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The Gospel Of Barnabas And Arius
02-15-2007, 01:57 PM,
The Gospel Of Barnabas And Arius
Chapter Thirteen
After some days had passed Yashua , in spirit perceived the desire of the priest and ascended the Mount of Olives To pray ( Book of Matthew 26 ; 59 27 ; 1 ) And having passed the whole night in prayer , in themorning Yashua prayed saying '' O Sustainer , I know that the scribes hate me , and the priests are minded to kill me , Thy servant ; Therefore , Sustainer God , Almighty and Merciful , in mercy hear the prayers of the servant , and save me . from their snares ; for thou are my salvation , You know O Sustainer , that I your servant , seek thee alone , O Sustainer , I speak thy word , for thy word is truth which endures forever . ( Book of Matthew 26 ; 39 ) . When Yashua had spoken these words , behold there came to him the angel Gabriel , saying '' Fear not , O Yashua , for a thousand , thousand who dwell above the heaven guard thy garments . Thou shalt not die till everything be fulfilled and the world shall be near its end . Yashua fell with his faceto the ground , saying '' O Great Sustainer , God , how great is thy mercy upon me and what shall I Give Thee , Sustainer for all that thiu has granted me ? The angel Gabriel answered Arise , Yashua and remember Abraham , who was willing to make sacrifice to God of his only begotten son Isaac , to fulfill the word of God . Thus the knife was not able to cut his son ; at my word a sheep was offered as the sacrifice . Even so , Therefore shalt thou do O Yashua , servant of God . Yashua answered , I am willing But where shall I Find the lamb , as I have no money , and it is not lawful to steal it . Thereupon the angel Gabriel showed unto him a sheep which Yashua offered in sacrifice praising and blessing God , Who is glorious forever .
02-16-2007, 10:53 AM,
The Gospel Of Barnabas And Arius
In Muslim Theology it was Ishmael, being the oldest, to be sacrificed.

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