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Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
02-26-2007, 07:14 PM,
Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
Marry To Mary Magdalene ?
02-26-2007, 07:27 PM,
Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
If your asking if Jesus (the hypothetical son of god) was married to Mary Magdalene, then I highly suggest you watch the Da Vinci Code or read the book. Why? Yes a lot of it is speculation (hey, what isnt) but it does base some of its plot on historical documentation, including Christ's marriage to her.

But there is a problem. You're asking if he was married to a woman, when the truth is, there isn't any actual 100% evidence of fact that he even EXISTED.

So its hard to determine.

- typhoid
The Truth Will Set You Free
02-26-2007, 11:45 PM,
Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
Quote:If your asking if Jesus (the hypothetical son of god) was married to Mary Magdalene, then I highly suggest you watch the Da Vinci Code or read the book. Why? Yes a lot of it is speculation (hey, what isnt) but it does base some of its plot on historical documentation, including Christ's marriage to her.

But there is a problem. You're asking if he was married to a woman, when the truth is, there isn't any actual 100% evidence of fact that he even EXISTED.

So its hard to determine.

- typhoid

The above question --- For christian
03-01-2007, 08:41 PM,
Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
( The Bride Of Yashua / Jesus Christ )

Some Of Yashua's Disciples Were There At The Wedding . If The Wedding Was Not Yashua's Own , Why Was He And His Disciple Invited ? Or Who Were These Person That Was Were So Important That Yashua Went To Their Wedding ? Yashua Seemed To Disagree With Every Other Ritual In The Scriptures Saying That They Exaggerated . How Come He Went To This Wedding ? The Law ? There's No Mebtion After This . Of A Marriage ; Yet , Revelation Speak Of The Marriage Of The Lamb In Symbolism This Is

What It Says Revelation 19 ; 7 , So Let Us Be Happy And Rejoice And Glorify Him Because The Wedding Of The Lamb Had Indeed Come And His Bride Is Ready . She Was Given Pure WhiteLinen To Wear Because The White Linen Is The Dress Of The Righteous . So He Said To Me ; Write Blessed Are All Those Who Were Called To The Feast Of The Dinner For The Wedding Of The Lamb . And He Said To Me This Is The

Word Of He Who Is Above , The Heavenly One Which Is Facts Beyond Any Doubt , That Can Be Found In Their Mistranslation With The Same Meaning In Revelation 19 ;7 , Through The Tenth Verses , They Refer And They Perfer To Identify With The New Jerusalem Coming Down Like A Bride Prepared For He Groom Revelation 21 ; 2 , Where They Read ; And Their Came To Me One Of The Seven Eloheem Which Had The Seven Bowls Full Of Seven Last Plagues , And Spoke With Me Saying Come Here I Will Show You The Bride . The Lamb'd Wife , Symbolically Speaking Of The Holy City Coming Down From Heaven .

Revelation 21 ; 2 And I Quote . And I Ecoannace Saw The Holy City , The New City Of Peace Descending Down From The Skies ( MotherShip ) From Being With The Thehos And Is Prepared Just Like A Bride Adorned For Her Mate .
Yet In The Nineteenth Deagree , It Begins ; And A Voice Came From The Seat Saying Glory Is For Our Creator , O All You Servants And All You That Fear Him Both Young And Old . And I Heard It As If It Were The Voice Of Many Crowds

And As The Voice Of Many Waters And As The Voice Of Strong Thundering Saying Praise Be Yahuwa The Adonai Al Shaadi The Almighty Ruler . So Let Us Be Happy And Rejoice And Glorify Him Because The Wedding Of The Lamb Has Indeed Come And His Bride Is Ready . It Is Clear For Those Who Can See That This Was Talking About An Event That Had Come And That The Other Was Talking About An Incident To Come . All The Heavens

Was Prepared For The Wedding Of Yashua / Jesus For It Was The Laws Of His Heavenly Father That States '' Therefore Shall A Man Leave His Father And His Mother And Shall Cleave Unto His Wife ''
Genesis 2 ;24 And I Quote . The Highest Law States; A Male Living Being Is Suppose To Leave His Tribe ( Cuthites The Hindus ) And To Join His Wife'sTribe
( Cu****es The Dogon ) ; And They Will Become The Same Tribe , Adamites ;...

