind . Earth has benevolent and malevolent influences . In Nubia that is called Ganawa today in a land referred to as Mali whose inhabittants moved from from the land of Kemet in Cush you find one such influence . That is the Dogon . Their Imaams had an astonishing knowledge of the star Sirius in the Canis Major Constellation , given by Extraterrestrials long before they migrated to Mali .

While yet living in Ta-Mera Kemet called Egypt where the ritual of the Opening of the Mouth ceremony is centered around the Sirius Star in the Canis Major Constellation . They knew that Sirius A , which is the brightest star in the sky has a statellite called Sirius B . Which revolves around it . Sirius B . is invisible to the naked eye and the Dogon Imaams had no telescopes . But they knew that it existed and that its orbit around Sirius A elliptical not circular .

They knew the position of Sirius A within the orbit and that the orbit takes 50 years . Sirius B was not discovred in the west by telescope until 1862 A.D. and was not photoggraphed until 1970 A.D. The ancient Egyptians had an advanced knowledge of astronomy and they knew about Sirius B . which is why the 3 great pyramids of Giza are lined up perfectly with the Orion star constellation .

They made their map face south toward south towards Sirius . The 3 pyramids of Giza were originally built by Adafa with the help of Extraterrestrialsbeings . Adafa was in tune with the Celestial beings that originally erected the pyramids . They are visitors from other galaxies . One of the great pyramids was built to preserve all of his friend's texts during the period of the flood . The Giza pyramids today were reconstructed by the pharaoh Khufu , also known as Cheops . and his son Khafre and Menkure .

Khufu reigned for 23 years and had many sons and daughters . He sponsored several building projects . And monuments bearing his name can be seen all over Egypt . Khufu also sent mining expenditions to Sinai , Nubia , and the Arabian Desert for their mineral wealth . In later times Khufu's name was engraved on Scarabs . The most famous of these are related in the Westcar Papyrus .

Khufu was an able and energetic ruler. during whose reign the land flourished and the art reached perfection . Khufu left the land in such a stable economic posittion as to enable his son Khafre to reconstruct the Second Pyramid a monument almost as colossal as that of his father . Khufu was responsible for only one accomplishment of magnitude , Yet the size of the one is so gigantic that it overshadows all his father's military and trading exploits , And has brought Khufu's name and fame down undiminished through thousand of years .

So much has been writen about the Great Pyramid of Giza . Not only is it the largest monument of its kind but it is the result of excellent workmanship accurate planning and proportionate beauty . The great pyramid has 4 major internal features the underground chamber the queen's chamber the grand gallery and the king's chamber . The king's chamber is made from Aswan granite .

There is an entrance to a 2X18 inch shaft north from the king's chamber and a southern shaft both extends through from the outer casing of the pyramid . And there's a northernshaft from the queen's chamber . which does not reach the outer casing it's closed at both ends . The pyramid form has a certain austere beauty and the tawny gold of the stone is capable of bewitching and there are subtle variations in the color as the sunlight changes .

The complex of the Great Pyramid has a vally temple that is even today almost completely untouched . Built of limestone the work and skill almost equals that of the pyramid itself . It is adorned with statues sculptures and reliefs . The Great Pyramid itself stands 137 meters high at presents ; originally it stood 146.59 meters . Including the casing the Great Pyramid is estimated to consist of 2,600,000 stone blocks averaging 2 and 1/2 rons each . Some even weigh as much as 15 tons .

The weight of the pyramid is so great that it had to be built with relieving chambers designed to take the weight of the pyramid's upper portions off the roof of the burial chamber . The greatest thing about the great Pyramid is it is the first and last of its kind . No other pyramid before or after it has matched it in size beauty nor magnificence . The shaft originally pointed at something in the heavens . The position of the stars today is not the same as in the time of the ancient Egyptian due to precession.
02-15-2007, 10:51 PM,
Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
Due to precession the angel of the southern shaft of the king's chamber is 45 degrees . The shaft lined up perfectly with Orion's belt . There was one Egyptian statue that stood erect and there's and that is the Orion constellation . The identity between a deceased pharaoh and the deity Usir ( Osiris ) made Orion immediately a candidate for a shaft whose purpose was to enable the soul of the pharaoh to communicate between Earth and the sky . The shaft in the maluka's chamber pointed to Sirius a star in the Canis Major constellation .

