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Michael Meecher Today On Bbc2
02-26-2007, 05:32 PM,
Michael Meecher Today On Bbc2
Anyone catch him on the (fucking cunt) Jeremy Vine show?

Talking about his run for PM and conspiracy theories with a quote from vine "conspiracy theories like missiles hitting the WTC", que laughter and derisement about 'conspiracy theories' regarding 9/11 and how America might have done better on the security front to stop this "terrible planned al-q attack on that fatefull day".

Anyone that has seen meecher featured on the Mark Thomas Comedy Product will know he's not the man being all nice in Terrorstorm.
02-27-2007, 12:23 AM,
Michael Meecher Today On Bbc2
hey blacksheep
Yea, I also dispise the (fucking cunt) vine, and usually gotta turn off when his sneering tone takes over from .....whoever it is.... relative nice guy before him. But have had to subject myself recently with him fielding alot of this conspiracy culture msm attention we're receiving, I kinda new when I heard meacher was running for leadership that he was soon gonna drop his stance on all this false flag chat he'd been having, but he may well be in trouble as soon as someone throws his quotes in his face after now saying it was an "Al quieda conspiracy". But maybe thats the point, as he's given prominence, he'll be pressed and have to say something like 'well I was sucked in by these conspiracy evangalists, but looked into it and realised it was the muslims, and these conspiracy heads have got some maniacal plan plunge the world into anarchy by unseating democratic regimes.'
Might be a good way to get people to watch terrorstorm though, by trying to get his exerpt aired msm smear style, certainly the faint hope I had of an honest member of the cabinet, just died, the last time being when our mp for livi got wacked.
By the way, watch for harry getting wasted in Iraq , get rid of hewits seed, show how valiant the royals are, and get the brittish indignation behind the war. There's a big drive here right now to try and show monarchy up as having worked better than "democracy", I heard paxman recenly (on vine [huck-put-tu]) saying he'd recently, realised the sence in having people trained from birth of a certain breeding to rule over the masses. I'm almost sure theyre gonna pull the christ revalation sometime too, with the davinci codeetc well known, its a simple step to say 'yea its true, and the royals are the decendants', but from who? gods?, demons?, or both? hmmmmm. soryy bit off topic there, justan aside.

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