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The Us Government’s Usage Of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - Wtc
03-10-2007, 08:43 PM,
The Us Government’s Usage Of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - Wtc
A thermonuclear blast?

Please explain how the two fire-fighers rescused from the rubble survived temperatures in excess of 10 Million * Fahrenheit.

Specifically, I would like to know if it was Tommy Hilfiger who designed their high-temperature resistant clothing.

When you're done with that, please explain how they survived exposure to 5000 REMs of radiation.

Also, please explain how the hundreds of on-lookers within 500 feet of the towers, like the guy in the video running down the street, survived exposure to 3000 REMs of radiation.

I would like their names, addresses and phone numbers. I believe I can exploit those unique history making specimens on the talk-show circuit and make millions of dollars. First, I would have them DNA tested to determine if they really are human or if they are extra-terrestrials.

Also please explain why EMP, albeit admittedly small ranging in scale, did not affect video cameras, digital photo cameras, cell-phones, and police and fire communications, and why the media satellite trucks were not damaged by EMP. I would like to buy stock in the companies that manufactured their equipment.
03-11-2007, 06:56 AM,
The Us Government’s Usage Of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - Wtc
Quote:the only way you would know otherwise is if you are actually working
for the feds or a government agency

ANOTHER Elvis sighting :biggrin:
03-12-2007, 04:46 AM,
The Us Government’s Usage Of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - Wtc
Quote:Get a wife or have a wank you droid.
I have looked in to all what you have said and none of it matches up
the only way you would know otherwise is if you are actually working
for the feds or a government agency.

Thats no conspiracy.

If you had any sense you would visit those very links and work it out from there
your just another one hit wonder jumping on the bandwaggon.
Get on your horse and drink your milk.

I bet old Revolution Jim thinking the same too.

Got no time for agents - beat it kid.

A thermonuclear device wasn't needed to destroy either tower. Simple shaped-charges were sufficent.

I notice you provided no facts to rebut my claims. Out of curiousity, if you were sitting on top of a thermonuclear device, would you even know it?

I offer you the chance to display your prowess and knowledge of things nuclear.

With a 5 kt fission device sitting on sub-level 3 of the WTC1, please calculate the distance an overpressure of 4 psi will extend. Show your work and give your answer in meters.

I specifically chose 5 kt for a reason, since that is the minium base-line fission yield required to initiate a fusion reaction, or did you not know that thermonuclear and fission-fusion are synonymous?
03-12-2007, 11:31 AM,
The Us Government’s Usage Of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - Wtc
Where does this image come from and looking at it i can not say whats above ground and whats not can you ?

[Image: 400noaa_wtc2.jpg]

I've got my eyes open but i'm not buying it
9/11 was an inside job and the economy is going into meltdown so keep some spare food put by just in case justice is right.

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