44 Rededef , Khufu's immediate successor built his pyramid at Abu Rawwash . About five miles north of his father's pyramid at Giza . Because he did not agree with the way his father ran the kingdom he chose this distant lonely site high on a lofty spur of the plateu . Another son of Khufu . Khafre succeeded Rededef , who reigned for only 8 years . He reconstructed the second Pyramid at Giza which has the most preserved complex of the Giza Field . Its Valley Temple is so close to the Sphinx that it was at one time known as the Temple of the Sphinx .

The Valley Temple is built around a core of massive blocks of local limestone covered with finely polished red granite . Alabaster was used for the floor of the building as well as the walls of some of the smaller rooms . Flanking the Mortuary Temple are 5 rock - cut boat pits . Most of the casting has worn away but that which remains retains such a high polish that it reflects the moon at shadow hours . It attained a height of one 43.5 meters with a slope of 53 percent 10 inches . Khafre's son and successor was Menkuara also called Menkure .

The third pyramid at Giza though smaller was set off by the granite casing covering the lower 16 courses . However before the casing of the pyramid could be completed Menkure died . And his successor Shepseskaf finished the monuments . He built the complex of mud brick and didn't bother to build a large pyramid for himself . One of the splendid burial chambers is built with red granite walls and roof . The vaulted ceiling was made by first erecting a pointed roof and then hollowing out the slabs to make them concave . In this room was the king's beautiful basalt sarcophagus .

It had the typical '' palace - facade '' paneling .and was no doubt contemporary with the pyramid . The real splendor of the complex of the third Pyramid is the Monrtuary Temple . The core masonry is of huge blocks of local limestone which were originally lined with granite on the outside . The western side of the court originally had red granite pillars . On this end was the sanctuary or offering shrine built against the face of the pyramid . It was paved with red granite . One of the corridors in the Northern end of the Temple has walls of black granite . The parent pyramid stood at a height of 66.5 meters the base being 108.5 meters square at a slope of 51% percent .

Shepseskaf the last of the Pharaohs after Menkure completed his father's tomb . Once again the trend for building tombs change . Choosing a site between Zoser's Step Pyramid and the Pyramids of Sneferu , the father of Khufu . Shepseskaf's tomb differed completely from any monumerent preceding it . It is neither a mastaba nor a pyramid . It stand 100x72 meters and stands 18 meters high . It is merely called a sarcophahus . All these pyramid align perfectly with the three stars of the Orion constellation which was directly above Sirius . The shaft in the queen's chamber pointed to Sirius .

The position of the three pyramids and theirs relation to the Nile is the same as the three stars of Orion's belt in relation to the Milky Way . The constellation of the '' Great Dog '' lies below Orion and a little to the left of it . Canis Major is also known as the Dog of Orion and its constellation pictogram fairly represents a dog . With Sirius the brightest star in the heavens on the dog collar . it should be easy to find . The Brightest stars are of zero magnitude and as the magnitude number increase the stars get fainter .
02-15-2007, 10:52 PM,
Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
Thus a star of magnitude of 4 is less than a star of the second magnitude . First - magnitude stars are very bright . Sirius is also called Dog star . Yet another of its names is , is '' Nile Star , and it refers to the time 5,000 years ago when ancient Egyptians worshipped it . As recorded in the 114 scrolls of Ahmad the 53rd degree the 49th verse it reads ; And surely he Yahweh is the Rabb of Al Shi'raa , Sirius . This the very star you Arab's worshipped .

