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Interview To Leo Zagami By Lars Seglund
04-03-2007, 04:16 PM,
Interview To Leo Zagami By Lars Seglund
Interview by Lars Seglund Basso Magazine (Finland) to Leo Zagami

In his website,Leo Lyon Zagami aka.Leo Lyon Young aka Khaled Saifullah Khan calls himself an music producer,radio host,club dj,and wanna-be illuminati.
His name might be familiar to those who have followed the Helsinki club-scene a bit longer,as he has played in Nylon “back in the day”.
Leo´s discography starts at 1988,consisting of various techno and house releases.Some of them under various pseudonyms as Lee Tong.He has also released material from his own labels(Aristocratica,prosniff,etc..).
In 90-92 he was a co-ovner of an legendary record label and rave management called Male productions.However,this article does not concentrate on Leos musical career,but on his rather
fascinating personal history.Leo was born 5.3. 1970 under what some would call “prosperous stars”.
He played his first dj-show in catholic churchs official radio-station.Leo tells us about his family
backround:English,”Scottish and Italian blood runs in my veins”.From his mothers side leo belongs to the Lyon-family,making him an relative of the queen mother.From his fathers side he belongs to
the Sicilian Digregorio lineage.According to Leo,his blood ties make him an Sicilian don and a prince of the holy roman empire!.Leo started to study magic and occultism when he was 10 years
old,about the same time his interests to music started to flourish:”Music can be used to achieve trance-states and to connect with one´s higher self. it is a very powerfull artform and the people
who manpulate us know this.When I was organising the first techno raves of Italy in 87,I was
full knowledge that my sponsors true aims were to corrupt the youth with drugs.”
Zagami takes credit for organising the first prodigy show ever outside the uk. in 2002 the Russian government asked him to perform in Bolshoi-theatre for the the benefit of the victims of terrorism.
The line-up featured the legendary jazz-drummer Billy Cobham.”It was probably the most expensive concert-ticket ever,a true gathering of the elite”,laughs Leo.The tcket cost 1000 dollars
indeed.Leo´s bloodties guaranteed him something else besides funding and contacts for his musical
ambitions:”13th of may 193 I joined the Sicilian branch of freemasonry to continue a tradition witch started in Koln in 1018”.Leo says he was a high ranking member of the notorius p2-lodge.
This far-right organisation was causing a scandal in the early eighties.Documents and member lists
were confisticated from its leader,Licio Gelli´s home.”the old nazi Gelli” was bragging with his
ties to the military-dictatorship of Argentina and it´s leader Juan Peron.P2 has been linked to the
deaths of Aldo Moro and Ulof Palme.
After the p2 scandals,the Italian government supposedly banned the membership in secred societys
for politicians.”nonsense”,shoots Leo.”Behind the left and right politics lies a totally different
world”Zagami vitnessed “pretty heavy things” during his years in the inner circles of the elites
who he calls Satanists and criminals:”The network of secret societys that manipulate the world operates in a pyramid fashion,meaning that the lower initiates don’t understand what´s going
on in the higher levels.and even if you do,what c an you do in the face of such evil?.Challenging
the shadow government is a big risk.These people are ruthless”.This all may sound pretty unbelievable but Leo assures us that the “blackness”of the Situation on this planet is truly gruesome.”The elites have fooled with black magic since day one.I have personally witnessed
dfferent kind of demons possessing people during satanic rituals.There are always people who
seek to manipulate others using secret knowledge.Both black and so called white magic opens you
to unknown forces.It is dangerous and against gods will”.
According to Leo, the true power of the puppetmasters concentrates in two places:In the
Vatican and in Jerusalem.”it is bullshit that in the highest levels,Catholicism and Zionism
are opposed to each other. Same goes with individuals Fidel Castro and Hugo Chaves.Both are
agents of the c.i.a and very corrupt individuals”.
But why all this plotting and scheming? Is the motivation purely financial?. “Ofcourse the elites
need money to finance the occult secret society network.The old banker families like the Rothchilds
and the Warburgs are essentially involved.The elites sponsor chaos and catastrophy as long it
brings money to their pockets.”Leo tells he was involved in organising an satanic gathering
whitch was supposed to take place in Egypt at 2004:”That’s when I truly understood the power of
the American branches of the illuminati”,seeing the level of manipulation in their hierarchy”.
Leo says the true goal of the elite is what George Bush calls the new world order.
In the nutshell it means the nazification of the whole world.Everything controlled by a totalitarian
world government.”ter 9/11 inside job the plan has advanced in a in a fast pace”.The conclusion
of the plan is simply gruesome to hear:”it is in the plan to microchip the entire population of the
world.This means the final surrender to satan and his minions.We are heading there step by step
as usual”Ths is supposed to happen before the year 2012 ends.So people really need to stop dreamingand fight or we might wake up to a nightmare one day”.
After leaving the illuminati Leo escaped to Oslo where he currently resides with his wife
and children.”I have been arrested and tortured here in free Scandinavia and they have
threatened to confisticate our kids if I continue exposing them.But I will not stop.I am prepared to
die for god and freedom”.It was god himself whitch made Leo to turn his back to his former brethren.He experienced a conversion to Islamic faith.”My new faith cannot allow manipulation
black magic and shedding innocent blood.I am a free man now and their threats ring to deaf ears.
I am not proud of my years in the elite inner circles.I hope that god forgives me”.Spiritually
Leo might seem somehow strict.However He clears the perception:”God is for everybody,no
religious monopoly is acceptable.Fundamental Islam is the creation of c.i.a anyway.It is no in tention of mine to force any beliefs.However I want to emphasise that we are standing before a
huge change to a whole civilication.I firmly believe we are living in the end times of the prophecies.
Illuminati seeks to own our bodies minds and souls.We should take all this very spiritually and seriously.
To the readers of basso Leo send his regards:”It is great to notice that young people are interested in these subjects.It is up to you to make your minds about me.The truth is I have seen the things I talk
about instead of reading them from some conspiracy book.There is a lot of disinformation in this
field.Things are really serious at the moment.I wish people would understand soon enough that we
are getting hoodwinked.I don’t think people really want somebody like Arnold Swarzennegger
to be the leading figure of the coming world government.”,Leo adds with some irony in his voice.
“We need to publicly pressure these secret societys to reveal their members and documents.
And independent committee should be formed to to investigate and expose the myths and half-truths in the hstory books.I am,m organising a project called tour of hope with my friend Greg
Zhymanski.Our intention is to arrange seminars and lectures about these subjects.Maybe we can
find some positive solutions together in these dark times.”

“Get real:Fight the new world order”
04-04-2007, 12:05 AM,
Interview To Leo Zagami By Lars Seglund
Leo, how wonderful to hear from you!
I just want to correct a misspelling at the bottom -- that's Greg Szymanski (

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