This Law Would Apply To Yashu'a / Jesus As Well If He Claims One Jot Or One Title Should Not Be Removed From The Law . If It Declares That The Law Came By Way Of Moses Before Yashu'a And Moses , Abraham , Noah , And Adam All Married And Had Wives , So The Law Would Apply To Yashu'a As Well . The Law Is The Law , Yashu'a Said I Did Not Come To Change The Law Of Moses But Merely To Fulfill It . Matthew 5 ; 17 And I Quote ; Think Not That I Am Come To Destroy The Law Or The Prophet I Am Not Come To Destroys But To Fulfill .

Moses ( Thutmose ) Son Of Amram And Jochebed / Abraham Son Of Terah And Nuwna / Noah ( Utnafishtim ) Son Of Lemek And Kamiyla / Adam / Kadmon .
If He Was The Heavenly Father , He WouldImpose These Laws As Found In The Scriptures That He Revealed To His Prophets . Is Not That So ? Or You Show Me Another Incident Where Yashu'a And His Disciples Go To A Wedding Reception .
03-01-2007, 08:42 PM,
Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
Who Was The Wedding At Cana Prepared By ? The Wedding At Cana Was Prepared By Mary The Mother Of Yashu'a For Yashua To Marry , Mary Of Magdalene . This Was Yashu'a Wedding . What Was His Mother Mary Doing There In This Remote Town To Her Own Home ? Why Are The Names Of The Bride And The Bride Groom Removed From Your Bible ? The Problem With Biblical Scholars Is That When Translating , They Pick And Choose Which Words They Want To Translate . I Cannot Keep Stressing To You That Names Are Just Titles , So They Can Be Translated Too . The King James Version Of The Bible ( 1611 A.D

Was Done By William Shakepare . What I'm About To Show You Is Going To Shock You . And You Won't Be Able To Call It A Coincedence . Open Your King James Version Of Your Bible Which They Say Was Done By 46 Scholars , And LQQk At Psalm 46 . If You Count Down From The First Word , , The 46 Word Up , You're Going To Read The Word ''' SHAKE '' Though The Waters Thereof Roar And Be Troubled , Though The Mountian '' SHAKE '' With The Swelling Thereof Selah .

And If You Count From The Last Word '' SPARE '' He Maketh Wars To Cease Unto The End Of The Earth ; He Breaketh The Bow , And Cutteth The '' SPEAR '' In Sunder ; He Burneth The Chariot In The Fire .
Put These Two Words Together And You'll Have The Name Of The Person Who Proofread And Was Responsible For The Language It Originally Was In The ''' THEES And '' THOUS , That Man Was William Shakespare . If You Read His Plays , You'll See That He Wasn't By Far A Good Christian . So The King James Version Which You Are Holding In Your Hand And Has Been Passed Down From Those You Love So Much . Is A Poor

Translation . This Is Why They Never Encouraged You To Master The Hebrew Language Or Even The Greek Language Because If You Had . You Would See Through All The Lies . Now Let Me Walk You Through This Story With The Proper Transliterations / OverStanding So That You Can Check It For YourSelf . Throughout The Whole Life Of Yashu'a , Mary Is Never Mentioned As An Associate Of Mary Of Magdalene . And Then , At The DayLight Hours Of The Tomb ,

They Are Together . At The Day Of The Cross . They Are Together , But No Other Place Are They Together . But When She Becomes Her MOTHER - IN - LAW , They Have Pain In Common . Just As Ruth And Her MOTHER - IN - LAW . Now Let's LQQk At The Scriptures Two Days Later . That Is After Yashua / Jesus Met Who ? Philip And Nathaniel . There Was A Wedding In The Town Of Cana In Galilee. Yashua's Mother Was There And Yashu'a And His Disciples Had Also Been Called To The Wedding . For It Was

A Surprise To Him . A Surprise That His Mother Prepared Or There'd Be No Point In Mentioning An Unrelated Wedding To Their Family , Let Alone To Make TheStatement Yashua / Jesus Mother Mary Was There . What About The Life Of Yashua Of 2000 Years Ago . Yashua / Jesus Of 2000 Years Ago , Whose Name Would Be Yashua Bar Miriam In Aramic / Hebrew Or As The Muslims Say Isa Ibn Maryam Or Isa Al Masiyh .

