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50 children among 76 killed in coalition air strikes in Afghanistan, protests errupt
07-07-2009, 03:32 AM,
50 children among 76 killed in coalition air strikes in Afghanistan, protests errupt
50 children among 76 killed in coalition air strikes in Afghanistan, protests errupt

Saturday 23rd August 2008.


At least 76 Afghan civilians, including 50 children, were killed Friday and scores of others were wounded in U.S-led Coalition airstrikes in western Afghanistan, the country’s Interior Ministry said Saturday. ‘‘Seventy-six civilians, including women and children, were martyred in Coalition forces’ operations in Herat Province on Friday,’’ More.. the ministry said in a statement.

Ikramuddin Yawar, police commander of the western zone, confirmed that around 50 children aged between 12 and 18 were among those killed in the bombardment, which took place in the Nawabad area of the Shindand district. Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and said the operation was not coordinated with Afghan forces. Meanwhile, the U.S.-led Coalition forces said in a statement that they killed 30 militants including Mullah Sadiq, a Taliban commander, in an operation Friday in the same district.



by Mohammad Reza

HERAT, Afghanistan (AFP) - Afghan villagers staged an angry protest Saturday amid claims that 76 civilians were killed in coalition air strikes against Taliban rebels, as the US military launched an investigation.

President Hamid Karzai condemned civilian casualties from Friday's clashes in the western province of Herat but there were conflicting claims about the death toll, with the US-led coalition saying only 30 rebels were killed.

If the toll of 76 is confirmed, it would be one of the highest for civilians in the battle against the extremist Taliban, who were ousted from power in Afghanistan during a US-led invasion in late 2001.

It was difficult to independently verify what happened near the village of Azizabad, about 120 kilometres (75 miles) south of the city of Herat, as the area is a stronghold of Taliban and other militants, and considered dangerous.

About 250 villagers staged an angry protest on Saturday, hurling stones at Afghan troops, the police chief for western Afghanistan, General Akram Yawar, told AFP.

Shots were fired into the air to disperse the crowd and four people were wounded, he said.

The troops were forced back into their compound, he said by telephone, with the crowd's chants against the government and the international troops heard in the background.

Reporters who later went to the area with a police escort could see around 15 houses reduced to rubble and fresh graves that locals said contained the bodies of the victims.

Demonstrators had torched a police car and checkpost and blocked the main road to Herat for several hours, an AFP correspondent said. They had also overturned a food delivery truck, he said.

The US military, which has been accused of killing scores of other civilians in action against insurgents, including around 50 at a wedding party in July, said it would investigate.

But it insisted only 30 militants were killed in the fighting and air strikes, which followed an ambush on troops going to arrest a "known" Taliban commander.

"We are very confident of the information that we have because we physically went into that compound and identified the people," coalition spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Rumi Nielson-Green told AFP Saturday.

On Friday, the Afghan interior ministry said: "Seventy-six people, all civilians and most of them women and children, were martyred."

The dead were "19 women, seven men and the rest children all under 15 years of age," it said.

In a statement, Karzai accused the troops of acting without coordinating with local authorities and "innocently martyring at least 70 people, most of them women and children."

He appointed a delegation headed by religious affairs minister Nehmatullah Shahrani to visit the area, with the protection of security forces, and report back to him within a week.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said it had also sent a team to go to the area to look into "allegations of breach of international humanitarian law and excessive use of force."

It said in a a statement that more than 900 civilians had been killed in insurgent attacks and military operations against rebels in Afghanistan this year.

Karzai has regularly met international troops to urge them to increase efforts to avoid civilian deaths.

These efforts "have not yet brought a fruitful conclusion and our civilians are victims of anti-terrorist operations," his statement said.

UN Special Representative Kai Eide meanwhile warned against "jumping to conclusions" but called for a thorough and quick investigation.

Insurgency-linked unrest has spiralled in Afghanistan, despite the presence of 70,000 international soldiers, with incidents said to be up by 50 percent in parts of the country this year.

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50 children among 76 killed in coalition air strikes in Afghanistan, protests errupt
Plain and simple...this is pure genocide by the United States and Zionist freaks. This is population reduction. Once they have reduced the levels in the Middle east, they will come after Asia, then Latin America. Africa is brewing with death at the moment. No way to mention it...this is a sick state of demonic behavior. Just want to say, the the war, not a war, but a genocidal invasion by Obama, the next devil will not end soon. America is the most hated nation in the world, next to the british. Since they think, the NWO or skull and bone thing that the middle eastern people have a limited amount of weapons to defend themselves, the U.S will just keep on killing people left and right. if they had sophisticated weapons to defend themselves, the U.S as a big bully with no morals or civility would think twice. I think Iran should pursue nuclear research and in doing so, defend the middle east against true tyrants, undemocratic policies, and sick and twisted behavior. Any time there are children involved, someone should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Creators Law, not mans laws, Gods Laws and that means, put those bastards where the sun does not shine, in hell...
Unite The Many, defeat the few.

Revolution is for the love of your people, culture, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, and peace. Not Greed!
Soul Rebel Native Son

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