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The Saddam Files: His final interviews
07-05-2009, 01:10 PM,
The Saddam Files: His final interviews
The FBI has just been forced to release records detailing the ex-Iraqi President's interrogations. David Connett sifts them for the key comments
Sunday, 5 July 2009


Questioned whether the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait began the discord between Baghdad and the world Saddam alleged: "America had a plan with Kuwait to attack Iraq. We had a copy of the plans in our hands. If I had the prohibited weapons, would I have let the US forces stay in Kuwait without attacking? I wish the US did not have the intention to attack Iraq."

He claimed Washington was planning to destroy Iraq, an intention pushed by Zionism and the effect of Zionism on the US elections. Israel was also influential in the plan he claimed because they viewed Iraq as a dangerous military threat upon conclusion of the Iran-Iraq War. "I believe this very much," he said. "It is difficult to avoid someone who is armed and standing outside your house unless you come out and shoot." As Iraq is a small country, it was difficult to stop the United States no matter what steps were taken.


Saddam stated that he, and no one else in the Iraqi government or leadership, gave the orders to fire SCUD missiles at Israel. "Every thing that happened to us was because of Israel. Israel pushes US politicians and fills them with hatred." Israel first attacked Iraq in 1981 destroying the country's only nuclear reactor. As far as Iraq was concerned, the war with Israel was "still on" he said. He wanted to punish the country he considered as the source of all the problems. According to Saddam, the Arab countries which supported the coalition had been "shamed".


Saddam denied the Iraqi secret service was responsible for the murder of political opponents who had fled Iraq. Asked who killed them he answers: "Only God knows."

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