Was Born In Bethlehem June 26 , 7A.D. And Died In Egypt At The Age Of 120 Genesis 6 ; 3 ;...He Was Taken Up Into Heaven By The ELOHEEM / ANUNNAQI To His Heavenly Father '' I Am From Above '' John 8 ; 23 And I Quote , And He SaidTo Them . You Are From Beneath ; I Am From Up High ; You Are Of This World ; I Am Not Of This World .
Yashua Was The Son Of Mary , Daughter Of Amram And Hanna , And The Holy Ghost ( Angel, That Is Zodokite , Angelic Order ) Gabriyel Son Of Rasiy'el And Zamma'el . Who

Came To Her As A Physical Man . And His Adopted Father Was Joseph , Son Of Jacob And Hadhbith , Matthew 13 ;55 , Luke 4 ; 22 , John 1 ; 45
He Didn't Have A Halo , Nor Have Shoulder Length Hair . He Was Was A Nazarene , Matthew 2 ; 23 , Which The Koran Calls Al Nasriy . Koran 2 ; 62 . And According To Acts 24 ; 5 He Was A Nazarite . Yashua Son Of Mary And Gabriy'el Husband Of Mary Magdalene / Mary Mother Of Yashua Daugher Of Imram And Hanna / Gabriy'el Father Of Yashua Son
03-01-2007, 08:43 PM,
Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
Of Rasi'el And Zamma'el / Imram Father Of Mary / Hanna Mother Of Mary / Rasiy'el Mother Of Gabriy'el / Zamma'el Father Of Gabriy'el ;.... Let's Get Back To The Point ; Now At The Wedding We Have This Story ; When The Wine Had Given Out , Yashua's Mother Mary Said To Him '' They Have No Wine Left '' John 2 ;3 And I Quote , And When They Ran Short Of Wine The Mother Of Jesus Said To Him Jesus There Is No More Wine .
POINT TO BE MADE ! Why Is Mary Takeing Control Of The Catering Of A Wedding SheIs Merely Invited To ? Why Is She Concerned With HowMuch Wine TheGuest Of The Bride

And The Bride Groom Have ? Point To Be Made ! Jesus , In Her Eyes , Was Merely Her Son , Not A Perfomer Of Miracles At This Point Why Would She Tell Him , Who Was Merely A Guest ? In Fact , Concerning Mary And Whether Or Not She One Of His Followers , He Made This Very Statement ; Behold , My Mother And My Brethren For WhoSoEver Shall Do The Will Of My Father , Which Is In Heaven , The Same Is My Brother , And Sister , And Mother , And This Statement Was Made After One Said To

Yashua ; Brhold , Or Simply LQQk ! There Is Your Mother And Your Brothers . He Made It Clear That At That Point They Didn't Believe And Were Not Doing The Will Of His Father . So Mary His Mother Would Not Have Called On Yashua To Perform The Turning Of Water Into Wine Because She , At That Point , Did Not Know . Nor Believe That He Come Do It According To Your Scriptures . Why Was Mary So Concerned With The Wedding ? If She Was The Organizer Of The Wedding For Jesus , Then It Would Make Sense For Her To Be

Concerned With Why There Is No More Wine Left In This House . AndBecause The Wedding Was Jesus's , Being The Head Of The House , She Would Inform Him Of This Problem . And It Reads , Yashua Coonay , Said To Him . They Have No More Wine Left . And When They Wanted Wine . Yashua 's Goonay , Said Unto Him They Have No Wine . Jesus Said Unto Her . Goonay . Which In Greek Means '' A Wife , Or A Woman . '' What Have I To Do With You . My Hour Is Not Yet Come ? This Is Clearly A Bitter

Statement . For In Greek The Word One Would Use To Call And Respect Their Mother Is .. Maytare . So Yashua Would Have Never Spoke Bitterly To Mary His Blessed Mother , He Was Speaking To His Goonay , The Greek Word For '' Wife '' For Mary Of Magdalene Was At A Lost At What To Do , At This Wedding . So She Confronted Mary Of Magdalene And Told Her To Go Ask Yashua / Jesus .And Says ; What Have I Do With You ( Goonay ) . Simply What And I To Do About It . You're The One That Organized The Wedding ? He Adds ; Mine Hour Is Not Yet Come ( John 2; 4 )
03-01-2007, 08:44 PM,
Was Yasshu'a , Isa , Jesus , Christ The Son Of Mary
John 2; 4 ( Modern Greek Script )
Ee - Ay - Sooce ( Jesus ) Is Leg-o ( Saying ) To Goo-Nay
( Confidante Wife ) Tis ( What ) ? Moo ( My ) Ho - Rah
( Hour ) Is Oo - Po ( Not Yet ) Hay - Ko ( Arriving )

