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1,000 Hours Of Video
02-02-2007, 09:43 AM,
1,000 Hours Of Video
i've seen so many web pages full of so many videos. i had been wanting to put one together someday soon and a forum might just be the right place to do that since it would be faster to get it posted than trying to write up a new html or php page for it. the benefits of the web page are that it can be duplicated and mirrored rather than just linked to or sourced. plus you can make it look however you want.

let me start this thread by posting a few video archives i know about, and i'll add more later. others should contribute so we have one good starting point. all in all i have seen about 300 hours of videos. i know of about 600 more that i should see and who knows how much more is out there. i was honestly amazed when i woke up how many videos there are in existance that are designed to teach you things they never would have taught us in school.

My personal web pages:

My forum archive:

Other resources:

Keith Olbermann:

like i said, there's a lot more. post where you know there's videos and give newcommers a seemingly endless supply:P
[Image: amb1.jpg]

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