El Holy Quraan 53; 49 ( In Arabic ) And I Quote ; And surely , He is the Rabb '' Sustainer ' of Al Shi'raa - Sirius ( Sirius A Is Called Potolol '' Tiny Grain ' Which Has A Satellite , Sirius B Called White Dwarf ; Sirius also called the Dog Star with an active planet called Nirvana , home of the original Hindu , in the Canis Major star constellation ; the home of the Dogon Star And Nommos ) .

Each year when the Dog star rose just before the hot morning sun and was visible for a little while at dawn the Imaams knew that the Nile would soon overflow and that they would see the Milky Way arching across the sky . This they knew was the celestial Nile . The Nile would overflow and spread the life-giving water on the waiting crops which had been planted on the riverbanks . The flooding of the Nile coincided with reappearance of Orion The deity Usir whom the Greeks call Osiris represented Orion and to the left of him was the star Sirius which represented Aset also called Isis and together they would light the skies by shadow hour .

Giant temples were built for them with their corridors oriented toward the point where the Dog Star would rise as with the Golden City of Wahanee or Kodesh which is built to them in this day and time in the Egypt of the West . So this was the ancient Egyptian name for Sirius as it was spelt by the Greeks . Sirius was the most important star in the sky to the ancient Egyptians . The Egyptians had a Sothic calendar the ancient Egyptian calendar year . consisting of 3651/4 days . A cycle consisting of 1,460 years of 365 days in the ancient Egyptian calendar and the first appearance of Sirius on the eastern horizon just before the sun . After 70 days in the Duat '' the underworld '' the Egyptian name for the Underworld - was what is called the heliacal rising of Sirius which is seen as Sirius and the sun joined together at the moment .

This event occurred once a year and gave rise to the Sothic calendar the ancient Egyptian calendar year consisting of 365 1/4 days . The heliacal rising of Sirius was so important to the ancient Egyptians that gigantic temple were constructed with their main aisles '' passageways '' oriented precisely toward the spot on the horizon where Sirius would appear on the expected daylight hours , as with us Nubian Moors today . The light of Sirius would be channeled along the corridor to flood the altar in the inner sanctum as if a pin - pointed spotlight had been switch on .

Once such temple to the star Sirius was the temple of Aset at Denderah . Usir as the husband of Aset was identified with the constellation Orion . Nephthy the sister of Aset represented Sirius B . the dark companion star that is described as a circle around Sirius . ANUBU whom the Greek call Anubis the son of Nephthys and Usir represented Sirius C . The Egyptian wanted to built a heaven on Earth . Thy Kingdom Come On Earth As It Is In Orion ( Heaven ) And We Have Done The Same . When a pharaoh died he was mummified then encased in an outer shell like what was done by Aset who is called Aset by the Greek to the deceased body of Usir who is called by the Greek Usir .
02-15-2007, 10:53 PM,
Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
One of the great ascension rituals is the Opening of the Mouth ceremony . When a pharaoh is dead his consort and his still mortal son must cause new life to stir in him . At the exact moment of the early rising of Orion the pharaoh must be reborn as an Aluhum . You are taught that the Word Pharaoh means '' Great House '' from the Latin word Phara from the Greek Pharao from the Hebrew Par-Oh from the Egyptian Par-O, Par meaning '' House '' and O meaning '' Great '' . However . this word comes from the word Faro , which come from the root word Far . The word Faro comes from the Latin Pharos from the Greek Pharos , meaning '' Lighthouse '' Pharos is a former islan in the bay of Alexandria , Egypt famous in ancient times for its lighthouse .

The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary defines Pharaoh as The Sun Pharaoahs being in Egypt shows us that light of the Sun of Righteousness is veiled by our life on the lower or sense plane '' . So the word Pharaoh does not mean '' Great House '' it means '' Light House . '' The son and the wife performs this ceremony with ANAZ . The pharaoh is standing upright . The son takes the AZ . or ADZ which is shaped by the northern constellation and strikes open the mouth of the pharaoh and takes another tool and plunges the ear and open the mouth .