Jesus Is Saying To Her . Wife What ? My Hour Is Not Yet Come .
Simply . My Time Has Not Yet Come . Speaking Of His Miraculous Power . Then The Story Continues . So Jesus's Mother Said To The Deeakonos . The Greek For '' Servants . '' WhatSoEver He Says Unto You Do It . Only The Mistress Master Of Ceremony Could Tell The Servants Was They Should Listen To .

Servants In Another Person's House And Wedding To Listen To Yashua? Remember These People Were Not His Followers , He We Merely Invited According To You To This Wedding . Yet , An Honest Heart And An Intelligent Mind Can See That Mary , Having The Power To Tell The Servants What To Do . Makes Her The Master Of Ceremony . There Were Six Stone Water Jars , After The Manner Of The Purifying Of The Judahites . The Judahites Have Rules Of Ritual Washing And For This Purpose Six Stone Water Jars Were There . Each One Large Enough To Hold About One Hundred Liters . Or Nine Gallons Of Water . That Would Be Fifty And Four Gallons Of Water . This Was A House For A Very Large Family , Or It Was

Prepared To Receive A Large Guest List . So Yashua / Jesus Takes It Upon Himself . As You Were Led To Believe In Another Man's Wedding , In Another Man's Home . Yashua Says Unto Them ; Fill The Water Pots With Water . Make Note In Your Mind . This Means All Fifty And Four Gallons Had To Be Empty And Used That Because The Law Says They Must Wash With Fresh Water . There Was A Very Large Crowd There . And After Yashua / Jesus Ordered The Servants To Fill Them . The Servants Filled These Jars Up To The Brim ; That Is The Top . And I Ask ; Where Are The Familes Of The Brides Of The

Grooms If This Is Not Mary And Yashua's ? Why Have They Not Stepped In And Made Their Voices Heard ? Why Have Not The Father Stepped In To Try To Solve This Problem ? There's No Mention Of Anyone Involved Save Mary . Jesus And The Servants . So After He Told Them To Fill Them To The Brim , He Ordered Them , Now Draw Water Out And Take It To The Man In Charge . Take It To The Governor Of The Feast Not The Parents , But The Head Caterer Called An Arkheetree' Kleenos . In Greek And Means '' Superintendent Of

The Dining Room , A Table . Master'' This Is Not The Father Of The Bride Or The Groom . So The Servants Obeyed The Groom , Which Was Yashu'a ( Jesus ) So The Head Caterer Called The Noomfeeos . Which In Greek Means '' The Bride Groom '' . And Said To Him ; Everyone Else Serves Their Best Wine First . And After The Guest Have Had Plenty To Drink , He

Serves The Ordinary Wine . But You Have Kept The Best Wine Until Now . The Servants Knew That Yashua Was Responsible For This Wine . And That The Head Caterer Could Not Have Been Talking To A Groom Who Would Not Have Known Also Where The Wine Had Come From Without Saying ; I Know Nothing Of This Wine . Because It Was Not Just The Wine , But It Was Obviously A Better Grade Wine Than They Originally Served . The Bridegrooms And His Family , Who Would Have Paid For , The Wine And The Wine Bibber Would Have All Know That . This Was Not Their Wine And There Would Have Been A

Complaint . So The Servants Directed The Head Caterer To The Bridegroom , Which Was Yashua . And The Head Caterer Complemented Yashua For His Mannerism . Yashua Performed This First Mircale In Cana In Galilee , There He Revealed His Glory , And His Discples Had Faith In Him . After This Yashua And His Mother , Brother , And Disciples Went To Capernaum And Stayed There A Few Days . This Act Is Commonly Called A '' Honeymoon '' For Mary Magdalene Was Also One Of Jesus's Disciples . The Place Called Capernaum Was The City In Galilee Where Mary Lived . So Jesus , His New Wife , And Mother And Disciple Went To Her House For A Private Reception And Honeymoon , A Very Common Practice .

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