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13-year-old Arrested In School For Writing On Desk
05-10-2007, 09:06 PM,
13-year-old Arrested In School For Writing On Desk
Hi Henry, I´m not in the U.S. I did live in Illinois for a while though a few years ago.
I´m English but living in Spain. The Spanish constitution gives parents the right to choose the form of education for their child, but most officials don´t recognise this. There is no specific legislation on the issue. We were threatened by social services and found the easiest way out was to leave the country for a few months. There have been cases where children have been removed into care over home ed issues. We keep a low profile now, the children stay indoors until the school day is over. The police here can stop and question you whenever they feel like it.
My kids are sailing through their work and they enjoy learning, they will not be able to attend University here as there is no route in for home ed students.
Back in the UK the Law is under review, they aim to make it very difficult for families that home ed.
It is already illegal in some EU countries.
Academically HE kids stand head and shoulders over most school pupils, so their academic education is not the issue. If our children are not in the system they can´t be turned into good little worker bees and they retain the ability to question authority.
I have also read that families in the US are facing more and more regulation.

Why can´t the government just stop interfering in my life??

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