The mouth is opened the air goes in and the pharaoh is alive again he is reborn for the sky . Rebirth and new life were very important to the Egyptian and they were also requied to have sexual potency to enable them to recopulate with deities . Each had many wives and hundreds of children from the breeding of Gods on Earth . The next thing that would happen is they would have turned the mummy to the south in alignments with the southern shaft and ,

attach an erected phallus to his mummified body and his duty before departing into the after world was to seed the womb symbolic of the womb of Aset and the birth of '' Har - Horus '' Those that don't know say that the Dogons got their information on Sirius from the Egyptians . However according to the Dogon , they got their knowledge from travelers from beyond the stars who traveled from a planet attached so Sirius B . and who landed on Earth and bred with them As a matter of fact the Dognons were the descendant from the Egyptians . These travelers from beyond the stars that came and bred with the Dogons were the Reptilians .

These Reptilians came came from Sirius B . They traveled to Earth once their sun or star Sirius B . collapsed becoming a very dense star also known as a '' White Dwarf '' When the planet sized ship called Procyon a binary star in the constellation Canis Minor which is the Greek name for NIBIRU meaning '' Planet Which Crosses The Sky Or The Planet Of The Crossing , Passed By Sirius B .Its presence drained the energy from the sun and it caused this great star Sirius B . to collapse . Sirius B had two planets .

The Naarian , Greys were on one planet and the Nummos , Reptilian were on the other . Both planets rotated around Sirius B . So when their sun died they the inhabitants of Sirius followed Nibiru through the Milky Way , One chasing the other . They took residence on Earth in a country now called Mali which is where the Dogon lived . The Reptilians have been breeding and living with humans for centuries . They are humanoid in shape and reptilian in heritage . Their leaders are the Draconis .
02-15-2007, 10:54 PM,
Interesting Dagon Fish People And Obelisk Scene From Old French Movie
They are from Draco a constellation in the polar region of the Northern Hemisphere near Cepheus and Ursa Major also called the Dragon . The Reptilians stand from 8th down to 6ft in height with dark green scaly skin . Their leader is Haaton . Haaton is a Reptilian who defected from the Reptilians while on Earth and refoemed to fight against the Reptilians on behalf of humans . He is the commander of the Ashtar command . There are 16 different kinds of Reptilians seen these days by abductees .

There is a type of species of Reptilians called Gargoyles that have speacial '' Wings '' which are Flaps of skin supported by long ribs of Dracona . Some Reptilians can either lay eggs or bear by lava and some of them are of the neutral gender and reproduce like lizards . The male species nurtures the eggs and the femal just lays them . These beings are known as the '' Dragon Race , '' or the whiptail lizards and the symbology usally includes the winged serpent . There are elements of their species which do not have wings '' The Soldier Class '' and the scientist . The Naarians and the Markabians are really a crossbreed between human greys and reptilians species .

The Rumardians who are being used as slaves by the Reptilians . They are under close surveillance by the Reptilians who have them in such a states that they depend totally upon the Reptilians for their reproduction and food absorption the same way Negroids in this world are slowly but surely becoming dependent upon the Caucasoids . As you can see the European and his Euro-Arab and Euro-Asian and Euro-American ..

have made it a part of their way of life to invade foreign countries trample their ways customs and traditions take control of people's minds and lives enslave people manipulate people and even use them against their own people . Then their tactics is '' Religion , '' or other powerful organizations . This is the same tactic that was used against the Rumardians and Reptilians . The beings from Andromeda who work alongside with the Reptilians also came and captured the Rumardians and started breeding their own race of Greys which in turn led to a breed of mean vicious bug-eyed beings called the Markabions .

The Rumardians were once used by the Anunnaqi and are highly intelligen . However they began to die off . There are 70 different species of Greys . Only 8 of them are still coming to this planet . There are 3 major kinds of Greys The Markabians from the Zeta Reticulans who are about four to five feet tall a mixture of Greys and Reptilians

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