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Mitriya - The Ultimate Guide For One World Order (new Age Propaganda) (2000)
03-10-2007, 06:10 PM,
Mitriya - The Ultimate Guide For One World Order (new Age Propaganda) (2000)
This is Hrsikes Das Mitriya's revealing book The Ultimate Guide for One World Order (200) which supposedly offers the solution for the prosperity and benefit of all life on the planet earth with a deep understanding between the "self", "consciousness" and "body". Seers and thinkers have been asking about the well-being of its survival and the future stability of the world with respect to all. The book warns of the danger and pitfalls, which must be avoided by all means in order to achieve eternal happiness. To that end, media mogul Ted Turner sponsored a book contest in the year 1990, on the theme of survival and prosperity of all life on the earth planet. This book has tried to solve this complex and eternal question as it discusses the negative effects of wrong activities, which are disastrous and dismal, for the stability of all life. The Ultimate Guide for One World Order provides solutions for the safeguard from the dismal fate of all living entities as it asks us to pay attention to this serious problem. For the thinker, this book offers the solution for the benefit and prosperity of all life. And now, let us get back to reality. Does this sounds all too beautiful to be true? Well, it most likely is. Get ready for the next thousand years propaganda campaign of what is called the New Age religion and how it simply continues the madness and brainwashing from the Old Age one. The author comes from Asia where today's newagers take most of their philosophies. Dreaming of an one world without wars and suffering they are willing to sell their souls to follow what they call "enlightened masters" who are nothing else that crafty manipulators who use fear, guilt and all the rest of religious warfare towards an unsuspecting individual who believes he has reached an enlightened state of mind. Even politicians and bankers in western world use the New age as a nice cover for gaining even more power and money from naive people. Can one really be free if following a master? Is there really any such thing as bad karma? How about a good one? Must you feel guilty if you kill an animal to survive? Are they really some individuals on this planet who have reached a super enlightened state and must thus be blindly followed by all the rest of us who are supposedly living in darkness? Indeed, one must trully be aware of dangers and pitfalls not only of the old tricks but also the new ones which are usually nothing else than the old ones disguised in modern clothes to fell "new". Although the author does a decent expose of the old world religion madness, the religion of New age is still heralded as the saviour for mankind - but is it really so?. Many philosophies have come forth promising an utopian world but always ended in slaughter and even more suffering and misery for all of us. Can the New Age really fullfil those goals or will it end up in yet another high-tech dark age many are warning of? If you wanted to know what New Age propaganda is and how it has affected the minds and hearts of worldwide audience then be sure not to miss this amazing book. 590 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.

About the Author:
Hrsikes Das Mitriya has a rare combination of the divine, the philosopher, and the next great world teacher, and his mature writings reflect all these three dimensions. He has authored several books on the same theme. The author clearly explains that the pure understanding of love is the most direct way for transforming this planet earth into one world order for a life of happiness and tranquility for all entities. Hrsikes Das Mitriya explains that following and associating with the wrong examples is the ultimate cause of hate, war, crime, and arrogance. The author is the next great world teacher for whom several world leaders are referring to – who will appear in Asia and come to the West with the divine message of world-survival and eventually an everlasting happy life for all souls, away from confusion and deceitful activities. Madame Blavatsky, the leading 19th Century psychic seers, prophesied about the (future) next great world teacher. A new messenger (birth in Asia around 1950) who shall come to the West in the seventies. This new messenger of the spirit and light is prophesied by Notstradamus and the Great Gautam Buddh who will generate renewed higher states of consciousness at the end of 20th Century. Please read this book in this light.


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